"Minirin": reviews with enuresis in children, instructions, dosage

In medical practice, the term "enuresis" is understood to be a syndrome associated with involuntary emptying of the bladder, which occurs mainly at night. Against this background, this process is beyond the control and desires of the patient. The Minirin drug helps to cope with this problem. Its main active ingredient is desmopressin. This pharmaceutical agent belongs to the group of pituitary and hypothalamic hormones. It has a vasopressin-like pharmacological action. Reviews of "Minirin" with enuresis in children will be discussed below.minirin reviews in children with enuresis

The composition of the medicinal product, the release form and dosage

The preparation includes the substance desmopressin. Sublingual tablets produce sixty micrograms, thirty pieces in each package. At the same time, the content of desmopressin acetate is sixty-seven micrograms.There are also dosages of one hundred twenty and two hundred forty micrograms. In addition to the main active substance, auxiliary elements in the form of mannitol, gelatin and citric acid are included in the “Minirin” preparation.

Pharmacodynamics of the drug

The presented drug is capable of increasing the permeability of epithelial cells in the distal regions of the convoluted canals in the kidneys. As a result, an increase in water reabsorption occurs. Against the background of such processes, the amount of urine is reduced. In addition, there is an increase in urine osmolarity. All this ultimately reduces the frequency of urination and leads to a decrease in nighttime polyuria and nocturia as well. Desmopressin included in Mininin is similar in structure to arginine-vasopressin, although cysteine, which is replaced by L-arginine, is deaminated in it. As a result of such chemical reactions, technologists of the manufacturer of this medical device managed to extend the period of action of desmopressin, as well as completely eliminate unnecessary vasoconstrictor effects.minirin instruction


According to the Minirin instructions, this drug reaches its maximum concentration two hours after resorption of the sublingual tablet.It should be borne in mind that within the framework of taking sublingual tablets, regardless of the dosage, the bioavailability of the chemical substance desmopressin acetate will be about twenty-five percent. The drug can not penetrate the hemato-encephalic barrier. The tool is excreted by the kidneys. The time required for the half-life of the drug is approximately two and a half hours.

Reviews of "Minirin" with enuresis in children abound.

Indications for use

Doctors prescribe the drug to patients in the treatment of the following diseases:

  • As a symptomatic treatment of nocturia nocturia.
  • Against the background of diabetes insipidus of central origin.
  • With nocturnal primary enuresis in children older than six years.


"Minirin" can not be taken by patients in the following cases:

  • Age of children under six years old.
  • Developed hyponatremia when patients have low sodium in the blood.
  • Syndrome irregular reproduction of antidiuretic hormone.how to take minirin with enuresis
  • Severe or average form of renal failure, against the background of which the creatinine clearance index is less than fifty milligrams per minute.
  • The presence of heart failure.
  • Diseases or pathological conditions that require diuretics, that is, diuretic medical products.
  • Disease of psychogenic or habitual polydipsia, within which the volume of urine formation is equal to forty milligrams per kilogram per day.
  • Increased susceptibility of the body to desmopressin, mannitol or citric acid and gelatin.

In the event that there are the above mentioned diseases, a person should first consult with a specialist before using Minirin.

How to take "Minirin" for enuresis, if there are concomitant diseases?

Cases where the agent should be taken with caution

The drug should be used with extreme caution by elderly patients, especially after sixty five years of age. In addition, against the background of bladder fibrosis, as well as renal failure, characterized by creatinine clearance of more than fifty milligrams per minute, Minirin would also be better to refuse. In addition, caution in the use of this medication requires all sorts of pathologies of water and electrolyte balance.

During pregnancy

According to the Mininin instructions during pregnancy, it is also prescribed to patients with great care. It should, however, be noted that in the framework of clinical experiments, no adverse reactions to the course of pregnancy were revealed, nor was the effect of the drug on the health of the newborn and the mother of the future baby. Against the background of the use of "Minirin" during breastfeeding, even at a dosage of three hundred micrograms, there is no effect on the diuresis of the child. If the question arises about the need to take Minirin, a nursing woman is allowed such treatment if the benefits of such therapy are greater than the possible risk to the baby.

The dosage of "Minirin" for enuresis should be selected by a doctor.pills minirin reviews

Side effects on the background of the use of the drug

This drug may cause side effects. At the same time, the list of the negative effects of the drug is quite impressive. Thus, as part of treatment with Mininom, patients may experience:

It is important to know that side effects are often associated with non-compliance with medical recommendations, when the treatment is carried out without limiting the use of fluids.In this regard, fluid retention and hyponatremia may occur in the body, which leads to the above-mentioned side effects. Of course, at the first appearance of any adverse reactions, it should be reported to the attending physician.

