Newfoundland dog breed: description, character, photo and reviews

Breed dogs Newfoundland is associated with strength, power, intelligence and kindness. This is a lifeguard, fearless assistant and loyal friend. This dog stands out not only for its good working qualities, but also for its truly golden character. Sensitive, gentle, selflessly loving children - all this is Newfoundland. Breed description, character, care - all about these wonderful dogs you will learn from this article.

Newfoundland dog breed

Breed origin

Description breed dogs Newfoundland should begin with history. The origin of this breed is not known for certain. It is certain that the dog’s homeland is the island of Newfoundland. It is believed that the distant ancestors of these giants were tamed by local Indians. Opinions of modern experts on the origin of these dogs vary. Their ancestors are considered Moloss, black wolves, mastiffs, water dogs and Viking pets.

For the first time, dogs were described in the 17th century, and already in the 18th, the first Newfoundlands were brought to Europe, professional breeding of the breed began.In the Soviet Union, they were bred by the famous kennel of the Ministry of Defense "Red Star". Appeared and the domestic name of the breed - a diver. Today, we increasingly see the original "Newfoundland".

newfoundland dog breed Price

Breed description

Let's talk about the external data of animals. The breed of Newfoundland dogs has an impressive size - up to 70 kg in weight and 71 cm tall. These are powerful, athletic folded animals, with a rounded head and small close-fitting ears. Thanks to these features, dogs look like a bear.

Wool is long, somewhat harsh. The undercoat is thick, soft, impermeable to water. Black, brown, black and white - this color may have a Newfoundland (breed of dogs). The price for puppies of brown and black and white colors may be slightly higher, as they are considered more rare.

Newfoundland may look full, heavy, but this effect is achieved due to the powerful bones and rich wool.

newfoundland dog breed


What character has a newfoundland? The breed of dogs is famous for kindness, wit, patience. They are not aggressive, do not bark at strangers, but their appearance inspires reverence.

Newfoundlands are great family dogs, they are loyal to their owners and love children. They get along well with other dogs and cats. These giants are extremely sensitive and do not tolerate separation from family members and their four-legged comrades. But they can safely stay at home alone if they receive enough attention the rest of the time.

Divers are easy to learn. They seek to please the host, trying to predict his desires and the next team. Gentle nature requires affection and tranquility when training a dog. You can not scream, and even more so to beat Newfoundland.

Newfoundland Patient is a great nanny for kids of all ages. This dog will be happy to play with children, and at the same time monitor their safety.

Newfoundland is not for nothing called divers, they just love to swim and even have membranes between the fingers. These dogs perfectly adapt to new conditions and love to travel.

newfoundland breed description


What is different in avoiding other Newfoundland dogs? The breed of dogs has a wonderful character, but also requires a serious attitude to care. First, they have long, thick wool that needs to be combed at least three or four times a month and trimmed. If this is not done, then the appearance of mats is possible.Divers strongly molt, so you need to clean the apartment quite often. In addition, they drool.

But too often to wash dogs with the use of cosmetics is not recommended. When bathing, you can use both professional liquid shampoos and special dry products. It is better to use the latter, they do not wash off the natural lubricant, make wool waterproof.

Such a large dog needs its space. As a rule, they are given a balcony or loggia, often equipped with air conditioning.

What else is different Newfoundland dog? Proper care involves more than preparing an apartment. Equally important is motor activity. Animals tend to be overweight and need physical exertion. Walking should not be so much active as regular and long. Slow running or just walking will do.

newfoundland breed description character care


The Newfoundland breed of dogs has no particular eating habits; both dry food and natural food are suitable. It is more convenient to feed dry food, because it does not need to be cooked. But you should not save on the quality of the product, because proper nutrition is the foundation on which the pet's health is built. Choose well-known brands that have long been proven to be good.Remember that if you use dry food, your pet should always have fresh water.

Breed dogs Newfoundland can eat and "naturalkoy." When choosing this type of feeding the host needs to monitor the balance and diversity of the diet. The ratio of meat to vegetable products for adult dogs should be 2: 1. Meat and offal need to choose low-fat. No pork! You can give boiled fish. Rice and buckwheat are best for porridges. Vegetables - carrots, beets, zucchini, pumpkin, cucumbers, tomatoes.

The dog can not be overfed, strictly monitor its weight. Feed should be given 2 times a day at the same time. Do not feed the dog immediately after exercise and before walking.

Newfoundland dog proper care


Unfortunately, the life expectancy of these cute giants is small - 8-10 years. Such figures are typical for all dogs of large breeds. For Newfoundlands, some diseases are typical. Because of the large weight often hip dysplasia occurs. Thermal shocks are possible due to warm and too thick wool. Possible problems with vision and heart.

Among the diagnoses made by the Newfoundlands, the most common are aortic stenosis, hypothyroidism, cardiomyopathy, atopy, atrial septal defect, ureteral ectopia, cataracts,turn of the century.

Upbringing and training

At first glance it is clear that the Newfoundland is a dog with a high level of intelligence. This dog seeks to please the owner and to fulfill any of his requests. Divers are well trained, but you need to act with affection and patience, in any case without using rudeness and violence. They prefer to fulfill requests rather than orders. Newfoundlands can be quite stubborn. If the dog does not want to carry out the command, he simply sits down or lies on the ground, and it can be very difficult to lift it. You need to be prepared for the fact that at first the diver will evaluate each team and decide whether to carry it out.

And yet, despite some stubbornness, the Newfoundland is a calm, benevolent and balanced dog that does not take the big trouble by its behavior. He needs the approval and love of the owner.

Newfoundland dog breed description

Choosing a puppy

Newfoundland is a breed of dogs, the price of which varies from 20,000 to 60,000 rubles. Before buying a puppy, carefully study the breed standard. If you have never seen Newfoundland puppies, look at the photo, pay attention to the shape of the head and the backbone.

Do not chase too cheap puppies, such ads often hide sick animals, mestizos and even just big mongrels. If it seems to you that the puppy does not look like a diver (has short hair, long paws and a muzzle), do not believe that this will change over time. Most likely it is a half-breed.

Choose a breeder carefully. Look at the parents of your future pet, check his documents. This is especially important if you are going to participate in dog shows in the future.

If you already came for a puppy, do not lose your head. Rate his state of health, he must be active (of course, if he does not want to sleep at the moment), cheerful, with shiny dry hair. There should be no discharge from the eyes, nose.

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