Instruction how to take "Paracetamol"

At elevated temperature or painful sensationsoften it is necessary to take antipyretic and analgesic agents. Perhaps the most common among them is "Paracetamol" and preparations containing it. Its popularity is explained by high efficiency and minimal risk of side effects. Before taking "Paracetamol", you need to read the annotation, because there are contraindications, as well as any drug.

So, do not recommend the drug to people who haveliver and kidney disease, suffering from chronic alcoholism. When pregnancy and breast-feeding, prescribe medicine with caution. In the form of syrup or suppositories, paracetamolosoderzhaschie funds are prescribed even for children from 1-3 months of life. Most of these drugs differ from each other only by dosage and auxiliary components, their principle of action is approximately the same.

Doctors, talking about how to drink "Paracetamol" inas a febrifuge, do not recommend taking it if the body temperature is below 38.5 degrees. The effectiveness of the drug is high in the case when the fever is caused by viral diseases. It is also recommended to use medicament for dental, head and other types of pain.

Advising how to take "Paracetamol", a doctor,who appoints him, will definitely note that the best time for this is a couple of hours after a meal, since in this way the effect of the drug will start faster. Take down the tablets with plenty of water. The drug is recommended starting from 3 months of life, while the dose of "Paracetamol" for children will be different.

Tablets are given to children from three years old, a daydo not use more than 1-2 g of active ingredient. For adults, the maximum daily dosage should not exceed 3-4 grams. Usually, it is divided into 3-4 reception. However, if the temperature is low or there is no pain syndrome, then the drug can be withdrawn. It is worth remembering that "Paracetamol" does not treat the disease itself, it is not a vitamin or antibacterial agent. It only eliminates unpleasant symptoms. Therefore, if you can do without it, then it is better to do so.

How to take "Paracetamol" is described in detailin the instructions to the drug. If all recommendations are sustained, including with respect to the interval between admission, then side effects are unlikely to manifest. Otherwise, they may occur, as well as an overdose.

Negative reactions can manifest as nausea,Vomiting, drowsiness, or, conversely, excessive excitability. With intolerance of any component of the drug, allergic reactions may occur. Particularly contraindicated this remedy for people who have problems with the liver, because the main side effect of the drug is directed specifically at this body. With the simultaneous intake of alcohol, the toxicity to the kidneys and liver is greatly increased.

If you have any negative symptoms after using the drug, you need to cancel it, and consult a specialist who can prescribe symptomatic treatment.

Before taking Paracetamol,it is necessary to take into account that it is not used with medicines in which this active substance is already contained ("Panadol", etc.), since an overdose is possible. Sometimes they can simultaneously prescribe drugs based on ibuprofen ("Nurofen", "Ibufen", etc.), if the temperature does not get knocked out by any one of the medicines. In this case it is important to maintain a break between their reception.

Pediatricians often recommend a medicine"Paracetamol" concurrently with the use of the drug "Suprastin" in the post-vaccination period. In this case, the first remedy will be antipyretic, and the second - antihistamine, which removes allergic reactions.

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