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The “Supernatural” series is famous for a large number of interesting and ambiguous characters. Meg Masters is one of them. She is a demon who has repeatedly tried to destroy the Winchester brothers, but then the girl became a valuable ally of the main characters, as well as a good friend.

Who is Meg Masters?

Meg from "Supernatural" since its inception has riveted a large amount of audience attention. From the first episode with her participation, it became clear that the girl will appear more than once in the series and will greatly affect the course of events.

Meg is a demon who obeys and tries to please Azazel in everything. There is a very close relationship between them, like a father and a daughter, which is rather strange for creatures of their kind. Initially, Masters acts on the orders of his mentor, and all her actions are aimed at the destruction of the main characters of the multi-serial, that is, the Winchester brothers. Then, after the death of Azazel, Meg goes to the side of his former opponents. She even sacrifices herself for the common good.

First appearance on the show

Few fans of the story remember which episodes of The Supernatural Meg appeared for the first time. Masters appeared almost at the very beginning of the project, namely in the eleventh episode of the first season. The real name of the demon remains unknown. She is called Meg because she moved into a girl with this name.

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We remind you that she "accidentally" met Sam Winchester near the road. Like the guy, she hitchhiked. She tells a new acquaintance that she has run away from her family and is now heading for California. Sam also shares his experiences. He had just left Dean alone in the hunt, as they had a bad fight. Meg is trying to further set up the guy against his brother, but she does not succeed. Sam returns to the assignment. After that, the girl shows the audience her true essence. She kills the driver of the car, fills his cup with blood and contacts Azazel.

The first vessel of the demon

As mentioned earlier, the demon Meg from "Supernatural" moved into a young girl. Not much has been said about the former life of the Masters vessel.It is known that she was a student, and she had long hair. Meg, having entered her, for some reason decided to change her hair.

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She played Meg in Supernatural actress Nika Eykoks. According to the girl herself, the creators of the series for a long time could not decide who could play this character. One day late in the evening the producer of the series called her and offered her a place in the project. Since Niki is very fond of fantastic movies and television stories, she quickly agreed. It is also known that Accox has made many changes to her character. Initially, Masters was conceived as the embodiment of deceit. Nicky added some female tricks to this. Masters appears in front of the audience as a seductress who is trying to blur the brain of Sam.

Throughout the season, Meg waged a fierce war with the Winchester brothers. She also attacked their father. At the end of the same teleglav Sam and Dean managed to grab her and capture her. Then they performed an exorcism rite for the first time in the series, that is, they drove the demon from the body. Unfortunately, the girl who had been in captivity with Meg all this time failed to survive.

The second incarnation of the Masters

Meg still manages to return from Hell to get revenge on the Winchesters. She moves into the younger of the brothers and seals herself in it. Dean had to work hard to free Sam, but the emu still does. After the second exile, Meg disappears for a long time and returns only in the fifth season.

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At the beginning of the season, namely in the first series of "Supernatural", Meg again enters the game against the Winchesters. This time it looks completely different. The demon moved into a young girl from Michigan who dreamed of becoming an actress. Masters are in this body until the end of their participation in the series.

The role of the new incarnation Meg performed Rachel Miner. To some extent, the second shell of the demon was liked by the audience more than the first. Most likely, this is due to the fact that Masters completely showed herself when she was in the second body, and also she just appeared more on the screen.

Relations with the Winchesters

Meg from Supernatural watched the Winchesters for a long time, even before meeting them. Azazel ordered to watch their lives immediately after Sam left Stanford.

After the death of Azazel, Meg became even more angry with the Winchesters, since she considered the already dead demon to be her father. Then she joined Lucifer in his fight against the brothers.

Relationships with the main characters of the series began to improve in the sixth season. Meg and Dean made a deal. The demon should help him in everything that concerns the return of Sam's soul, and in exchange for this, Masters will receive Crowley as a prisoner and will be able to avenge him for everything he did against her. The Winchester plan does not go as it was intended at the beginning, and Meg escapes because Dean decides to destroy her too.

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Dying Masters in the eighth season at the hands of Crowley. Before that, he held the girl captive for a long time. After her release, she did not hide, and joined the Winchesters in the fight against the demon. When it became apparent that the plan was failing, she made the main characters run, while Crowley distracted herself.

Meg and Castiel

The most amazing couple in Supernatural are Meg and Castiel, a demon and an angel. Masters always had a special attitude towards Kas, and in the sixth season she kissed him. Many deny Meg's feelings and consider this moment insincere, as during the kiss the girl stole the blade from the angel.

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All doubts about Meg's feelings disappear in the seventh season. When Cas goes crazy and goes to the hospital for mentally ill people, she takes a nurse there to take care of the angel.

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