Melchior. Cleaning at home

Beautiful devices that are quite difficult to distinguish from silver, perfectly combined with the dishes on the festive table. Any hostess to the arrival of the guests will definitely get the best: a tablecloth, dinner set, glasses, dishes and a beautiful set of tableware. It will be rather unpleasant and offensive if it turns out that the forks and spoons are darkened or divorced because of the time and improper use of the amazing beauty. What can help here? Only cleaning nickel silver at home.

cupronickel cleaningSave the cutlery

It is worth noting that knives, spoons and forks are made of zinc, copper and nickel alloys. Much less often an alloy is used to create dishes, but such items are also found. Actually, the main rule of purification is regularity; cleaning of items from nickel silver at home should ideally be carried out after each meal. But more about that.

Melchior. Cleaning

There are several ways to clean this alloy.Let's start with the simplest recommended for daily use. In a liter of warm water, make a glass of soda and wash the products from nickel silver, then rinse in clean running water and wipe dry with a towel (the cloth should absorb water). You can instead of soda to use ammonia pharmacy alcohol. It is diluted in water, and then immersed in it products that need cleaning. Then be sure to wash the cleaned devices in water and wipe.

cleaning their nickel silver"Heavy artillery"

It so happens that the spots and stains cover the devices for a very long time. To get rid of such contamination, silver must be harder to clean. So. Crush the eggshell (you need about 4 pieces, you can add a little more), add it to the water (you need to take two liters) and put everything on fire. In the process, enter a couple of tablespoons of salt and wait for the boil. Wash cutlery and dishes from nickel silver in hot water and boil it in clean dishes, then dip into egg-salt water and wash with a sponge. After such devices will shine, do not forget that after any cleaning should be followed by rinsing and wiping dry.Also contaminated utensils can be boiled in a garlic husk broth.

Melchior. Cleaning with special homemade pastes

These tools products from an alloy of three metals polished. Pasta can be prepared by yourself. Here are some recipes:

  1. Take half a glass of water, add in it a glass of liquid ammonia and half a bowl of crushed chalk. Stir all, and you can begin to rub.
  2. Soap and chalk are taken in the same proportions. The first ingredient is mixed with water. Shredded second is added to the thickness. Again, clean and wash.

Melchior. Stain cleaningcleaning nickel silver at homeTake a little vinegar and heat it in any refractory container, then moisten a cloth in it and dry it well.


In addition to cleaning, nickel silver must be properly stored. If the devices were originally sold in a case, use it to store them, otherwise wrap each device in a piece of foil that will prevent damage to objects.

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