Makeup artist Lisa Eldridge: biography and reviews

Every fashionista probably heard about the world famous makeup artist Lisa Eldridge. The number of subscribers of its channel on "YouTube" has more than a million. Today Liza does not hide her professional secrets, but on the contrary, she is glad to share them with her numerous audience.

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Early career Eldridge

Lisa was born in the UK, but she spent her childhood in New Zealand. At a young age, the girl was very fond of drawing. She could paint portraits of friends and relatives all night. This passion predetermined the further development of Lisa's career. She entered the faculty of theatrical makeup and then decided to closely pursue a career as a makeup artist.

The beginning of her career was associated with work in the company of the Air Force. Despite the fact that fashion magazines were very attracted to the girl, the world of the fashion industry at that stage was incredibly distant for Lisa Eldridge. But over time, she began to receive job offers from various fashion brands.To develop a portfolio, Lisa was ready to work even for free.

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Lisa Eldridge Debut

The first creative breakthrough Liza was working with Cindy Crawford - for her Lisa was created a brilliant photo shoot in the women's magazine Elle. After this debut, Eldridge is starting to be invited as a make-up artist to the most famous film sets of the whole world - to Paris, New York, Los Angeles. It was the fantasy of Lisa Eldridge that created hundreds of images of models in the most famous women's magazines, such as Glamor, Allure, Vogue.

The first serious experience with the cosmetic brand

And in 1998, the makeup artist was offered cooperation with the cosmetic brand Shisheido. Starting from the components that are included in cosmetic products and ending with the packaging of beauty products, Lisa Eldridge is now taking part in all stages of creating cosmetic products of this brand. Make-up is her passion from childhood, but now she becomes a truly professional makeup artist, because she knows everything about cosmetic products.

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Work with Hollywood stars and fashion houses

As a master of her art, Lisa Eldridge was known long before the birth of a beauty blog.It should be noted that he appeared only after she was forty years old. But by this time she already had almost twenty years of experience in the beauty industry. Among the famous stars who turned to her services - Keira Knightley, Kate Winslet, Salma Hayek, Demi Moore.

Behind the makeup artist working with brands such as Prada, DKNY, Chloe, Shiseido. With the help of her video blog, Lisa was able to get an offer from the fashion house "Chanel", thanks to which she received worldwide fame. Eldridge became the only make-up artist who made 40 video makeup tutorials for the Chanel website.

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Another area with which the make-up artist Lisa Eldridge gained fame is television. In television shows with her participation, women of mature age have the opportunity to experience the ability of Eldridge to literally "erase" years from her face. After Liza did makeup to her participants, they looked at least ten years younger.

Lisa's most famous makeup

“Make-up without makeup” is one of the most famous choices that Lisa Eldridge uses for Hollywood stars. The paints that she uses in her work basically differ by no more than half a tone from the skin tone.Makeup artist advises materials that do not contain shine: then the image will be the most natural. The main task in this kind of make-up Lisa sees the alignment of skin tone and work on correcting her imperfections.

Makeup artist lifestyle

Lisa Eldridge looks much younger than her age. Many directly ask her questions about age, and she does not hesitate to answer them. Lisa is 41 years old, but despite this, she looks much younger. According to her, the secrets of her youth are as follows. First, Lisa makes quite strict demands on her lifestyle. She tries to keep her body in good shape with the help of pilates classes and some food restrictions. A makeup artist always has a very busy schedule.

However, she does not deny itself small pleasures. If Lisa Eldridge gets the opportunity to enjoy sweet pudding, she will not deny herself this weakness. But then for some time limit itself in the diet. Liza's favorite foods are peanut butter, avocado, and, paradoxically, fish oil. Another of the secrets of her beauty is to abstain from drinking alcohol and smoking.And also the makeup artist constantly uses sunscreen. With all these rules Lisa Eldridge no one can give forty years.

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Lisa Aldridge's Book

In addition to other achievements, there is one more, with the help of which Lisa Eldridge suggests to plunge into the world of fashion and makeup. "Paints. The history of make-up ”is the name of the book written by the vizhazist. In general, this edition represents 240 pages of make-up history, biographies of famous 20th century inspirers - Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Amy Winehouse.

The book also has a lot of new information about the formation and history of the development of various cosmetic brands. With its help, you can make a real journey through all eras of beauty. Where did the term must-have come to us, who first introduced the rule that the color of lacquer and lipstick should be the same, what is the history of mascara, blush, lipstick - all this information is generously shared on the pages of her book Lisa Eldridge. The history of make-up, fascinating makeup artist almost six years old, finds its vivid embodiment in the pages of this book.

Historical studies in the field of beauty

At the very beginning of the book, Lisa tells about the history of the use of black, white and red in makeup - because these colors historically were the most important.This part presents a serious study in which the makeup artist analyzes the works of the ancient Greek poet Ovid, Leonardo da Vinci and other geniuses of the past. The list of literature used by Liza in her work is about 20% of the total content of the book. Thus, her brainchild is not just a publication that brings aesthetic pleasure, but a real scientific research.

liza eldridge paint makeup history

Lisa on the creation of the most famous brands of cosmetics

In the second part of the book, Lisa Eldridge talks about the development of famous cosmetic brands of the twentieth century. She also describes the biographies of the founders of these companies, and at the same time does not distract from her main theme - the history of makeup. It supplies the fascinating process of the European beauty industry with a variety of vivid illustrations.

She also shares information about the composition of those cosmetic products, which for most girls today have become a part of everyday life. On the pages of her book you can learn how to improve the process of producing lipstick, mascara, eyeliners. Moreover, Liza Eldridge promises that the publication she has published is far from the last book, and that she will gladly please the public with her new research.

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