How to wear and with what to combine gray pantyhose?

Do without pantyhose in the off-season and coldSeasons are not an easy task. However, determine their choice is also not so easy. In specialized stores you can find a wide range of tights for every taste and any weather: color, classic, dense, in a mesh, with patterns, with a low waistline and so on.

No matter how attractive the coloredproducts, use them in everyday life, most likely, will not work. But classic black or flesh-colored pantyhose can be safely combined with any images and wardrobe options. The main thing is to harmoniously choose all the elements of appearance.

Sometimes I want to diversify it, pleaselook around people and try on, for example, gray pantyhose. This color is most successful for such experiments, as it is fairly neutral and successfully combined with a variety of styles of clothing. In this article, we'll look at what to wear gray pantyhose with different density.

Gray pantyhose

Gray pantyhose in everyday life

It is difficult to imagine tights, for example, orangecolor in the daily life of a woman. But gray pantyhose can become one of the favorite attributes of the wardrobe. Regardless of their density, it is recommended to use these products in combination with black and white things or with clothes that are slightly lighter in color (1-3 tones). And it's about both strict office suits, and about dresses and skirts.

What is the harmony of dense gray pantyhose?

Products with high density (from 70 den and higher)Excellent looking in combination with clothes of dark colors, for example, dark green, purple, black. Pantyhose of light gray shades can be safely used together with pink, pastel or other "creamy" options.

Very dense variants of the products under considerationeasy to take for leggings, which means that any tunics (suitable in color) will be in place. From footwear to give preference follows to ankle boots or boots on a heel.

With what to wear gray pantyhose

Gray pantyhose with a pattern

Products with a picture perfectly combined withshorts or monotonous skirts. For a business image, do not wear pantyhose with a volume pattern, and stop the selection on a minimalist decor. It can include, for example, a series of flowers on the sides, drawings, tattoos, etc.

It is important to remember that pantyhose is capable of modifyingthe figure of a woman - visually pull it out or, conversely, expand. Representatives of the fair sex with plump legs do not need to purchase models with a catchy, eye-catching pattern. For women who want to visually extend the figure, it is necessary to choose shoes on the heel in the color of pantyhose. To ensure that the image does not turn out to be fanciful and oversaturated, one should choose clothes of reserved tones for patterns with patterns.

Dark gray pantyhose

Accessories for a bright and interesting image

If with the question "What to wear gray pantyhose?"everything is quite clear, then the choice of bags and accessories is somewhat more complicated.It is impossible to say unequivocally what kinds of ornaments and their colors are able to competently supplement the created image, since it is necessary to build on the shades of clothes and shoes chosen. tips that can help with the selection of accessories:

Tight gray pantyhose

  1. If the image contains dark gray pantyhose andthe same color clothes, then in order to add a note of variety, you should pick up a bright strap (if it is of course suitable for the chosen items) or a colored lacquered purse, perhaps a clutch (for an evening out).
  2. Decoration is better to choose bright, perhaps even multi-colored, to avoid despondency in appearance. It can be earrings, pendants, beads, bracelets differing from the leading tone of the image of shades.
  3. Pantyhose with a pattern does not need to be combined with decorated blouses, blouses, dresses, skirts. Add harmony in this case will help monochrome things of dark or low-key tones.

Using in everyday life the abovetips, you can not be afraid to look tasteless or ridiculous in pantyhose of non-standard colors. Moreover, the gray shades are quite calm and neutral. Such pantyhose can take a worthy place in the wardrobe of women of fashion and make their image more interesting, attractive and unusual.

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