"Kalina", cooling system: malfunctions and improvements

The cooling system "Lada Kalina" is one of thethe most important car systems. Due to its importance, ODS should not have any malfunctions. If the cooling system is inflated, the Kalina simply overheats, and this is a very significant factor affecting the operation and functionality of the internal combustion engine as a whole.viburnum cooling system However, we will not disclose the issue in advance - we will talk about all the details, failures and ways to improve SOD in the course of our today's article.


Virtually on all cars of the VAZ family, inincluding on the passenger cars of the model "Kalina", the cooling system has the same design and principle of operation. SOD on VAZ 2117 refers to liquid-cooled systems of closed type. This means that the thermal energy from the heated parts of the motor is diverted by the flow of the coolant, that is, the cooling liquid (antifreeze).

The cooling system (VAZ "Lada Kalina") includes a number of functional elements:

  1. Radiator cooling ICE. This unit is designed to reduce the temperature of heated antifreeze with a cold air flow.
  2. The radiator fan. This part performs the function of increasing the cooling coolant () in the system.
  3. Heater radiator. This, in fact, a source of warm air for the car.
  4. Expansion tank. Since the coolant has the property of expanding and contracting with a constant temperature fluctuation, this capacity serves to compensate the volume of the antifreeze in the system.
  5. Centrifugal pump or "pump". This element carries out forced circulation of the coolant through the channels of the vehicle system.
  6. Thermostat. This small, at first glance primitive detail, performs a very important function: it regulates the required amount of antifreeze, passing through the engine cooling radiator. Thanks to the thermostat the most optimal temperature regime is ensured in the system.
  7. Coolant temperature sensor. This is one of the controls of ODS.

The scheme of the engine cooling system ("Kalina 2117") is shown in the photo below:malfunctioning cooling system feces calina

Principle of operation

The algorithm of this system isclose interaction of various sensors, parts and elements, including devices measuring oil temperature, outside temperature and many other factors. Considering all these moments, the VAZ "Kalina" cooling system automatically sets the optimum switching conditions and the operating time of all the structural elements, thereby ensuring efficient cooling of the engine.

It should also be noted that, depending on thetemperature, the liquid can pass through a small or large circle. In the first case, the antifreeze passes through all channels of the system, bypassing the radiator. The thermostat during this circulation is in the closed position. When the temperature of the engine increases, this part gradually opens, and the antifreeze begins to "run through" a large circle, getting into the radiator. The latter is cooled by a counterflow of air, and if the SOD is not enough, it will signal the fan, which will force cold air to the cells.remaking of the cooling system of viburnum

After cooling, the coolant flows back to the smalla circle. Further, depending on the temperature of the engine, the system automatically circulates the antifreeze either over a large or a small circle, maintaining the optimum operating temperature of the internal combustion engine (95-105 degrees Celsius).

What is the importance of ODS?

As we noted earlier, ODS plays an important role in thecar operation. If this cooling system does not work properly, the engine will often overheat and the stove will stop giving a warm airflow. Thus, with a faulty SOD, the resource of the engine and many other vulnerable elements in the engine compartment is significantly reduced.

How to diagnose SOD?

How is the VAZ 2117 "Kalina" system built in the car, we have already found out, now we will talk in more detail about how to find out its possible malfunctions.

Note that if you doubt the proper operation of the cooling system, it is not necessary to drive the car to the service station and order diagnostics - you can find out the reasons for yourself.

So, where do we start?

The first step is to check the antimony level insystem. To do this, open the hood and look at the expansion tank. Ideally, it should be filled by ½ of the total. If necessary, add coolant to this level.air in the cooling system of viburnum

If you find a leak of antifreeze, then inspect the engine compartment under the car - perhaps there are leaks.

