John Connington, "The Game of Thrones": photo, actor

Fans of the cycle "Song of ice and flame" is excellentknow that not all the heroes of George Martin have moved from the pages of books to the series. One of these "forgotten" directors of the characters was John Connington, Lord Grifonov Nasest and head of the house of the Conningtons.


John is the only surviving son of Lord ArmandConnington. From his youth he was a squire in the Royal Harbor. First he served with the young Prince Reagar, and later for him. During their acquaintance, young people became close friends. For belonging to the house of the Conningtons, the heir was given the nickname Grief.

During the uprising, raised by RobertBaratean, King Eieris Targarien appointed John his right hand. He hoped that Connington could suppress the riot. But he could not do it. For this, after the Belltower battle, Eyeris deprived the young man of all titles, lands, riches and sent into exile over the sea. There John Connington joined the detachment of Golden Swords, served for 5 years. He was expelled for stealing the treasury. After that, John was rumored to have drunk himself in Liss and died.

This is a short story of John. now let's talk about his life's path in more detail.John Connington

Appearance and character

John Connington's photo is, as a rule,drawings of fans of the cycle "Song of ice and flame". For the first time readers will learn about it in the book "Dance with Dragons". According to the calculations of the fans of the cycle, at that time he was over forty. The look of his blue eyes is unusually cold. It seems to people that he does not have eyes, but two thorny icicles around which time has wrinkled. While in exile, John painted his fiery red hair blue in the Essex fashion, and his chin was shaved clean. On the way back to Västerås, he again let go of his beard.

Kivan Lannister remembered John as a bold, stubborn, thirsty fame and reckless youngster. Thanks to these qualities, as well as his military talents and high background, he became a right hand.

Later in front of the reader appears an experienced fighter and calculating commander. John is the strongest figure on the side of Eigon Targarien. Only he is able to put the young man on the throne.

John Connington and Reygar Targarien

Young people became friends at a time when both were squires. Later John joined the Reigar service and became his close friend.

Many readers suspect Griff innon-traditional orientation because of his too warm memories of the lost comrades (Reyegar and the captain of the Golden swords of Toyne). Interestingly, George Michael himself did not refute these rumors, but rather, gave them a new round in one of his interviews. Also in favor of this theory is the fact that Grief was not interested in girls and could not stand the wife of Reyegar. He considered her unworthy "silver prince".

John Connington Game of Thrones

The Battle of the Bells

Thanks to courage, perseverance, thirst for fame andJohn's military abilities became the right hand of King Eyrez II. In return, he received the land of the Storm Limit, although in fact the castle remained behind Stannis Baratean.

At Ashford a significant battle took place -the only defeat of Robert during the uprising. The wounded rebel left the battlefield and went to the river land, where he was expecting reinforcements. John Connington overtook the enemy in the small town of Kamennaya septa, and began to look for Robert in all the buildings of the city. But the residents transferred the injured leader from house to house, so the royal army had no chance to find the fugitive. At this time, Stark, Tully and Arron came to the aid of Robert with the army. On the streets of the city a fierce battle was called, nicknamed Kolokolnaya, because the septons rang the bells, urging the civilian population not to leave the houses.

John fought bravely, but he knew defeat because ofnumerical superiority of the enemy. Despite this, he managed to withdraw the remnants of his troops from the city. Grief could set the whole city on fire with Robert, but he wanted to win in a fair fight. Murder of innocent townspeople, he considered a low act.

Upon learning of the victory of the rebels, Eyeris II stripped the genus of the Conningtons of land, wealth, and sent John over the sea.

That's what John Connington himself says about the Bell Battle in the book "Dance with the Dragons". Quote:

"The bells rang for all of us that day. For Eyrez and his queen, for Elia Dorny and her little daughter, for every real man and honest woman in the Seven Kingdoms. And for my silver prince. "

Expulsion into Essex

After Grief lost everything, he arrived inEsso and joined the detachment of the Golden Swords. He fought a lot and was famous in battles. Therefore, gradually over five years of service, John rose to the right hand of General-Captain Miles Toin. But then he disappeared.

