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Every year more and more people suffer from different types of allergic reactions. Especially often this insidious disease pursues the inhabitants of big cities.

Often, animal lovers suffering from this disease are forced to give up their cherished dream of having a fluffy pet - allergies to cats have become quite common. Today we want to talk about hypoallergenic cats, about how safe they are for those suffering from this disease. Is it possible to have an animal that does not harm your health?

hypoallergenic cat

What causes allergies to cats?

There is an erroneous opinion that the cause of this reaction is cat hair. In fact, the reason for a particular protein - Fel D1. It is part of the cat's saliva and sebum, is present in the coat and on the epithelium. Once in the environment, the allergen attaches to the smallest specks of dust, settles on all surfaces, clothing.And penetrating the respiratory tract of a sick person, causes serious ailments. Consequently, cats that produce the “harmful” protein in the smallest quantity are considered hypoallergenic. But! Hypoallergenic breeds of cats, the description of which can be found in all veterinary references, cannot be considered 100% safe for allergy sufferers. They just secrete such a meager amount of Fel D1 protein that it cannot cause significant harm to human health. In addition, it will be useful to know that more Fel D1 cats emit, especially not neutered, and least of all - light colored cats.

Why is that? This may seem strange, but scientists still do not know the exact answer to this question. However, such information may be useful when choosing a pet.

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Devon Rex

This breed appeared as a result of a natural mutation, but by the will of a happy event did not disappear, like other "curly" animals before them. In 1967, the breed was recognized by the GCCF, and later by the FIFe. In Russia, the hypoallergenic Devon Rex cat was introduced relatively recently.

These graceful and sophisticated cats attract animal lovers around the world not only with a luxurious wavy fur coat and an almond-shaped eye slit, but mainly because they do not cause any allergic reactions in humans.

These are animals with a muscular compact body, a large head, huge erect ears, and a slender, slender neck. Devons are very jumping, if they are allowed, trying to occupy as much territory as possible. Their favorite places in the house are “strategic” heights: cabinets, shelves, and also the shoulders of the owner.

The hypoallergenic Devon Rex cat has another amazing feature - a completely sensible hypnotic look that penetrates the very heart. He is able to express all the emotions of an animal - joy, sadness, understanding of the owner or disagreement with him.allergy-free cats photo


The hypoallergenic Devon Rex cat is notable for its amazing feature of getting along with everyone and everywhere. This is an extremely sociable, often playful, but certainly affectionate and attentive animals. They are friendly to the whole family, whose members become, but only one person is recognized as the master. They try to get on his lap or shoulder. Devon Rex are intelligent, one might even say, endowed with powerful intelligence. Quickly understand and accept the rules of living in a new house.

Balinese cat

Hypoallergenic cats, photos of which we posted in our article, have a very refined appearance. Look at the Balinese cat - well, isn't she a beauty?

Balinese (also called representatives of this breed) - animals of medium or small size. All of them are somewhat elongated - and paws, and torso, and muzzle, and wool. This is a real Siamese cat, but with a long silky hair. The eyes of this “aristocrat” are always bright blue, and the spots on the white coat can be different - chocolate, black, red and even bluish. Wool does not have undercoat.hypoallergenic cat breed photo

Character of balinese

In addition to the spectacular appearance, this hypoallergenic cat has an angelic character. She is devoted to the owner with her whole being and emotionally very dependent on him. She needs to communicate with a person, she is very in need of love and attention. Balinese cats do not like loneliness. Light, non-conflict nature and playfulness, these animals retain until old age.

Oriental cat

A very graceful animal belonging to the group of oriental cats, like its Siamese "sister". The differences between them are in the color of "coat" and eye color. These are related breeds of animals. However, the oriental cat is not marked by specks on the tail, muzzle, ears - its body has a uniform monochromatic color.

This is an amazingly plastic, slim, graceful, but at the same time muscular creature. His little face is very cute: big expressive eyes, large erect ears.cat breeds

The nature of these animals is open. These cats are very sociable, curious and brave. Orients are easily trained - they can walk on a leash and carry out various commands.

These animals have become extremely popular lately, as they entered the hypoallergenic cats group. Breeds (photo you see in our article) of this type are safe for allergy sufferers.

Java cat

Yavanez, like the Balinese cat, has a long fur, but without undercoat. Due to this, they emit less amount of allergen.

The breed was bred by crossing a Siamese cat with Balinese and Himalayan breeds. An animal with a thin body and silky hair without undercoat. The head is wedge-shaped. Eyes almond-shaped, blue. The most common colors are red cream with dots, tortoise shell, chocolate.cat breeds description

Java cat requires a lot of attention and love. They suffer loneliness, but at least once a day they need to communicate with the owner. These animals are very sporty, have excellent hunting instincts.It is easy to care for them: “Javanese” love it when they are combed.

Cornish Rex

Along with Devon Rex, Cornishas are already quite well-known breeds of cats in Russia. These gentle and very fragile animals require good care - they need to be bathed more often to soften the skin.

In our country, these cats appeared in 1989, when Irina Kharchenko brought a black cat and a blue cat with her. They fascinated everyone who first saw them at the exhibition.

These cats have a short, soft and wavy coat. She has no guard hairs, so the undercoat curls tightly into a very dense wave and resembles astrakhan fur.

A small wedge-shaped head with an unusual full face and profile that give the cat aristocratic features. Looking at such a beautiful woman, you immediately understand that there is a “breed” here.

The body of the cat is muscular, dry. The paws are thin and high, with graceful pads.famous breeds of cats


Along with their aristocratic, and even bohemian manners, the Cornish Rex are real intellectuals - they are intelligent, easily trained, attached to the owner, not to the house. Need the attention and love of man.It is important for them to be noticed, stroked, talked to them.

Cats of this breed will never mark the territory, they will never climb on the table. Not vindictive, not vindictive, completely devoid of aggressiveness.


This cat is most often associated with hypoallergenic. Mention of them found in ancient chronicles. The forefathers of the breed are Mexican hairless cats.

Sphynx - very healthy animals. After infection, they are quickly restored, while maintaining a strong immunity to the disease. Sphinxes are smart, easy to learn, agile.

hypoallergenic cat

Siberian cat

At first glance, it is hard to believe that this fluffy beauty is also hypoallergenic. As scientists have found, the content of the enzyme Fel D1 in the saliva of these animals is significantly reduced, so they are safe for allergies. Many people who react to cats communicate quite calmly with these animals.famous breeds of cats

Hypoallergenic cat food

Today we started our conversation about cats that can be turned on by people with allergies. But it must be said that animals are subject to this disease. Its manifestations may be different - runny nose, skin rashes, intestinal disorders, etc.D. Hypoallergenic cat food gently relieves all of these symptoms and alleviates the condition of the animal.

hypoallergenic cat food

Let out it in a dry form and in the form of canned food. Which one is better? The choice depends on your pet's preferences, but it is more important to consult a veterinarian on this issue. In general, Asana GRASSLANDS, Golden Eagle, Brit, ORIJEN and others are distinguished by good quality.

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