Dosage "Minirina" with enuresis in children

Sublingual tablets need to dissolve under the tongue. Tablets "Minirin" liquid should not be washed down. The required dose is selected individually with a doctor. Oral tablets can be washed down with only a minimal amount of water, which will help to swallow the medicine. In view of the fact that food reduces the absorbability of the drug, and, therefore, its effectiveness, Minirin tablets are best consumed some time after meals.

When treating nocturia, the initial recommended dosage is sixty micrograms per night. If there is no effect for one week, the dose should be increased to one hundred and twenty micrograms at night. Thus, in the absence of the necessary result, the dosage can be increased once a week, but not more than up to two hundred forty micrograms.Reviews of the tablets "Minirin" from enuresis are mostly positive.minirin with enuresis in children dosage

For patients with diabetes insipidus, the remedy is first given at sixty micrograms three times a day. In the future, the dose can be changed depending on the achievement of the desired effect. The recommended daily dose is considered to be from one hundred twenty to seven hundred micrograms. The optimal dose of support is one hundred twenty micrograms under the tongue until completely dissolved three times a day.

In the case of primary nocturnal enuresis, the recommended starting dose is one hundred twenty micrograms sublingual. In the event that there is no effect, the dosage is doubled. During treatment, it is especially important to limit fluid intake in the evening. The recommended course of therapy is three months. Next, you need to take a break for one week, after which doctors decide on the feasibility of further admission.

It is important to note that the drug does not help everyone. In the event that after four weeks of treatment with adjustments of dosing the effect is not observed, further use of this drug is not desirable.The duration of treatment is determined by the attending physician.

Reviews of "Minirin" with enuresis are of interest to many.

Drug overdose

Overdose often leads to an increase in the duration of the drug's effect on the body, which may increase the risk of hyponatremia along with fluid retention. In case of overdose, be sure to consult a doctor.

In such a situation, first of all, Minirin is canceled, as well as restriction of fluid intake. As part of the symptoms and signs of overdose, drip infusions of an isotonic or hypertonic sodium chloride solution are administered intravenously. With significant fluid retention, which is accompanied by convulsions and loss of consciousness, “Furosemide” is prescribed by doctors.

According to the Mininar reviews, it is very dangerous to exceed the dosage in children with enuresis.Minirin tablets reviews from enuresis

Special instructions regarding use

You should know that when treating with this medicine, it is necessary for children, as well as adolescents, as well as adults, against the background of nocturnal enuresis to limit the intake of fluids one hour before the use of Minirin tablets.In the event that this indication is not respected, then a side effect of the drug may occur.

If a patient is over sixty-five years old and has a low concentration of sodium in the blood, and polyuria is marked by indicators of two and a half to three liters per day, then the risk of side effects increases significantly.

It is necessary to conduct a full diagnostic examination if the patient suffers:

  • Decompensated diabetes.
  • Polydipsia.
  • Dysuric phenomena.
  • Nocturia.
  • Acute incontinence.
  • Infections of the urinary tract.
  • There are suspicions of a bladder tumor or prostate.

In the event that the temperature rises, infectious diseases occur, there are gastroenteritis, intestinal infections, and, in addition, hyperthermia, accompanied by an imbalance in fluid and electrolyte balance, taking the Minirin drug product should be stopped.

Of course, for older people over sixty-five years, this medicine should be prescribed with extreme caution, as the risk of side effects only increases with age.In such situations, doctors recommend an analysis to determine the concentration of sodium in the blood immediately before the start of taking the pills. After that, you need to regularly monitor the dynamics of this concentration during the entire time of admission.minirin dosage for enuresis

Reviews of "Minirin" with enuresis in children

Unfortunately, the effectiveness of this medication is not distinguished by great recognition among patients, even though the tool is actually not bad.

Most often, doctors prescribe "Minirin" to children with enuresis, however, it helps, according to parents, not all. Thus, on the Internet there are also satisfied comments, in which it is reported that the medicine saves children from the illness, and the negative reviews that carry the information that the results turned out to be zero.

Many parents, whose children under six years old were urinating in bed at night, write that already a few days after the start of Minirin they were able to notice a positive result of the treatment. Thus, against the background of taking the drug, according to many reviews, incontinence attacks in children during sleep, as a rule, cease.Therefore, in general, parents are satisfied with the effectiveness of this pharmaceutical product.

As for the disappointed reviews of "Minirin" with enuresis in children, experts comment on patients' dissatisfaction with this drug that it all depends on the severity of the disease, as well as the age of patients, various inherited factors and the duration of the disease as well. It is a mistake to assume that after drinking thirty tablets of a medicine, it will be possible to cure a hardened enuresis in a child overnight.

Nevertheless, according to numerous reviews, the pills "Minirin" in fact are an effective tool to help cope with such a problem as enuresis in children.

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