How to wean a child from diapers at night: instructions for parents

The invention of diapers greatly facilitated the life of a huge number of mothers who almost forgot what a wet diaper is.

However, another difficulty now arises - weaning the toddler from the diapers and simultaneously training to the pot. And if during the day the baby more or less fulfills its needs “correctly”, then at night it prefers to do “wet” things without getting up from the crib.

And yet there are several effective ways to disaccustom the child from diapers at night and leave their and children's nerves intact.

When is it better to give up diapers?

Before considering the practical advice of physicians and experienced mummies, it is necessary to clarify some psycho-physiological aspects of this process.

This prudence is due to more frequent questions about how many months you need to wean children from diapers.

It is no secret that many parents strive for early children's successes, are proud of their unique child, therefore, they are trying to make him go to the potty before the year is up.

However, children at such a young age are not physically and psychologically ready for conscious action, so such a drill becomes a huge stress for them.

Dr. Evgeny Komarovsky is convinced that the sooner you begin to teach a child to a night vase, the more problems, tears and troubles await you on this path. The optimal time for a child to learn hygienic skills is from one to three years.

When is it better to give up diapers

Of course, even a newborn will get into the pot, but at the age of up to one year there is no need to talk about any conscious assimilation of ability.

The processes of defecation and urination in infancy are subject to the unconditioned reflex, that is, proceed without the participation of the hemispheric cortex.

In addition, a number of studies have shown that there are certain links between the acts of urination and the ability of the child to use the flight of stairs. That is, this skill is also associated with the state of the abdominal muscles, bladder, general muscles.

No matter how many times you say “wee-wee”, you didn’t run after him with a pot, a child up to a year old and a little older simply cannot physically manage his body.

But when the muscles of the sphincters of the bladder and rectum become stronger, the nervous system will mature, the baby will finally take control of these hygiene procedures.

If you want to quickly wean a child from diapers at night or during the day, then consider the following physiological norms that scientists have established:

  1. The child begins to control the allocation only after a year, and during the second year this control is actively formed.
  2. Usually, withdrawal from diapers occurs between the ages of 22 months and 2.5 years.
  3. The whole process of developing a conditioned reflex is formed at the age of 3 years.

Discard diapers

And yet Komarovsky does not advise looking back only at the number of years. It is possible to wean a baby from diapers in a year and a half, if, of course, you pay attention to the following signs:

  • the infants have a relatively stable mode of defecation;
  • the child remains dry for two hours;
  • understands the words "pee" and "poop";
  • he cries when he's in wet diapers;
  • can take off clothes on their own.

The most reliable sign that the time has come to wean the child from diapers - he demonstrates his “I want to write it or like it” in an accessible way (with words, gestures).

The main points of proper weaning

Regardless of what age you begin to wean the children from going to the diaper at night, you need to prepare in advance for this process and, of course, be patient. If during the day the baby in a tired diaper walks less and less, then he is not particularly in a hurry to refuse him for the night.

To properly form hygienic skills, pay attention to the following points:

The main points of proper weaning

  1. Be sure to purchase replacement items.When the toddler, who used to walk in a diaper at night, urinates in the crib, not only the bed sheet, but also pajamas, a bedspread and even a pillow will become wet. These items are worth buying in double.
  2. Do not forget about the wet wipes that will be needed for wiping.Children should not sleep dirty or wet all night long, but carrying them to the bathroom means increasing the time of nightly gatherings near the cot. Wipe the crumbs with a napkin at night, and in the morning wash it completely.
  3. If you have not bought a night light before, now is the time for this acquisition.Wipe the crumbs and peredelit bed at night - not an easy task. In addition, the bright lamp completely disrupts children's sleep, and, therefore, the night will again pass without sleep.
  4. At night, and all the time when the child begins to learn to sleep without diapers, it is better to put reusable oilcloth or special waterproof diapers in the crib.Plus, such forethought - moisture does not affect the mattress and other parts of the bed, that is, you will spend less time on the subsequent cleaning and washing. You can additionally cover the oilcloth with a warm diaper, so that the child does not feel anything.

