Moet Chandon (Moet) champagne: price and reviews

A holiday that is always with you ... For some, it is no less than Paris (like this, for the mood, to take and go for a day), but for someone it will be enough to say hello from Champagne. But what a greeting! Sunny, sparkling, sparkling and inimitably fragrant. This is "Washes" champagne.

The times of shortage of such drinks, thank God, have sunk into oblivion, but it was somehow unbearable to keep a bottle of sparkling wine from a single all-union "company" until the New Year. Are there drinks like "Washes"? And even sparkling wines were called champagne just because representatives of other wine houses saw or tried this in France and made their own remix.

washes champagne

But to repeat the "Washes Shandon" only by its authors, and no one else. Therefore, anyone who wants a real French taste from a stall, advice: it is not there, do not even look for it. Only in branded stores and retail outlets with a good reputation you can buy the original "Moet" (champagne). The cost of the bottle is quite high, but the taste and packaging are unique.Such goods claim to be expensive and get only true connoisseurs.

Wine with a story

I wonder how it is to be among the 36 champagne producers in one small province? In the wine house "Moet and Shandon" this question is answered with a new batch of sparkling intoxicating drink. And as always - the best in the world.

It’s no joke that having appeared on the market, then still not so saturated with producers, the wine house of Claude Moe for ten years (from 1743 to 1753) could convince Europe that the wines produced by him are the best.

Champions from Monsieur Claude tasted world celebrities: Napoleon Bonaparte, Alexander Dumas, Madame Pompadour, and everyone found the drink excellent, worthy of kings. Champagne from the famous winemaker was served at all palace celebrations, they were decorated with the languid and boring everyday life of aristocrats.

Why are there! That, the first "Moet" (European standard champagne), was ordered even by Tsar Alexander the Second. It was necessary to deliver the product from afar and in considerable batches, but the king was ready to both wait and pay - the drink is very wonderful.

"Washes" - champagne, the price of which has never been low. Drink aristocracy must be expensive.

Endless vineyards, bottomless cellars

If someone had set himself the goal of counting how many finished products of different years of production are currently in the cellars of the Moet & Chandon house, he would surely have lost hisaccounts.

washes champagne cost

For a wide audience of real and potential consumers, representatives of the company announced information only about the length of the wine cellars that store barrels with different types of champagne - 28 kilometers.

Of the 17 vineyards of the best category, 13 belong to the Moet & Shandon company. The length of land is tens of kilometers. The grapes are harvested selectively, and the best of the best is used to produce amazing wines.

champagne washes chandon

The quality of raw materials in the company pay great attention. Technology - then, first - the main ingredient. Therefore, the Moet Shandon champagneand has a bright rich flavor and unforgettable aroma - it has the sun preserved in each berry.

What besides grapes?

One of the oldest wine houses pampers fans of sparkling wines with a variety of copies of its collection, each of which is exclusive.

The blend of different types of products is distinguished by several notes, but the core remains recognizable, firm: the best wine varieties - pinot noir, pinot minier and chardonnay - are necessarily present, making up a fragrant bouquet.

Plus, blackberries, vanilla, cherry, and in some types of champagne, even spicy pepper, which is typical only for this manufacturer. Spicy wines, exquisite, light, with a long pleasant aftertaste, designed for gourmets who can distinguish and appreciate the richness of shades.

Champagne Moet Chandon will be able to intrigue both a connoisseur of sparkling drinks and an inexperienced novice who thinks that all the wines are the same.

For lovely ladies

French winemakers would not be gallant representatives of their country, if they did not create a separate and special women's champagne - with a peculiar taste bouquet and extremely delicate color.

The name of the masterpiece is "Washes Shandot Rose Imperial". Color - amber-pink. The taste is freshness, woven from blackberry and strawberry notes, underlined by shades of linden and grape flowers. Aroma - the thinnest, subtle and unique.

There are dozens of tones and shades in this wine, but it is impossible to get lost in them.Harmoniously merging together and opening separately, they create an extraordinary taste, inherent only in works of wine art from the masters of "Moet and Shandon."

Because of its uniqueness, the Moet Shandon champagne is an indispensable attribute of gorgeous hen parties and women's parties.champagne washes reviews

Why is pink more expensive than white?

After analyzing the inscription on the price tag attached to a bottle of champagne pink, and assessing their financial capabilities, many potential buyers noticeably become discouraged and go looking for “something cheaper”. And they wonder: what is the difference between the shades of sparkling, that it is so strongly reflected in the pricing policy?

Take the same pink “Moet” - champagne, the cost of which is one and a half times the price of the same, but familiar to us, light, shade: what is so amazingly expensive in it?

It turns out that it is not so easy to create the desired color, and the pink wines, for your information, are not made from grapes with pink berries in clusters. To obtain a beautiful noble shade, master winemakers mix two wine materials (white and red), trying to preserve the harmony of taste both after the second fermentation and after aging.

To make a decent wine, you need talent and intuition. It’s like the poets, the artists and the actors: ability is not mastery. Peaks can only be achieved through self-improvement. Only in the case of champagne, the peak of taste is reached when two people cultivate: a man and a wine.


Wines have always been among the most desirable gifts. This tradition is indelible and can serve well in the event that you get lost, what to present to the boss, colleague, beloved. Pay attention to "Washes"! Champagnefrom a well-known manufacturer is appropriate as a gift to any woman, in any status.

To hit the chosen one with originality and generosity, you can present her a bottle inlaid with Swarovski rhinestones. If the exchange of gifts is carried out between friends, you can get by with a simpler, but no less original option - a sparkling bottle packed in an elegant pink box.

By the way, out of the total number of people who have ever given or received as a gift champagne Moet Chandon, reviewscome mainly from women. Almost everyone is enthusiastic.Champagne Washes Handhand Reviews

You do not like brut? Then try "Wash"

Even dry champagne, which most non-gurus contemptuously call “sour”, in the capable hands of winemakers at home “Moet and Shandon” turns into a legend with the resounding name “Brut Imperial”.

It is all the same - flavor, light, light grape base and weight (mass!) Of shades. Harmony and elegance of taste will be the first step to the study of good sparkling wines, if you are not a fan, and an excellent addition to the holiday or an ornament of lyrical solitude - if you are an admirer.


A well-known fact: the best of the best is the Moet champagne. Reviews about it can be collected all over the planet, and there is hardly any negative among them. Well, except from those who simply do not like sparkling wines or do not drink alcohol at all.

Champagne Washes Handhand

92% of all positive reviews are female. The softness and brightness of taste were noted by 34.5% of consumers. Extremely gentle and long aftertaste was noticed by 68% of respondents, the price suits 28% of respondents, not satisfied - 23.8%.

Champagne Moet Chandon, reviewsabout which sound more in a positive way, can not leave indifferent. Yes, this is an expensive wine - the price starts from 4000 rubles per bottle,but the opportunity to feel the representative of the French aristocracy, probably worth the money.

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