Is Jackie Chan married?

Is Jackie Chan married?

  1. Yes, he is married.
  2. is married
  3. Married he was once there are children, but now I do not know.
  4. yes married
  5. Certainly married!
  6. Certainly married
  7. Jackie Chan's wife
    Chinese name: Lin Feng-Jiao - Mandarin, Lam Fung-Giu - Cantonese
    English name: Joan Lin / Joan Lin
    Date of birth: 23 January 1953

    Lin Feng Jiao was born in Taiwan, in the local town of Taipei Fuan in 1953 year. The family grew, new children appeared and in 7 years they moved to the city. By 1962, Feng Jiao had 4 sisters and 1 brother.
    At 13, Lin is hired for her first job as a saleswoman, and at the end of 1971, she, along with younger sister Brigitte Lin (who later became one of the most popular actresses in Asia, and starred with Jackie Chan in the films "Police Story" and "Fantastic Mission" ) are invited to act in films. The career of both Lin started right away and by the time of 1977, Feng Jiao was one of the top ten actresses in South Asia, and by the beginning of 80 she had 2 awards for Best Actress of Taiwan. Despite a dizzying career, in 1982, after completing the filming in the film Devil Returns, she decides to leave the show business for the sake of the family. Lin Feng Jiao for her short 11-year-old life in the movie starred in more than seventy films and became the most famous Taiwanese actress in South Asia.
    2 December 1982 year in the US Lin Feng Jiao married with Jackie Chan, and the next day they had a son, who was named Cho Ming. Jackie immediately returned to Hong Kong, and Feng Jiao for more than 15 years, disappeared from reporters and pesky paparazzi. Her fame gradually subsided and she became an ordinary wife and mother, caring carefully for her family. Lin came out of the tents only at the beginning of 2000, when she returned to Hong Kong with her son. The first appearance in public with her husband happened at the funeral of Leonard Ho in February 1998. But even now, unlike her husband and son, who are making a career, she continues to shun the reporters, doing everything possible to avoid meeting them. Only big holidays, such as the birthdays of relatives, make it sometimes appear in front of photos and television cameras.
    Lin Feng Jiao has always remained an exemplary wife of a stellar person. And even in 1999, when Jackie pretty much flashed the Hong Kong press about the birth of his illegitimate daughter, Lin did not lose face: "Of course I'm upset, but I forgive Jackie." However, this does not mean that I ignore what happened and I think that nothing happened.

    Is Jackie Chan married? a son was born who was named

    I have a sense of self-worth and what happened is insulting. "Many then said that she gives Jackie too much freedom and he gives herself free rein, but in response, Feng Jiao only said:" There should be respect and trust between husband and wife . I respect and trust Jackie. We are adults and must act accordingly. "
    If in the 80, Jackie did not understand what marriage was, after pozvrolev, he realized how much luck he had with his wife. Jackie dedicated her song "Staying with you all my life", which was included in his solo album 2002 "With All Ones Heart".

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  9. married was just once a child is .... now I do not know!
Is Jackie Chan married? sense of self

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