Lavender color in the interior

Each person wants to feel comfort and cosiness in his home, which is why he puts a piece of himself, his soul and attitude in the style of his apartment or house. The color of lavender in the interior gives the room calmness, airiness, elevation and peace.

Lavender color

What effect does a lavender color have

This shade is attributed to neutral tones, it is calm and does not irritate the human psyche. The color of lavender pacifies, soothes and relaxes. That is why it is especially good in the design of the bedroom.

According to psychologists, the lavender color and its shades contribute to the development of imagination and creative thinking. No wonder European schools use this color in the classroom interiors.

Based on this, we can safely say that this shade can be used in the design of almost all rooms. The only exception is the work area. After all, in a room where the flavor of lavender prevails over others, it is extremely difficult to concentrate your attention.

Lavender in combination with other shades

First you need to figure out the color of lavender - what is the color? They attribute it to a group of violet shades, which means that it will look great with both bright colors and pastels.

Even looking at the color of lavender (photo) in the interior, combined with such delicate tones as white, pink and cream, you feel the lightness and see that the space is visually expanding, and the room becomes very light and airy. This feeling will be regardless of whether the lavender shade dominates or complements other tones.

If the tone of lavender in the interior is combined with such colors as yellow, crimson, orange, lime - this is clearly a dynamic and bright room that looks incredibly stylish and original. However, in this embodiment, bright colors should only complement the main shade, so that there is moderation in the interior.

The rich color of lavender visually narrows the space. For this reason, it is better not to use a combination of black and dark tones with the shade in question in the interior. In the design they may be present, but in minimal quantities.

The combination of lavender color scheme with purple, pink and lilac will give the interior romance and a share of playfulness.

Lavender color - photo


The bedroom is the most popular place where lavender shades are used.They can be both primary and secondary colors.

In the lavender tone, you can paint the walls, then the furniture is better to choose light colors, accessories to choose purple or pink shades.

If the bedroom is small, it is better to leave the walls and ceiling light, and add the color of lavender as an addition to the interior. The combination of white and lavender in small bedrooms are perfect.

Textiles in this color range in a bright bedroom look very interesting.


Using the color of lavender (photos can be viewed in this article) in the kitchen, you need to show moderation. It is best to include this tone in addition. For example, making out the kitchen in pastel colors, it can be diluted with lavender shades only in the eating area or in the workplace. Also, this coloring can only highlight one wall, adjusting small accessories under its tonality.

Lavender color in the interior

Living room

Living in a lavender color can be a creation in the art deco style or a great example of a classic style, if you use a combination of colors.

If the idea of ​​classics appeals to you more, it is better to take a lavender-colored tone as a supplement - this may be a small finish or textiles, as well as all sorts of interesting small things that will decorate the living room.

Fashionable and stylish living room involves a combination of a variety of shades. Here, the first violin should be played by the color of lavender - bright saturated or softly pastel, it will be present in the decoration of the walls and ceiling, on large interior items, and other equally bright and saturated shades and tones will serve as a supplement to it.

Bath or shower room

Lavender shade looks great in the design of the bathroom. With the prevalence of this color, the bathroom looks original, bright and fresh.

Typically, this room is never more spacious, so for a visual increase in the room it is best to use gentle tones, coupled with a lavender hue. With bright accessories of rich violet or lilac color you can dilute this muted pastel tones. This will give the bathroom austerity and style.

In a spacious and well-lit room, it is possible to use a rich lavender color with accessories of yellow, orange colors.

The color of lavender is what color


Children's room - a great place to experiment with shades of lavender.This color soothes and pacifies, which means that its abundance is not scary in this room. However, to calm the eyes of a child, it is better to use pastel colors of this color.

In combination with this shade, both bright saturated colors and delicate subdued ones look great. Do not forget about the working area of ​​the child, it is better not to use either bright colors or lavender shades. The ideal color for this place would be creamy white, beige and other soft, unsharp shades.

But the playing area just the opposite is better to highlight bright lavender paint.

If you use the color of lavender competently and with taste, any room will be a wonderful basis for creating almost any style. Saturated tones - this is rigor and classic, pastel shades - softness and comfort.

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