Oil "Rosneft": customer reviews

High-quality oil is able to reliably protect the system of the car from wear. Therefore, his choice should be given sufficient attention. For each brand of car, for each type of mechanism, special formulations are developed. There are a number of recommendations of manufacturers of automotive equipment for the choice of lubricants.

One of the sought-after formulations isRosneft oil. Reviewsabout the presented products and features of its application should be considered before purchase.


Reviews of motor oil "Rosneft"almost always positive. This is due to the manufacturer’s special approach to the manufacture of its products. In the global oil and gas industry, one of the largest enterprises today is OJSC NK Rosneft. She owns huge reserves of raw materials, which gives the company a significant advantage.Rosneft oil reviews

The company has been manufacturing lubricants for various vehicles and mechanisms since 2007.Today, supplies of oils, technical liquids are produced in 33 countries. More than 770 thousand tons of lubricant products are manufactured and sold annually. Most of these formulations are sold in the domestic market.

When creating its products, Rosneft is developing new compositions. At the same time, new high-tech formulas are created. Every year, quality standards are becoming stricter, tougher. In order to meet the requirements of global vehicle manufacturers, the domestic company is searching and developing innovative methods and technologies that are used to create oils.


The most popular among domestic buyers are motor, gear oils, and also flushing produced by Rosneft. There are many product lines on offer that are suitable for various types of engines.Rosneft oil 5w40 reviews

The compositions for the motor are made on a synthetic, mineral and mixed basis. These are high quality formulations that should be applied in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Byreviews, Rosneft oils (semi-synthetics,synthetics) today are in the highest demand. Mineral oils are also on sale. They are released under the name Optimum. The semi-synthetic series is known to the customer by labeling Maximum, and the synthetic one is Premium.

Transmission oils also, according to buyers, are of high quality. These are compounds that are called Kinetic. They reliably protect various types of gearboxes from destruction. The Express tool is available for flushing the system. A wide range of products allows each driver to choose the best option for the systems of his car.

Synthetic oil

One of the most innovative formulations is Premium synthetic oil. It is created entirely on a synthetic basis.Oil "Rosneft" (synthetic), according to reviewsis in high demand among new car owners.Rosneft oil synthetics reviews

Artificial components make the composition more fluid. He is able to reliably protect the mechanisms even in loaded conditions. In this case, the replacement of the lubricant will need to perform much less frequently than when using compositions with mineral oil. Synthetics is a means of a new generation.It can not be used for engines with high mileage. The mechanisms of the old model were not designed for such lubricants.

It is possible to purchase oils of the presented series at a price of 430 rubles / l. This is the most expensive series. However, the quality of the compositions of the Premium line makes them popular. Even under loaded conditions and with temperature drops, the oils presented will perform the tasks assigned to them.

Semi-synthetic oil

Rosneft oils on a semi-synthetic basis are known in high quality in our country. They include artificial and mineral components. The result is a high quality product that costs significantly less than synthetics.Rosneft oil semi-synthetics reviews

In great demand in our country enjoys, according toreviews, oil "Rosneft" 10W-40 semisynthetics.For each type of climate, a composition with a specific viscosity grade is provided. The cost of semi-synthetic compositions will be lower than that of synthetics. Buy oil in a container of 1 l can be priced from 220 rubles.

The presented compositions are applicable to the engines of the new model, which work most of the time in unloaded conditions.Such lubricants can be poured into engines with mileage. However, when choosing, be sure to consider the recommendations of the manufacturer of automotive equipment.

Mineral oil

Oil "Rosneft" 5W40 (synthetic), according to reviewsexperts, is one of the most popular formulations in our country. However, not every vehicle is suitable presented lubricating products. If the car is equipped with an engine of the old model, it is best to apply in this case the mineral compounds of the Optimum series.Motor oil Rosneft reviews

This is the cheapest formulations. You can purchase them at a price of 170 rubles / l. However, it should be said that such lubricants do not differ in long service life. Therefore, they will need to be replaced much more often.

Mineral oils are less fluidized. Due to this ability, they will not flow out through the cracks in the mechanism. At the same time, mineral compositions are compatible with all elements of the engines that were developed more than 15 years ago. Seals will not collapse, and the engine will work properly and fully.

Features of the choice of lubricant

Compositions are presented for sale, which differ not only in the type of base, but also in the viscosity grade. The company "Rosneft" produces all-season oils for engines. They can be used both in frost and heat. In order to understand the characteristics of a particular product, it will be necessary to consider the SAE standard, according to which modern lubricants are made.Oil Rosneft 5w40 synthetics reviews

In our country, enjoys great popularity, according toreviews, oil "Rosneft" 10W-40.However, it should be noted that the presented composition is suitable for engines of vehicles that are operated in a temperate, relatively warm climate.

In the middle zone of our country in the winter, you can observe severe frosts. To be able to start the engine in such conditions, you will need to purchase a more fluid oil. For example, it may be the composition of SAE 5W-40 or 5W-30. The lubricant spreads quickly through the system, even in cold weather. This will protect the motor from the "dry start". If the frosts in the region exceed the line of -40 ºС, you will need to purchase a composition with a viscosity grade of 0W-30.


Consideringreviews of oil "Rosneft" 5W-40,10W-40, 0W-30 and other products, it is necessary to note the high performance characteristics of the compositions. They provide normal operation for motors of different categories.This is possible due to the presence in the composition of special additives.Oil Rosneft 10w 40 reviews

These components are made in accordance with the conditions of the domestic climate. This allows you to adapt the oil to the peculiarities of driving on Russian roads. This necessarily takes into account the requirements of international quality standards.

The list of additional components allows to increase the anti-wear qualities of the lubricant. It prevents the formation of soot, pollution on systems and mechanisms. At the same time oils prevent the development of corrosion. They can be used for a long time in the system. When choosing additives, preference is given to new, low-ash components. This enhances the environmental performance of the oils.

Negative customer reviews

Consideringreviews about Rosneft oil,It should be noted a large number of positive statements. However, there are negative opinions of drivers about the products presented.

Some users notice that after Rosneft pouring oil into the engine, it does not start to work at full capacity, there are extraneous noises.Experts say that this situation is possible when buying a fake. Such compounds can harm the motor. It is necessary to responsibly consider the choice of oil, not to purchase it from obscure sellers.

Also, some drivers say that the motor can not be started in a severe frost. In this case, you need to apply a composition with a lower viscosity. Otherwise, with the wrong selection of the type of oil mechanisms can quickly wear out.

Positive reviews

Reviews of oil "Rosneft"mostly positive. Users say that the submitted lubricants significantly improve the quality of the engine. It starts to consume less fuel. In this case, the engine is rapidly gaining power. His work becomes more stable and quieter.

In cold and heat, the motor is safely protected. The duration of its operation increases. With proper selection of lubricants, the motor is reliably protected even under loaded conditions. It works stably even when driving on the roads of the metropolis, when for a long time you have to stand in traffic jams.

At the same time, the cost of domestic products remains consistently acceptable.This distinguishes Rosneft products from competitors. Moreover, its quality is fully consistent with European standards. This expands the scope of the oil. For each type of motor a special type of lubricant has been created.

Having considered the featuresRosneft oils and reviewsabout the lubricant products of the domestic manufacturer, it is possible to note its high quality and reasonable cost.

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