Ippon Back Power Pro 600: manual, comparison with competitors and reviews

From the moment the first computers were used, their operation assumed stable and uninterrupted operation. An unexpected termination of the programs involved could lead to data loss. It is good, if the computer solved problems of household character of the house. And if he was engaged in the miscalculation of the elements of important structures and organizations? Then the loss of data could cause more serious financial costs.

In the late 90s, along with the total development of computer technology, there were frequent cases of power outages and unstable operation. Systems failed and fell into disrepair.

ippon back power pro 600

The protection of home PCs came devices that provide uninterrupted power. They included two main functions - protection of the computer and the system against voltage surges and its emergency shutdown. Any uninterruptible power supply has a set of batteries, which is able to keep the connected equipment in an active state for some time. This allows you to save work results and safely turn off the computer.

After the appearance of the first UPSs, the number of affected systems decreased dramatically, and PC work became safe and convenient. On the modern market a large assortment of UPS, aimed at solving a wide variety of tasks. This can be ensuring the stable operation of server systems and simply home computers, network equipment and other devices. Intelligent control techniques allow you to fine-tune the UPS for any characteristics and tasks.

Uninterruptible power supplies from Ippon

Ippon Back Power Pro 600 - one of the representatives of the line of home appliances to ensure uninterrupted power. It is the most balanced enough power and affordable price for comfortable use in household computers.

ups ippon back power pro 600

This model is available in two versions - Ippon Back Power Pro 600 and Ippon Back Power LCD Pro 600 Euro. Technical differences are minimal, only the design has changed significantly.


Appearance Ippon Back Power Pro 600 is not an exquisite masterpiece of art. It is made quite ascetic - a classic rectangular block. On the front panel of the device there are only three elements - the power button, USB port and LED indicator.Ornamental decorative patterns lend a bit of originality to the UPS.

ippon back power lcd pro 600

On the side of the case there are grilles that allow the device to "breathe", protecting the insides from overheating.

The back of the UPS is of the greatest interest, since it is on it that a group of ports is usually located on similar devices. Ippon Back Power Pro 600 is also not particularly highlighted here, which, in fact, is understandable, because it is primarily intended for residential use. The back panel has only three outlets, one built-in input and two connectors to protect the telephone lines of the standard RJ-11. In general, a set of ports is not so great, and it should be enough for the house.

 ippon back power pro 600 instruction

Ippon Back Power Pro 600 Euro LCD looks a bit different. As the name implies, it is equipped with a liquid crystal display to display information about the status of the device. The design itself is also slightly different, more stylized and contains more decorative details. In addition to the display on the front panel is a button on the device. Air circulation grilles have become a little smaller.

ups ippon back power pro 600 instruction

The back panel of the UPS Ippon Back Power Pro 600 LCD Euro is equipped with a bit richer. The first thing that immediately catches your eye is the RS-232 standard port, which serves as an alternative USB connection to a PC in order to monitor the operation of the device.There are two standard sockets for standard plugs protected by a UPS battery. There are also two RJ-11 ports for connecting a telephone or modem line. Well, the last thing that remains is a fuse located in an accessible place for replacement.


Technical characteristics of the UPS Ippon Back Power Pro 600 and its LCD-versions are not particularly different. The maximum power of the connected devices is 600 watts. This is quite enough to protect the simplest home PC. The network voltage is standard - 200 V. But their range, at which the device is capable of operating, is from 162-268 V. From the complex of protective systems, it is possible to distinguish a constant filtration of the input voltage, the response to a short circuit.

In Ippon Back Power Pro 600, the battery is not collapsible, without serviceability, with a lead-acid system. They are presented in one copy of a 12-volt battery with a capacity of 7.2 Ah.

As stated in the characteristics of the device, the UPS is able to cope with voltage drops in the range of 162-268 V. This is really possible without switching to batteries.


For the indication of the change of state in the Pro 600 are responsible audible and visual signal LED.During normal operation of the device the light is on continuously. When switching to battery power starts blinking. At the same time every 10 seconds there is a sound alert. If the battery charge drops to the limit, the signal becomes more frequent. In the case of a critical fault, the sound will be uninterrupted.

In the LCD version, the entire display process is reflected in more detail on the display. For this, the screen is divided into corresponding blocks, which are responsible for one or another aspect. It also helps to identify the state of the beep.

The display details the incoming and outgoing voltage, battery charge level and overload, which is very convenient, and a glance is enough to determine what is happening in the circuit at the moment.

What is included in the package

In a set with UPS Ippon Back Power Pro 600, developers are laying down the user's manual, a document confirming the warranty, a CD with necessary programs, a USB cable, a telephone cord and two power wires.

ippon back power pro 600 battery

Features of the Power Pro 600 UPS

There are several interesting features of Ippon Back Power Pro 600:

  • compact dimensions allow you to position the device without taking away the precious working space;
  • the small weight gives the chance to transport, without resorting to the help from outside;
  • simple and intuitive sound and LED indication of the device status always report on the events and changes in the circuit;
  • the ability to run an uninterruptible power supply device in “cold” mode - without connecting the UPS to the mains;
  • the charge in the battery comes regularly when connected to the network;
  • Green Power's useful feature will protect the battery from premature wear by disconnecting it from the circuit when loads are unacceptable.

