Insurers are ... Insurers: rights, obligations and activities

There are many different concepts in insurance. Each of them represents a specific person or event. Insurers are companies engaged in the insurance of people, real estate, life. The list of services can last for a long time. Insurers have their rights and obligations. They carry out their activities on the basis of legislation.


Insurers are companies that carry out their activities on the basis of a license. The firm assumes financial risks. Now life, health, property, real estate, cars are insured.

insurers are

Insurance is called collective financial protection when people make a specific amount for unforeseen circumstances. You can use the money only with the onset of the insured event. Insurers are organizations that accumulate and form reserves, from which payments are made.If there is a risk of unpleasant situations, it is necessary to conclude an agreement with such a company.

Insurers are not just an organization that does its job, because it has its own rights and obligations. On the basis of these norms, all activities are carried out. This is confirmed by the contract.


Before a company accepts property or a person’s life for insurance, the risk is assessed. After that, the cost of services is calculated. Therefore, the main right is the requirement of various documents that confirm the possibility of an insured event.

insurer risk

The company has the right to inspect the property. If the client wants to insure life or health, then he needs to undergo a physical examination so that the person’s condition can be assessed. Based on this procedure, the level of risk is determined. After registration of the contract, the following rights of the insurer apply:

  • receipt of payment for services;
  • with the occurrence of the insured event, you can require documents confirming this fact;
  • refuse payment if the application provided incorrect information, or the event was not reported on time;
  • investigation of the circumstances of the insured event, if there are signs of fraud;
  • termination of the contract if there is no payment of fees from the client.

Voluntary insurance is not considered public. This means that the firm may refuse to provide services if, after assessing the risks, the transaction turned out to be inexpedient. Also, the rejection of the application may be associated with high risks or fraud.


The main duty is to provide the insured with full information about the service for which the contract is made. The employee tells the client about payments, terms, risks. Only when a person will know about all the necessary points, he will want to conclude a contract.

insurer's liability

Another duty occurs when the contract is valid. It involves the payment of insurance compensation, if the case occurred. The insurer's other liability arises from the main one:

  • sending an expert to inspect and evaluate property;
  • drawing up an act according to the established rules;
  • damages;
  • keeping the insurance secret.

Public contract is CTP. Each insurer operating on the basis of a license must draw up a contract. Only then will the cooperation be officially registered.


Insurance is the risk, which is evaluated in terms of the likelihood of a case. After it is necessary to pay damages. The risk of the insurer associated with the possibility of an adverse situation. After all, after this the company is obliged to compensate for the costs.

insurer activity

There is a division of risk into:

  • environmental: related to environmental pollution;
  • transport: there is a hull insurance and insurance, which involves insurance of various types of transport;
  • political: associated with illegal actions that do not comply with international law;
  • special: the service involves the insurance of the transportation of valuable goods;
  • technical: manifested in the form of accidents due to the sharp failure of machinery and equipment.

There are risks of civil liability that are related to the legitimate claims of persons due to harm from dangerous sources.

Company Activities

The insurance industry works to protect the property interests of citizens and companies who wish to protect themselves from various risks. In addition to the main goal, this area has a unified policy, which is regulated by the state.The insurance industry maintains up-to-date principles and mechanisms of activity, which serves as a guarantor of security for all subjects of the transaction.

In order for the insurer's activity to be formalized, the firm must be accredited in special bodies. Only with a license will work be considered legal. In case of violation of activity, the document is recalled, especially if there was a violation of the rights of clients.

Types of jobs

Firms operate in 2 areas of activity:

  • commercial insurance: safety of cars, property interests, medical services, life;
  • investment: the option of replenishing funds.

Companies are specialized and universal. Now such large companies as Ingosstrakh, RESO, "ERGO Rus" are working. There are also small insurance organizations. Each company must operate on the basis of current legislation.

insurer's rights

The insurer has responsibility for their work. Consequences due to default can be negative. Therefore, there are documents in the country that regulate the work of insurance companies. Also operates state control.The country has reserves that are used to pay compensation in the event of insolvency of the company. They protect the rights of policyholders.

Insurance is a large-scale industry operating in various areas of people's lives. Policies for cars, real estate, and health are being issued now. Choosing a reliable company, the client can not worry about the timely payment of the necessary compensation.

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