Mikhail Epifantsev: biography, acting career

Actor's fate develops in all absolutely different ways. Someone's career, personal life, "beat the key," cause admiration, and sometimes envy, and someone all of the above is far from ideal. Actor Mikhail Epifantsev is more suited to the second category.Mikhail Epifantsev

Childhood actor

Year of his birth - 1968th. Michael was the eldest of three children in the family. His younger brother and sister also chose an acting career. The boy's childhood was associated with the theater: his loving father (famous actor George Epifantsev) often came to work with his son. If the need arose, then Mikhail Epifantsev even went on stage. This was exactly the case with the play “Steelworkers”.

Mom, Tatyana Vasilyevna, recalls that the eldest son was good at school, he had a lot of different abilities. Parents, looking at the flexibility and grace of his son, decided that he will certainly take place in choreography. Being the only child from the whole group who passed the entrance examinations to the choreography school, he nevertheless could not study there.The reason was in excess weight, which Michael could not lose.

Starting an acting career

What other facts are interesting biography actor Epifantseva? Michael played a major role in the television melodrama "We are together, mother" at the age of eight. By the way, his father was also shot in the picture (in the photo below).biography of actor epifantseva Michael

Then there was a role in the cult detective Stanislav Govorukhin. Searching for an artist for the television series “The meeting place cannot be changed,” the director chose nine-year-old Mikhail and was not at all disappointed. In a small scene, a boy trying to contact the police was the victim of a gangster driver. The viewers were excited about this sad episode. They wrote letters to television, in which they dreamed that the young hero could escape.

The childhood years are over. After graduation, Mikhail Epifantsev attempted to enter GITIS. But ... he did not cope with his confused state before the members of the selection committee. Later, he realized that he would never want to face such a test again.epiphantsev michael actor

After serving in the army, he gets into the theater "Album". Gennady Yalovich, his director, believedthat Epifantsev Michael is a promising and talented actor. Unfortunately, this theater soon closed due to rejection by its authorities. The actor is taken to the Kitsch theater. It seems to be getting better. But this theatrical institution also did not exist for a long time. In the future, in the work of the actor was the experience of the seller of optics.

Mikhail Epifantsev: personal life

Successful and calm his personal life can not be called. Mikhail married a girl living in a nearby neighborhood. Alas, their family life did not last long. The son born to a young couple was ill with cerebral palsy. The wife left the actor, taking the child with her. As a result, the boy was abandoned by her in the orphanage. Learning about this, Michael took his son to him. After some time, because of the fallen troubles, the actor began to drink, and then completely addicted to drugs. His helpless, immobilized son had to look after his grandmother.

Death actor

Mikhail Epifantsev died at the age of 39. It happened on November 9, 1998. Doubtful individuals, drug addicts, in whose company he ended up on that day, decided that Mikhail had fallen asleep at the table. When they touched him, he fell.It turned out that Epifantsev is dead. The investigation failed to establish the cause of Mikhail Epifantsev’s death. Why there was a cardiac arrest in a young man is unknown. There was even a version of domestic murder. Too many incomprehensible people have recently been in his environment. The burial place of the actor is Troekurovskoye Cemetery (Moscow).

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