UPS Ippon Back Power Pro 600 first use guide

Before you first connect this device, in fact, like all others belonging to this category, you should be familiar with the safety requirements. In particular, the UPS must be placed in a well-ventilated place. Its location should not be exposed to moisture, pollution and heat.

To avoid interference from the device transmitted to the monitor, the distance between the UPS should be at least 20 cm.

After unpacking and connecting the UPS, the manufacturer recommends charging it for 6 hours without using a load. This is due to the fact that during transportation and storage of the device its charge could be reduced.

Connecting cables is not difficult, since the probability of plugging in the wrong cord is extremely low due to the standardization of various types of plugs and sockets. However, there is a warning from the developers - it is not recommended to connect devices to the UPS, which may briefly cause a sharp increase in voltage. These may include copying equipment and printers.

If you want to monitor the status of an uninterruptible power supply via a PC, then you need to connect it via a USB connector. Also, USB will provide an opportunity to automatically safely shut down the system in case of power supply voltage failures.

After connecting all the necessary equipment, the UPS will start its work and will protect the device from power surges and its sudden loss.

Ippon Back Power Pro 600: troubleshooting instructions

The UPS may start to fail, resulting in errors that can be quickly and adequately responded to. To identify the first symptoms you need to pay attention to the "behavior" of the device.

If the device does not turn on and the indicator is not lit, then perhaps the reason lies in the uncharged battery.Ippon Back Power Pro 600, the battery of which is not collapsible, may be faulty, discharged, or just the device has poor contact with the network.

A continuous beep may indicate that the UPS has been overloaded, which means that too many devices are connected to it and their total power consumption exceeds the optimal one.

A short battery life can be caused by either an overload of the device or an insufficient charge of the battery or its complete failure. In such situations, it may help to disconnect devices of the least importance from the UPS. If nothing else helped, then the battery is faulty and needs to be changed.

Possible competitors

The closest competitors to the Power Pro 600 include the RPT-600A from PowerCOM, 600VA-3SE from 3Cott and V-600-L from SVC.

The leader in terms of price among all the listed devices is the V-600-L, which can be purchased at an average price of 2,260 rubles. The hero of the article, or rather its latest version, will cost 3000.

But the duration of the Power Pro 600 is at the highest point of 5 minutes and shares first place with 600VA-3SE. Then they are followed by the V-600-L and RPT-600A with an autonomy value of 3 minutes.

Such an important characteristic as the operating voltage range most fully covers the Power Pro 600: from 162 to 290 V. The rest of the UPSs are a little behind with their 165-275 V.

Power Pro 600 is among the leaders along with the RPT-600A (4 hours) in terms of the full charge rate. The product from 3Cott can cope with this task in 5 hours, and the V-600-L in 8 hours.

It is worth noting that Power Pro 600 is the only one of the whole four, which bears not only the USB port for power management, but also another alternative - RS-232. Another important difference is the availability of its own software for monitoring the status of the UPS, which comes bundled.

Battery Replacement

The main reason for replacing the battery in Ippon Back Power Pro 600 may be the inability to turn on the device. In order to get close to it, the device must be disassembled. This process is simple and only a cross-head screwdriver is needed.

ippon back power pro 600 battery

First, unscrew the four screws from the bottom of the case. This way it will be detached from the top. But now you need to pry the front part, as it can interfere with disconnection. After the top cover does not interfere, it should be tilted to the side, as it contains elements that will not allow to completely detach.

So, the battery is visible and accessible, but it is held by four screws with special fasteners.Unscrewing them will free up the battery. Now it remains to disconnect the terminals and remove the battery.

For control, you can check the voltage at the terminals with a multimeter. A completely faulty battery will indicate an unacceptably low value.

A new battery must be identical to the old one, with all indicators and characteristics. The entire assembly process is completely analogous to parsing, only in the reverse order. After successful replacement, you need to check the UPS for performance and start using.

Using UPS Management Software

In the configuration with this uninterruptible power supply comes a CD with a special program Commander Pro. The list of supported operating systems is extensive and can be installed on almost any computer.

The program is replete with a number of settings and options. You can set how and at what values ​​the UPS will notify about changes occurring in the device. The program panel in real time displays data on incoming and outgoing voltage, current frequency, battery capacity and load percentage.

Conclusions and reviews

Ippon Back Power Pro 600 is an excellent budget solution for home and office use. Its capacity is enough to provide stable and reliable operation of computers.

Convenient control both with the help of physical elements and buttons, and through special software allows you to quickly respond to events and the status of the UPS.

The voltage of the device decreases and increases as stated, within the acceptable ranges. With the function of premature shutdown, the UPS copes with a bang and holds the connected equipment for about 15 minutes.

The device has earned numerous user reviews. Most comments emphasize the affordable cost and reliability of work. However, there are a few reviews associated with overheating of the device and a relatively short battery life, which in some cases ranges from 1.5 to 3 years.

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