Makeup Snow Queen: options for applying makeup and photos

For the New Year holidays you need to prepare in advance, having decided on the image and choice of dress. Using the makeup of the Snow Queen, you can look at the festival is simply unique.

The basic principles of makeup

To celebrate the New Year holidays in a bright and stylish way, you can reincarnate in the Snow Queen. Makeup in this case should ideally be combined with clothes and take into account the theme as much as possible. The peculiarity of this character is that it is possible to embody creative solutions.

makeup snow queenIt should be borne in mind that the Snow Queen is an ideal of beauty, even if it is cold and unnatural. That is why when creating an image you need to thoroughly clean the skin and mask all the flaws. Silver, gray and blue shades should definitely prevail, however, you can add some bright contrasting tones, as this will make the image more bright and stylish.

You can complement the image with fine and fine details, as the lines in the make-up will help to more accurately convey the cold winter beauty. It is worth considering that the make-up of the Snow Queen is very difficult for people with dark-skinned to do, since this image is ideal for a fair-skinned girl.

What is required for makeup

To create the makeup of the Snow Queen, the photo of which fully reflects the whole attractiveness of the image, no special accessories and attributes are needed, the most important thing is to choose cosmetics of certain tones. There are many options for creating this image, but as the main cosmetic products you need to use:

  • Foundation;
  • eyeshadow blue, silver, white with glitter;
  • eyeliner;
  • mascara

As for the color of lipstick, it is desirable that it be the most light shades.

Preparing the skin and applying the foundation

When you create a make-up of the Snow Queen with your own hands, you must first clean the face with special lotions, and then with the help of the corrector to mask irregularities and other defects.

makeup snow queen photoThen a cosmetic base is applied,which shade should be at least one tone lighter than the skin. From above on the basis the thin layer of foundation is applied, and then translucent powder. Make-up for the Snow Queen for the New Year is quite simple, the most important thing is to properly prepare your face and shape your eyes.

When creating an image you need to use cold bright and shining shades for the design of the eyes. You can also improvise with the decor, in which case glitter will look good on the face, rhinestones as elements of frost or snow. Hands need to put blush cold shades and emphasize the sharpness of the cheekbones.

Doing eye makeup

New Year's makeup "The Snow Queen" requires eye selection, as this image refers to fantasy characters. The main goal is to create an unemotional, cold, but at the same time alluring look. Using the blue eyeliner, you need to slightly increase the eye and bring the arrow.

The easiest way to create an image with the help of arrows, as they themselves symbolize a certain sophistication. Arrows can be made somewhat longer than in a regular make-up. Eyebrows need to disguise the shadows, as the dark color can ruin the image created. They can be given the appearance of snow or frost.

make-up snow queen do it yourselfCold light shadows need to be applied over the eye to the eyebrow.Dark blue shadows can be applied starting from the lower line of the eyebrow, and then visually separate this transition with the arrow. All this is carefully shaded, as the transitions between different shades should be smooth and almost invisible.

Eyelashes make up black ink, and paint their tips white, to give the effect of the presence of snow on the cilia. You can also use white eyelashes.

Festive makeup look

Snow Queen's festive makeup for Halloween should take into account the main characteristics of the image. It is perfect for blondes. Doing make-up, you need to give the skin a glow, using a special powder.

makeup for halloween snow queenLook must be icy. With the help of white shining shadows, you need to initially identify the area under the eyebrows and the corners of the eye. Primary color should be cool blue or bright blue. If you wish, you can draw the arrows in blue or blue, but you need to make them as thin as possible. The inner part of the lower eyelid should be drawn in white pencil, and the bottom arrow should be finished in blue or blue.

When creating makeup, you can add white sparkles.Cilia a little twist, and then make up ink. In this makeup will look good mascara blue, blue or silver, as well as false eyelashes.

Lips should be light in color with shine. The make-up of the Snow Queen for a girl is very easy to do with your own hands, and for this you don’t need to use a lot of cosmetics, just face jewelry to give a mysterious look.

Casual makeup

The Snow Queen's casual makeup looks good on girls with a square or round face. In this case, the expressive eyes will help to slightly adjust the shape of the chin, and the exact application of dark and light shadows will help to even out the shape. As in the festive version of the makeup, the focus is on the eyes, but the shadow should be taken without sparkles.

Lipstick, and gloss will help to make lips more gentle and romantic. It is best to make up their transparent gloss, so that they look attractive, but not completely aggressive.

makeup for the snow queen for the new yearEyebrows are best not to paint at all, however, if they are too light, you can paint them a little with a gray-black pencil.Eyelashes also should not be too bright to allocate, so that the image was as natural as possible, it is better to use gray mascara. Silver eyeliner can highlight the inner corners of the eyes.

When performing makeup you need to use a light foundation and powder. And in order to emphasize the expressiveness of the cheekbones, you can use the blush of cold tones.

Major mistakes

Many when applying makeup use blush, but this should be done very carefully, so that the image does not turn out too contrast and alyapy. Using powder and blush, you need to correctly select its type and color. Ideal powder with shimmering effect.

The biggest mistake is to use an excessive amount of sparkles, as the skin begins to shine unnaturally. It is best to decorate only certain parts of the face with sparkles.

Makeup artists recommendations

Despite the features of the makeup in the style of the Snow Queen, there are certain nuances on which makeup artists focus attention. Experts recommend using only light colors to give a touch of aristocratism.However, you need to comply with the measure so that the skin does not have a painful appearance.

New Year's makeup snow queenShadows should be used as cool shades, and if you want to create a strict image, then they can be abandoned. To compensate for their absence, you can use eyeliner, but it must be silver or gray.

What clothes and hairstyle to combine

If the makeup is dominated by blue or blue shades, then it is desirable that the clothing was silver or gray. You can also choose a dress of white color interspersed with absolutely any cold tones.

When creating the image of the Snow Queen, it is worth remembering that she should be dressed in a dress, and the longer it is, the better. This solution allows you to create an impregnable and mysterious image. Hair is best to dissolve and carefully align. The head can be decorated with a crystal crown to create an imitation of ice.

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