Kaspersky Free: reviews and review

Everyone needs a powerful and accurate anti-virus protection. Is it possible to deprive her of those whom she cannot afford? The founder of "Kaspersky Lab" believes that it is impossible. Kaspersky Free, according to reviews, offers the full power of anti-malware technology. The app costs nothing, and independent anti-virus labs give it excellent marks.


Like most free antivirus software, Kaspersky Free is available exclusively for non-commercial use. Full activation requires creating or logging into your account. The program installs extensions for popular browsers. Anti-Virus independently updates the database signatures in the background, but their immediate updating will not be superfluous.

kaspersky free reviews

Despite the fact that it is a simple, stripped-down product, it is important for users to understand all of its functionality. For this reason, the installation ends with a simple tour of the main aspects of the software. Users positively appreciate this opportunity, because it was this that helped them learn about the on-screen keyboard, the existence of which they did not realize.

The main window looks like y Kaspersky Internet Security, but with one significant difference.It displays the same 6 icons as in the full package: “Database Update”, “Verification”, “Secure Payments”, “Privacy Protection”, “Parental Control” and “Protection of All Devices”. However, only the first 2 functions are included in Kaspersky Free. Gray icons with a crown indicate a paid access.

Kaspersky Free: reviews and ratings

Laboratories around the world do their best to evaluate safety programs and determine which ones are the most effective. It’s not just a matter of scanning a million static malware samples in order to detect detection rates. Most laboratories are working on creating tests that imitate real-world conditions as accurately as possible, and Kaspersky Free, in the opinion of experts of almost all of them, has taught maximum ratings.

kaspersky free reviews review

The exception is the reactive and proactive RAP Virus Bulletin test, the results of which are only average. However, they do not always coincide with data from other researchers.

SE Labs engineers find malicious websites and, with the help of a web traffic replay system, subject all tested products to the same network attack. Antiviruses receive 5-level certification: AAA, AA, A, B and C.Like AVG, Avast and others, the Kaspersky Free product demonstrated the most efficient performance at the AAA level.

AV-Comparatives is rated differently. Products with a minimum passing score receive a standard certificate, and those that do better are Advanced or Advanced +. In the last four tests, the Kaspersky lab was rated as high as possible. Like Bitfinder and Avira.

AV-Test Institute tests the success of antivirus is characterized by 3 parameters: the degree of performance degradation, the effectiveness of protection against dangerous software, and the number of false positives that reduce usability. Each criterion is rated on a 6-point scale. Kaspersky Lab's product received 18, as did Norton, Trend Micro and Avira.

kaspersky free antivirus reviews

Most laboratories report their results in the form of certification levels or in points. MRG-Effitas either confirms the effectiveness of antivirus software or not, without intermediate positions. In the first test, the lack of reliable protection leads to failure. In the second - a product that completely prevents all attacks, receives a certificate of the first level. If some attacks pass, but the antivirus completely fixes them later, then the 2nd one. Kaspersky Free passed the first test successfully. I earned 1st level certification in the second test.This is the only product that has achieved such a high result.

The final score, based on the results of all 5 laboratories, is 9.8 out of 10, which Bitdefender also achieved. Avira looks even better, with an ideal 10 points, but this is the result of 3 out of 5 tests. AVG and Avast checked by all laboratories received 9.2 points, which is also not bad.


The file module validates the data when a process accesses it. Web Anti-Virus monitors suspicious sites and downloads. IM and email components check for dangerous attachments and phishing emails. On the “Protection” tab of the settings menu, they can be deactivated, but it is better to leave them on. 10 components are not available - you will need to pay for their use.

A complete system check of a pure standard test system takes half an hour. If we consider that the average time is 45 minutes, this is an excellent result. AVG and Bitdefender require more than an hour, and Avira Antivirus - more than two. According to reviews, Kaspersky Free, like many antivirus products, performs an initial scan with an optimization, thanks to which subsequent verification of the same system is completed in 4 minutes.

