Most popular sights of Murom

According to archaeological excavations, a fortified settlement existed on the site of the modern city of Murom as early as the 6th-7th centuries. However, the first written mention of Murom dates back to 862 year. Since then, various events took place in the city, different people lived, many rulers were in power, which was reflected in its culture and architecture. Today, not only tourists, but also Orthodox Christians want to visit the sights of Murom, as there are a huge number of parish churches and monasteries here.

Sights of MuromMurom Water Tower

All the sights of Murom deserve special attention, but the main pride of the locals is the water tower erected in 1863-1864. The tower was erected at the expense of A. V. Ermakov according to the project of I. E. Erzhemsky. It is worth noting that in those days the water supply system was very developed, but the tower was not only a building for household needs, but also a product of architecture.Three rows of windows of the water tower were decorated with carved platbands, and its upper part - with carved turrets. Today, seeing the sights of Murom, you will not see these decorations on the tower, but you will find on it a clock installed in 1974.

Trinity Monastery

Holy Trinity Monastery is located on the Old Vyshnevoe hillfort. The founding date of the convent is 1643. Today, there are three temples on the territory of the monastery - the Church of St. Sergius of Radonezh, the Holy Trinity Cathedral, the Church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God. It is worth noting thatMurom: attractionsChurch of Sergius of Radonezh about 30 years ago was transported from the village of Pyangus (Melenkovsky district) to Murom. The sights of this monastery also include the shrine of the Vilna cross, in honor of the ancient name of the city of Vilnius. Notable is the fact that the Trinity Monastery is the first women's monastery, which began its activities on the territory of the Vladimir region after the collapse of the USSR.

Holy Annunciation Monastery

After seeing the sights of Murom, most tourists or pilgrims after visiting the Trinity Monastery go toHoly Annunciation, because they are very close. Laid this monastery was in 1553 by order of Ivan the Terrible. The Cathedral of the Annunciation, located in the monastery, is notable for its elegance andCity of Murom: attractionsbeauty, like all temples, is built in the style of Russian pattern. In the Annunciation Cathedral is the oldest iconostasis in Murom, consisting of six tiers of icons.

Murom Museum

The city of Murom is rich in numerous churches and monasteries. The sights are presented by the exhibits of the historical and art museum of local lore, which in 1919 was opened in the house of the Zvorykins. This museum contains collections of Russian archaeologists P. S. Uvarova and A. S. Uvarova, as well as works of Old Russian art that came from monasteries and churches. The Museum also includes the Art Gallery, which was opened in the former home of the City Government in 1996. Here are the art collections of Western European and Russian art of the XVII - XIX centuries.

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