"Iolanta" (opera): a summary of the drama of Hertz

The idea of ​​creating this opera arose afterP. I. Tchaikovsky got acquainted with the drama of the Danish writer G. Hertz under the title "Daughter of King René". It is noteworthy that the libretto for the future opera was written by the composer's brother M.I. Tchaikovsky after the premiere of the play "Daughter of King René" on the stage of the Moscow Small Theater. To us this drama is known as "Iolanta". The opera, the brief content of which turned out to be the subject of interest today, is a truly touching lyrical work.opera shortcut

The Blind Princess

What is this drama about? The action takes place in the far XV century, in the territory of southern France in the province of Provence. There, in the mountains, is a majestic castle, where the only daughter of a powerful king lives. The girl is incredibly beautiful, but is struck by nature by a terrible disease. She is completely blind.

Her father, King René, loves her daughter very much andtries all ways to cure an unhappy girl (by the way, her name is Iolanta). The opera, the brief content of which we recall, tells us about the royal ban of our subjects talking about the sunlight and colors that fill the world.

libretto of the opera of the Yolanta Tchaikovsky and

Verdict of the healer

However, Rene continues to actively seekway of curing a daughter. He evokes from a distant country a famous Moorish physician named Ebn-Hakia. In order not to embarrass the girl, a Moorish doctor examines her during sleep. Ebn-Khakia informs the king of the unfortunate news. In his opinion, Iolanthe can restore vision, but for this the girl herself must very strongly want this.

Rene is confused. How does he open the world around him in which Iolanta lives? The opera (a summary, of course, does not convey the lyrics of music) reveals his father's experiences and doubts very clearly.

The Lost Travelers

While the king was agonizing over furtheractions, two erring travelers accidentally wander into the royal garden. These are young noblemen Gottfried Vaudemont - a Burgundian knight, and his faithful friend Duke Robert. Young men do not know that they are in the royal garden, and are trying to find someone who could tell the way to the lost servants.

Wandering around the royal garden, they accidentallyDiscover the sleeping Iolanthe on the terrace of the palace. And if Robert rather indifferently accepted this fact, then Vademon from the very beginning was struck by the beauty of the girl. The libretto of the opera "Iolanta" (Tchaikovsky PI wrote it in 1891) tells us that the behavior of the young Duke Robert is explained by his love of the Countess of Tartar Matilda. However, his parents' word of honor obliged Robert to relate his life to Princess Iolanthe, the daughter of King Renee, whom he had never seen. Talking about his feelings to Vodemona, Robert complains of the injustice of fate. But Vademon advises the friend not to hurry up and relies on the wisdom of King René. Say, he probably understands Robert and will cancel the engagement.


The awakened desire

How does the libretto for the opera Iolanta continue? The summary will be continued from the moment when Iolanthe, hearing unfamiliar voices, wakes up. She rushes towards the young nobles and, confronted with them, asks who they are and where they came from in the garden. Vaudemont explains to the girl that they are lost travelers. The girl offers them wine, but Robert, fearing a trap, refuses and leaves to look for stragglers.

Vaudemont is struck by the beauty of Iolanthe,that the girl is absolutely blind. She does not even know that the flowers of roses have different shades. Vaudemon talks about the beauty of the surrounding world, but Iolanthe (the summary does not include the entire dialogue) does not understand the young man. Everything that Vodemon described was not in her head. She does not know how to react to it, whether she wants to see the world around.

Learning about this, the king was angry. But at the same time, he saw a chance to introduce Iolanth into the exciting state of which the doctor spoke. Renee threatens the execution of Vodemona, if the girl as a result of treatment can not see. Iolanta, frightened for the life of the already close Vaudemont, assures his father that he wants to see. The doctor starts the operation.

opera libretto

Happy lovers

Then the Duke Robert appears with the faithfulservants. He is a little embarrassed when he sees King René. After all, with his daughter he has to bind his life. Vaudemont hints at Robert that a suitable moment has come for an explanation with the king. Discarding doubts, Robert confesses to the King in his love for the Countess Matilde and asks to save him from the words given by the parents. Ironically, Renee agrees. He renounces his previous agreements with the parents of the young man, for whom Iolanthe must become the wife of Robert.

Opera, the summary of which is already coming to the end, ends with the fact that the princess "receives" the vision. In joy, King René gives his hand to his daughter Vodemona.

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