The most common cause of leakage of coolant from the system are:

  1. Old collars on the branch pipes.
  2. An old radiator or a chilled radiator. In the first case, the situation will be saved only by a complete replacement of the device, but in the second one it is quite possible to do repairs (to seal holes).the cooling system of the viburnum is aerated

The next step is to checkcoolant circulation in the engine cooling system. To do this, open the cover of the expansion tank and see how the stream of antifreeze flows into it. If the result was unsatisfactory, you either need to change the pump or clean the SOD system (this can be done with the help of special washing agents).

If the car has often become overheated, there may be several reasons for this:

  • Thermostat. Check its performance is very simple: on the warmed-up engine, touch the lower and upper radiator hose with your hand. If the latter turned out to be cold, and the bottom one was hardly warm, then the thermostat most likely stuck, and the antifreeze circulates only over a small circle. In this case, the solution to the problem will be to install a new device in the car.
  • Hammered honeycomb radiators. Also one of the frequent causes of malfunctions in the cooling system. Especially often it occurs in late May - early June, a year along the street flies importunate poplar fluff. The solution to the problem is cleaning the outside of the radiator. Often, this work causes difficulties for motorists, but other methods of solving hammered cells have not yet been invented. Therefore, everything is cleaned by hand.
  • The fan is defective. If you notice that this item does not turn on when the heating level of the coolant is increased, you should check the temperature sensor, the wiring and the relay.
  • Air in the cooling system. "Kalina", like any other car, is not insured against the airlock inside SOD. And if in all previous cases the problem was solved very quickly or, at least, it is clear, here motorists often have problems. Therefore, in order to explain the picture to the full, below we will look at how such breakdowns are eliminated.

As you can see, the malfunctions of the "Kalina" cooling system can be quite different. But in any case, overheating is not the best factor for the engine.

"Lada Kalina" and an air stopper: how to remove air-confinement?

The first step is to open the cover of the expansiontank. Further start the engine and, periodically pressing a gas pedal, warm up the engine until the gauge of temperature does not increase to a red scale. After the fan is turned on a little more, "plug in" and turn off the ignition. If the air stopper in this way was not eliminated, we will have to move to more radical measures.engine cooling system

How is this done?First removes the plastic screen of the engine (it is dismantled simply by moving upwards). Then, using a screwdriver, the clamp is released, and one of the two tubes is removed from the choke of the choke. Then, the expansion tank cover is unscrewed. The neck of the container is covered with a clean rag. Next, you need to blow into the expansion tank until the coolant is drained from the removed tube. If the container failed to break, close the lid and put the throttle assembly back on. Then it is necessary to warm up the engine again and turn off the ignition. After that, without removing the lid from the tank, again remove the heating tube and wait until it comes out of pressure under the pressure of the antifreeze.

Since this liquid is very toxic andrepresents a certain danger to humans, experts recommend that the coolant should be drained with extreme caution. Do not forget about safety: at least you should have a pair of rubber gloves. Pay attention also to the temperature of the pipes, the coolant drain must only be performed when the engine is cold.

Now put the tube on the union and tightenclamps. At this stage, the air in the cooling system (Kalina, VAZ) was successfully removed. As you can see, you can fix problems in ODS without attracting specialists.

In the future, in order to prevent such malfunctions of the cooling system, Lada Kalina should be regularly diagnosed for the density of all clamps and connections in the system.

How to improve SOD?

At the moment, there are several ways to improve SOD:

  1. Redesign of the cooling system."Kalina" in this case is equipped with a new 6-hole thermostat. This action will keep the temperature of the antifreeze in the system more stable, and also normalizes the robot heating elements of the cabin.
  2. To reduce malfunctions of the cooling system, Lada Kalina is supplied with a coolant filter.
  3. Installation of the heater's cock.
  4. Additional pump in the cooling systemengine. It not only does not allow you to freeze in the winter cold in the car, but will also make it faster to circulate antifreeze through the channels, which will significantly reduce the risk of overheating ICE.malfunction of the cooling system of viburnum

So, we found out how the cooling system is arranged in the VAZ "Kalina", what malfunctions with it can arise and how to solve these problems.

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