They said that he was caught for stealing the treasury, butthese were rumors, launched by faithful birds Varis. In fact, the eunuch suggested that John Connington bring up the rescued son of Reyegar. Although it is not known for certain whether this is true or not, Varis claimed that he had succeeded in changing the babies in the cradle, and thus retained the heir to the Targarien family.

Return to Västerås

When Eigon, nicknamed Young Griff, grew up,named father and son decided to return to Vasteras and join the battle for the iron throne. While traveling to Valantis along the Royne River, John catches Tyrion from the water, which fell there during a battle with infected gray fries. Arriving at the city, Grief met the captains of the Golden Swords and opened their names to them and his son. Connington discovered that he had contracted a gray thistle, but kept it a secret.

At the head of the army, John Connington returns toVästerås and immediately occupies its ancestral castle-Griffins roosts. He sends a letter to King Tomen with a request for pardon in order to divert suspicion from the true motive of the return.

In the book "Winter Winds", John Connington makes a successful campaign and takes over the Storm Limit - an impregnable castle. The head of the attack is Eigon Targarien.

John Connington and Reygar Targarien

John Connington in the series

In the series "Game of Thrones" John Connington did notappears. Part of his image goes to Jorakh Mormont (salvation from the Tirion River and contamination with the gray wit). But at the end of the seventh season, it is mentioned that Queen Cersei summoned the squad of Golden swords from Volantis. This gave rise to the fans of the books of the cycle "Song of Ice and Fire," to hope that John will appear on the movie screens. Applicants for the role of the Griffa a lot. Let's consider each of them.

Kevin McKidd

This actor is known for his roles in TV series ("Rome", ""Anatomy of Passion") and films ("On the Needle", "Kingdom of Heaven") The creators of the series are very hopeful that he will be able to join the shootings. But this is difficult because of the tight schedule Kevin. He plays one of the leading roles in the successful show "Anatomy of Passion". Therefore, little chance to see this strong-willed man in the role of John Connington in the "Game of Thrones." In the photo above, the actor in the image of Poseidon from the film "Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief"

John Connington game of Thrones photo

Ben Daniels

This is the famous actor in England. He starred in the British version of the series "Law and Order", and in 2015 he performed a role in the mini-series "Flesh and bones." Now Ben is also involved in the work on an interesting project "Exorcist", where he appears in the image of a priest - an exorcist.

Tony Curran

Many know this red-haired Scot,who starred in almost a hundred films. The experience gained during the filming of Blade II, 13 Warrior, Another World: Evolution, X-Men: First Class, Gladiator, will definitely help him when working on the Thrones, and the historical entourage and the military The outfit for him is not new. No doubt, this actor John Connington will play great.

John Connington actor

Jason Isaacs

This actor is known to the Pothermans of the whole planet. His cold, vicious, cowardly hero Lucius Malfoy was very convincing. But not only the harmful mage can boast of Isaacs appearance. Captain James Hook was also played by this talented actor. In 2017, Jason signed a contract to participate in a long-term project and became one of the residents of the Star Trek universe. He again plays a bad person in the series "Star Trek: Discovery."John Connington quotes

Sean Harris

This is another fiery reddish temperamentalEnglishman in this list. He also has shooting experience in historical projects. He acquired many fans, starring in the atmospheric series "Borgia". And in 2015 took part in a new adaptation of the English classics "Macbeth". John Connington Photos

The denouement is close

Seventh season ended, leaving a lot of questionsopen. Who will become king (queen) of Västerås? Is this really important if the King of the Night wins? Will Eigon Targarien and his mentor, John Connington, be added, or will they not add competitors to the Deyeneris? But whoever has joined the cast, the spectators are waiting for the most powerful final of the most expensive television saga. The budget for this part of the last season is $ 15 million. We are waiting for extravaganza with a lot of battles and spectacular special effects. The beginning of the season is scheduled for 2018. But due to the fact that each series will be for an hour and a half, and the script is written from scratch, shooting can be delayed. In this case, the final of the "Games of Thrones" will be released in early 2019. Viewers can only anticipate the epic spectacle. In the meantime, you can review the already released series and reread the book.

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