Of course, at first, the child will write and crap in the crib, as he is used to diapers. You will have to climb several times during the night to change the sheets and undermine the baby.

However, after lying a bit in wet diapers, the crumb will begin to establish cause-and-effect relationships and, therefore, will soon be asked for a pot.

5 useful tips

If you want to quickly wean a child from diapers for the night, it is important to follow a few rules from experts and experienced moms.First of all, remember that the baby does not control himself at night, so it’s useless to wait for instant results.

  1. Limit the number of drinks that the child is accustomed to use at night. Of course, this does not mean that it is necessary to refuse the baby, asking to drink some water. It is necessary to reduce the volume of liquid and not give the crumbs drinks that have the effect of diuretics (juices from apples and grapes, rosehip broth).
  2. To avoid night surprises, try to observe the evening ritual. For example, a child puts on pajamas, listens to a fairy tale, pisses in a potty or toilet bowl and goes to bed. It is impossible to interrupt the established tradition, especially when getting used to the ritual.
  3. If you wean a child of three or four years of age, constantly talk before falling asleep and explain to him that there are no more diapers. Wanted to pee? Let him wake up one of the parents. These words must be repeated every night, because during the day the baby will already forget about this rule.
  4. A oilcloth or waterproof diaper is still useful, even if the crumb stopped doing wet things at night. When learning these important skills failures happen all the time, so another 2-3 months, do not move the lining away.
  5. Be sure to praise the children for a dry bed.Parental praise is a very important incentive for the child, so do not skimp on the kind words.
In the early days, watch the baby slumber. If he starts spinning, tossing and turning in his sleep, most likely, this is a signal - the kid wants to write.

What actions should be abandoned?

Parents who believe that it is almost impossible to wean away from annoying diapers have probably made one or more mistakes, which we will discuss below.

What actions should be abandoned

  1. It is strictly not recommended to force the child to abandon diapers for the night. Such steps are fraught with psychological trauma, psychogenic enuresis and other problems that you will definitely encounter when the baby grows up.
  2. If the child is written at night, you should not be dishonored or shout at him. Agree that it was you who decided to wean him from the diapers, so he has absolutely nothing to do with, even if the parents are forced to change the bedding three times a night.
  3. You should not specifically wake the baby and planted on the pot, if he sweetly slumbers. Better watch him sleep, as we said. A whimper, anxiety, pushing the legs says that the child wants to go to the toilet.
  4. No need to put the baby in the parental bed. Yes, it is not very convenient to run to the nursery every time in order to follow the dryness of the bed and the behavior of the child. However, it is easier to simply change the clothes in the baby cradle than to wean the toddler off to sleep with their parents for a long time and painfully.
  5. If you have already abandoned the diapers in a dream, then do not replay the situation. It may take several weeks to form a child’s habit, but the constant change in requirements and the change in parental decision will certainly not be beneficial to raising a baby.

In some situations, completely refuse from my mother's helpers does not work. If you walk for a long time on the street, then you will have to leave the pampers for a while. However, then the baby should not be allowed to sleep in diapers on the street, so that he would not form an associative connection - sleep and diapers.

Why are the night "surprises" going on?

Suppose a child has grown up, according to all the normative indicators, the nervous system and the bladder have matured, but it is not possible to abandon diapers at night.

In such situations, parents begin to suspect the presence of enuresis in the baby.This phenomenon is extremely unpleasant, because it can significantly complicate children's life, so you need to get rid of it.

And yet you should not talk about enuresis, if the baby is still only 3 years old.

Urinary incontinence is typical for children from 5 to 11 years old, but if your child is younger, then it is more reasonable to speak about the lack of control over the urination process.

In addition, the age at which this skill is formed depends on the gender. Girls are more likely to learn to write on the pot and do without diapers, the boy will develop this skill a little later - up to 5 years.

Thus, your desire to wean the child from the night diaper should take into account how old the baby is. The one-year-old peanut is still not mentally and physically ready to consciously control their natural needs, therefore you only waste your time and nerves.

The dominant factor in solving this problem is children's age. Wait a little, then use our recommendations, and you will manage to minimize possible efforts.

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