"Lada Kalina Cross": reviews of owners, specifications, test drive

"Lada-Kalina-Cross" is a Russian front-wheel drive car, built on the basis of the usual "Kalina". It is an all-terrain wagon. The car is commercially available from 2014 to the present day. What is the "Kalina Cross"? Reviews of the owners, specifications and not only - all this will learn in our today's article.


The car has a similar design with the usual "Kalina" of the second generation. The main differences are in the bodywork “Kalina Cross”, which combines wide plastic moldings and unpainted lining of arches.viburnum cross owners reviews

Also, the car has a 15-inch cast wheels and increased ground clearance. On the roof there are rails that can be used as an extra trunk. The rest of the car is no different from the serial wagon.Here, the same body shape and "chuck" with a chopped bumper shape and crystal optics. According to reviews of the owners, “Kalina-Cross” is more suitable for use in the Russian conditions. Gravel does not fall on painted areas. After all, now they are closed with a powerful plastic lining. By the way, the same is on the thresholds.

Dimensions, clearance

The dimensions of the body did not change at all on the Lada-Kalina-Cross. The new machine has a length of 4.08 meters, a width of 1.53 and a height of 1.5 meters. But the clearance was significantly increased. And if the “civilian” wagon is 18 centimeters, then the “Kalina-Cross” owner's reviews indicate a parameter of 21 centimeters. This was achieved through more “evil” wheels and a modernized suspension with extended-length racks.test drive viburnum cross

These small changes gave good off-road performance "Kaline-Cross." The car passes without problems on any primer and is not afraid of sharp rises.


Inside, the Kalina Cross version is primarily distinguished by the color of the finish. The seats are painted in a bright orange color. In the same range and door cards are sustained, as well as a plastic insert on the steering wheel.The architecture of the instrument panel is identical to the usual "Kalina". Steering wheel - three-spoke, without additional buttons. On the center console there are two deflectors, a tape recorder and an air conditioning control unit. At the bottom there are two coasters. In the luxury configurations it is possible to install a full-fledged multimedia system with a navigator and other options. The instrument panel is made in the sporty style - each scale is recessed in its well.

With regard to the disadvantages of "Kalina-Cross", reviews of the owners point out the poor quality of sound insulation. Already at medium speed, the noise of the box and the motor is clearly audible. Plastic rattles on the bumps. Although the manufacturer stated that he did a great job on the bugs. In practice, the salon version of "Kalina Cross" is no more comfortable than the usual wagon.viburnum cross characteristics

As for the level of equipment, it is pretty good. The manufacturer can retrofit a car with air conditioning, heated seats, electric windows (only two front seats are available in the “base”), and even a parktronic. Although the reviews of the owners say that due to good visibility, you can easily park without auxiliary devices.


In the line of engines there are two petrol in-line power units. So, the base is the eight-valve engine, familiar to us since the times of the "eight". This engine is slightly modified and differs by distributed injection, due to which it gives out 87 horsepower with a volume of 1598 cubic centimeters. It is worth noting that the inflated clearance and cross-kit did not appear significantly on the dynamic characteristics of the car. Acceleration to a hundred takes 12.7 seconds. The maximum speed is 165 kilometers per hour (the standard wagon - 168). Fuel consumption is quite acceptable. On a hundred car spends 7 liters of 92nd.

In more expensive configurations, the 16-valve power unit is already available, which, with the same working volume, already produces 106 horsepower. Acceleration to a hundred was reduced to 11 seconds. And the maximum speed increased to 190. In terms of fuel consumption, the car spends 0.5 liters more than the previous unit.


The car is equipped with a mechanical transmission in 5 steps. The manufacturer notes that in this box used more modern, cable drive.Also, engineers have changed the gear ratio of the main pair.new viburnum cross

If earlier this indicator was 3.9, now it is 3.7. This allowed the machine to more easily climb inclined obstacles. But, as shown by a test drive, "Kalina Cross" remained the same noisy car. The howl of the box has not gone away, and this is a huge disadvantage. Although the transmission due to the cable drive began to be included very clearly, which is an undoubted advantage.

Running gear

The car has a similar suspension scheme, with the exception of more extended struts and reinforced springs. Front - independent suspension "McPherson" with anti-roll bar, rear - semi-dependent beam.engine viburnum cross

As shown by the test drive, "Kalina Cross" does not have a good energy intensity of the suspension. The car behaves hard on the bumps. But due to the clearance significantly wins the usual "Kalina" in terms of patency.

"Lada Kalina Cross": prices and configuration

The initial cost of the car in the performance of "Comfort" is 456 thousand rubles. Equipped with this "Kalina-Cross" engine 87 forces and manual transmission. Also included in this price:

  • Electric power steering.
  • Cabin air filter.
  • Adjustable steering column and seat belt height.
  • Central locking.
  • Factory tinting.
  • Two electric windows.
  • Air conditioning.
  • One airbag.
  • Simple acoustics for 4 speakers (but with a "bluetooth" and USB-connector).

There are no intermediate configurations here.Lada Kalina cross price and equipment

The maximum version of the "Suite" is available at a price of 499 thousand rubles. In addition to the basic set here is:

  • The second airbag.
  • Immobilizer.
  • Three rear head restraints.
  • Linen fog lamps.
  • Navigation lights integrated into optics.
  • ABS system and exchange rate stabilization.
  • Light and rain sensors.
  • Four electric windows.
  • Heated frontal.
  • Full multimedia system.
  • Rear parking sensors.

Also, for a surcharge of 24 thousand rubles, the manufacturer can complete the car with a robotic box in 5 steps. But this option is available only in the configuration "Suite". Reviews say that fuel consumption increases by about a liter with this box. The rest of the robot does not cause any complaints from car owners.


So, we found out what characteristics and features the “Lada-Kalina-Cross” has.In its class, this car is one of the cheapest. The main competitor for Kalina is Gili MK Cross. The car has an affordable price and a better build quality. Therefore, in order to win the sympathy of Russian buyers, AvtoVAZ will still have to work on the build quality of the cabin and sound insulation.

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