Logorhythmics for kids. Logorhythmics Zheleznova

Today, many children have problems with speech development or movement. Therefore, it is necessary to give classes in speech therapy rhythm. Thanks to them, the kids will learn to actively move, to speak, their large and fine motor skills will develop faster.

The concept of speech therapy rhythm

Every child needs to develop speech and motor skills. Therefore, psychologists and educators recommend conducting specialized classes and exercises. Logorhythm for babies is best suited.

logorhythmics for kids

It will help correct speech disorders, correctly build words, listen to music and understand its rhythm, intonation.

Logorhythm for kids is a set of exercises, which includes certain sounds, words, music, rhythm and movement. With the help of an entertainment complex, children will learn to talk faster, they will develop better not only fine motor skills, but also large ones.

Speech therapy rhythm will teach:

  • When walking navigate in space.
  • Do useful exercises for breathing, voice, articulation.
  • Focus on the rhythm of music.
  • Listen to intonation and repeat after the tutor.

Often children have bad articulations. Therefore, teachers advise as often as possible to engage in this direction.

Logorhythmics by the method of Ekaterina Zheleznova

Many children do not like to learn and perform boring memorized exercises. Logorhythmics Zheleznova will interest kids. They will be happy to sing and dance. Initially, these activities were directed to the hearing of the child. Subsequently, it was observed that children repeat all sounds with pleasure and start talking better. Therefore, the technique of Catherine Zheleznova was improved.

logorhythmics Zheleznova

There are a lot of short songs for kids. All of them are aimed at developing crumbs. It is possible to practice with children according to the method of Zheleznova from eight months. In each song, the words and sounds are sung clearly, clearly, legibly. Therefore, it will be easy for kids to repeat words first and then actions.

The logorhythm Zheleznova provides for classes not only with one child, but also with a group of children.They can be performed in speech therapy groups, medical centers, polyclinics. The more children participate in classes, the more interesting it is to engage them.

Logorhythmics: exercises

Each lesson is aimed at the development of children.The child improves speech and learns to navigate in space. Logorhythm for kids is a complex activity, which includes music, movement and rhythm. Before you engage in this technique, you need to study the types of exercises:

  1. Intonation and correctional pronunciation.
  2. Phonetic (auditory) perception.
  3. Articulation exercise.
  4. Songs without music.
  5. Playing a musical instrument.
  6. Adjusting muscle tone.
  7. Exercises that form a reference point in space.

logorhythmics exercises

All classes follow the rules of consistency. Words or poems are learned first. Then the lesson becomes more complicated. After the children have mastered the material well, it is necessary to secure it. To do this, you should pay attention to logorhythm daily, starting with 10 minutes. Every day time is slightly increased.

Logorhythmic games

There are many entertaining and educational methods for children.We found out that there is one more - logorhythmics for kids. According to this technique it is necessary to deal exclusively in the form of a game.

We offer to get acquainted with several small games for the little ones:

1.The wind is blowing hard(wave our palms on ourselves).

Rocking tree(raised their hands up and waving them, helping them with the whole body).

Wind blows less-less(we slowly lower our hands).

The tree grows more and more(raise your hands and stretch on the socks).

2.Knock, knock(fist knocked on the table).

Who's there?(clapped her hands).

May I visit you?(open the doors for fun).

Come in, we welcome guests(three times clapped her hands).

3.We drove-drove(pretend to ride a horse).

On a visit to you came(knock on the door).

We are tired(sat on the chair).

Now we will rest and go for a walk again.(merrily jarred).

All these verses and many others first learn without musical accompaniment. Only when the children know them well, try playing instruments. Remember, you first need to interest the baby, and only then train. After all, if you force, he flatly refuses to engage.

logorhythm classes

Logorhythm classes are very important for each child. It is fun and interesting. It is necessary to start with a more energetic song, then the kid will want to quickly play a new game with you.

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