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In theory, the defense should repel any attacks that occur upon completion of a full scan. It is also possible to perform a quick or full check daily, on weekends, weekly or monthly.

By default, Kaspersky refrains from warning after detecting dangerous software, coping with it automatically. Also, by default, the program does not interfere with objects that are likely but not necessarily infected.

Testing Kaspersky Free: review review

To start the scan, simply open the folder with the files. Windows Explorer’s minimum access to them is enough to start a real-time scan of Kaspersky Free. According to user feedback, the antivirus cures infected files and offers to remove non-virus malware. Some samples are identified as “software that can be used by attackers to damage a computer.”

According to reviews, Kaspersky Anti-Virus recognizes 57% of infected files - just like Bitdefender. After launching the remaining application detects a total of 79% of the samples. However, some of them manage to leave executable traces in the test system.

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Another method of verification is to use the latest URL feed with malware provided by MRG-Effitas. As a rule, they are not older than 1 day. During the test, Kaspersky Free, according to reviews, shows a wide range of reactions. In many cases, the antivirus displays a warning and displays a pop-up message about blocking a suspicious address. Also, the antivirus proposes to prohibit the download of legitimate but insecure software. In addition, the program recommends blocking web pages containing advertising applications. However, despite this diversity, it prevented the download of only 67% of dangerous programs. Norton, for example, provides 98 percent protection, and Avira 95 percent.

Anti phishing

The same mechanism that allows the browser to get Internet addresses with malware also protects against phishing sites that are trying to take over credentials. You need to carefully monitor what type of protection is active. For malicious web sites, a warning appears about the dangerous URL, and in the case of phishing pages - a threat to the confidentiality of personal data.

Phishing is more an art than a science, so it can only be a relative detection efficiency. According to reviews, Kaspersky Free is only 1% worse than Norton and better than 80% of competing products.

Antivirus works better than the built-in protection of all major browsers. Perhaps this is not a feat, but more than half of current products are not able to surpass at least one of them.

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Several bonuses

Sometimes antivirus vendors limit their capabilities, while retaining the best for paid versions. However, there are those who along with free protection offers a lot of add-ons.

As in the case of Bitdefender, the collection of bonus features of the free Kaspersky Free antivirus, according to reviews, is relatively small. When entering passwords, you can use the on-screen keyboard, which leaves no chance for keyloggers, even hardware. In addition, it offers a free VPN, limited to 200 MB per day. For the sake of fairness, it should be said that even in full set the same limit applies. Completing the list of bonus features of the free version is a simple search result markup system that marks dangerous links and identifies the corresponding threat type.

What is not?

Kaspersky Free has all the main anti-virus technologies, but some functions are activated only in the paid version. For example, the antivirus proposes to run the Microsoft Windows troubleshooter, but this requires a paid update. Other paid features include creating a boot disk, cleaning computer and Internet traces, scanning the system for vulnerabilities.

In Kaspersky Free antivirus, according to reviews, there are the same components that provide security when working with files, email, web content and instant messaging as in the paid version, but not System Watcher. Among the possibilities of the latter is the rollback of malicious activity, including the ransomware virus.

Finally, a full-featured antivirus has extensive phone and chat support.

kaspersky free reviews and ratings

Can you trust?

On October 5, 2015, The Wall Street Journal reported that hackers working for the Russian government had stolen documents detailing how the US is attacking foreign computer networks and protecting internal ones. They used Kaspersky Anti-Virus to identify and capture data on the NSA's contractor’s home computer. According to The New York Times, this information was obtained by Israeli intelligence,hacked this program and watched as Russian hackers use it as a means of finding confidential information. The WSJ clarified that Russian agents were looking for documents under the heading "Top Secret."

Yevgeny Kaspersky, a graduate of the KGB Graduate School, denied allegations of cooperation with Russian intelligence, saying that the antivirus software was simply doing its job: when scanning, new malicious software was detected and sent to the company's cloud servers for analysis.

Despite this, experts advise against giving up antiviral protection, since any user software can suffer the same fate.

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