How to wean a cat to climb tables and steal food?

Today we will tell how to wean the cat to climb the tables. Such a problem can occur in any pet owner. We hope that our advice will help you.

Cat on the table

With the advent of animals in the house, the lives of family members and their pets will change dramatically. A playful kitten or cat will please you and entertain. And sometimes at the pet's pranks initially no one will pay attention. Before you bring a cat or cat into the house, it is desirable to study the initial basics of content. Your pet should have its place, dishes. Over time, a spoiled animal will be difficult to wean from bad habits.

how to wean a cat climbing tables

Climbing the table - one of the most common. Hygiene rules must be observed first. If there are children in the house, it is necessary to get rid of this habit immediately. Otherwise, the disease will become your friends. There is no convincing argument in favor of finding the animal on the table.

Little cats are by nature very curious.They are sure to explore every corner of the home. With age, this habit will not disappear, since cats are very mobile. They are interested in all hard-to-reach places in a house or apartment. Some get used to this, in their opinion, harmless whim, then the cats continue to wield in all corners of the home. In fact, you can try to fix the problem. First you need to create inconvenience for the cat, that is, to make the so-called barriers. In the course will go all available means.

Outwit a pet

How to wean a cat to climb tables and steal food? First you need to understand why he does it so diligently and daily that lures him there. Perhaps he just wants to play, frolic, or find himself a subject for pranks. Spend more time with your pets, play active games with him. Ball, toy mice like your mustache pet. He will understand that below is also interesting. Cat instinct demands its own. He likes everything unknown. Cats love height. Therefore, they like to climb and jump.

how to wean a cat climbing tables with scotch tape

The kitchen table, at which you have to eat, is not an object for games and entertainment. We must try to wean your pet from this habit.First of all, after each meal, it is necessary to remove all food from the table. Making sure that there are no products and subjects of research, the cat will consider this object uninteresting. Thus, two problems will be solved: the cat will stop climbing on the table and steal food from it.

For your pet, the food on the table is its prey. Outwit him. Leave food on the windowsill, behind the curtain. He will search, get his own food. Do not forget about the water.

Repelling maneuver

How to wean a cat to climb tables and eat food? There is an effective method. You have to scare the pet. It is enough to leave beverage cans or other voiced items on the table. Kota will scare off their rumble when he tries to jump onto the table. The second time he will think whether to climb there or not.

how to wean a cat climb the tables and steal food

If the instinct works and the desire to climb and rest on the table does not disappear, you should try a more efficient way. Put the usual kitchen pan there. Then add some water to it. As soon as the cat again has a desire to jump on the table, it will plunge into the water, the discomfort should stop such attempts.In fact, there are many effective ways to disaccustom a cat to climb tables in the kitchen. There are other methods to teach your pet to good manners.

Alternative place to watch

Some animals manage to sleep on the kitchen table. Apparently, they like it a lot. Undoubtedly, this can not be done. Its place, soft and comfortable, must be required. Cats love their own bed. After all, this is their individual place.

how to wean a cat climbing tables in the kitchen

Removed food from the table, prepared a place to rest, and the pet continues to climb the table and look down on everything that happens? Nothing amazing. He is watching. He loves heights. Perhaps he is hiding there from a dog or mischievous kids who want to play with their favorite striped cat. From this it follows that you need to build him a place of observation. The shelf attached to the wall should replace the kitchen table. It can be built with your own hands or purchased at the pet store. Your pet will thank you for the tall tree along the wall. All options for climbing are suitable here. Love and care for the pet will allow you to create all the necessary conditions for its comfort and convenience.

Comfortable place to stay

How to wean a cat to climb tables when it's so warm and cozy there? Create warmth and comfort, but in a different place. If the kitchen has a kitchenette, move the chair closer to the battery or radiator. In winter, your pets find themselves warm places in the form of office equipment, forgotten on the table. Do not forget to turn off electrical appliances, leaving the house. Many have a kitchen table near the window. This is one of the reasons for finding your pet on it. Move the table to another location or focus on another window.

Scare and sounds

How to wean a cat to climb the tables? All animals are different, some are obedient, others are cunning and wayward, and we can assume that some will not go to your tricks. Any ban for them is a challenge. Of course, you need to use all the options. Ordinary words will do that you can’t do that. After all, no one has yet canceled the conditioned reflex. You can use a few drops of essential oil or vinegar, spill liquid on the table. This should also help to wean the pet from climbing. Perseverance and work will produce results.

how to wean the cat to climb the tables with the help of current

At least two weeks should be given to the issue that is of concern to you.You can also with the help of loud sounds, children's toys, ringing rattles, various tweeters to prevent the cat from jumping on the forbidden object. The sound should be unexpected and very loud at the time of the jump. The animal will be frightened and may no longer try to jump on the table.

Scotch tape and spray gun

How to wean the cat to climb the tables with scotch tape? Now we will tell in detail. Try to seal the kitchen table with double-sided tape. Remains of wool on the table, cleaning scotch - the unpleasant consequences of this method. But believe me, the result is worth it. From contact with scotch, the cat will have a dislike for the table. It will repel the desire for a long time to lick sticky paws.

For the desired result, any means are suitable. It is no secret that cats do not like water.

how to wean a cat climbing tables and eating food

If the cat again wants to jump on the kitchen table, you need to quickly splash it with an ordinary sprayer. This simple scare maneuver should work. The important point is the fact that the pet should be afraid not of its owner, who is making various attempts to eradicate the bad habit, but of the method of dealing with it.


How to disaccustom a cat to climb tables with the help of a current? This method is effective, but not for everyone. Sometimes the character of the cat is stronger than the character of the owner. And who re-educates whom, you need to think more. Still, it's worth a try, especially since these tools are commercially available. In the pet store you can buy electric bedding, electric toys for animals. When in contact with such things, the cat should be frightened.

how to disaccustom a cat to climb tables expert advice

You should not worry, because the current is weak, it will not harm your pet. And the principle of work should help. In addition, very unpleasant feelings will long remain in the memory of the animal.

Small conclusion

Now you know how to wean a cat climbing tables. The advice of a specialist and his recommendations given in the article will help you. We hope that soon you will solve your problem with a cunning tail pet. Remember, cats are very individual. They do not like screams, hysteria. No need to cause aggression and fear in an animal. Feeling angry to anything good will not. In no event it is impossible to beat an animal. Offended cat can start revenge. Only attentive attitude, daily communication with your pet will be fruitful in any case.

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