Old New Year. history of the holiday

old New YearOld New Year is the final holiday in a galaxy of endless January celebrations. After two weeks of cloudless happiness, we return to prosaic everyday life. Adults go to work, children come to school after the holidays, life is back on track. That is why the old New Year is an important holiday, during which we say goodbye to the past carefree life and start a new one.

History tour

Seeding old new yearThe story is that back in 1918, during the change of power, the country adopted the Gregorian calendar, which was 14 days different from the Julian, which was customary at that time. Since then, we have been celebrating the New Year two weeks earlier, but we still remember that our ancestors used to live in a different time frame. In fact, people rather quickly got used to the new calendar and did not pay attention to such an uninteresting fact as the date change. An important role was played by the Civil War. Political conflict not only changed the life of the authorities, but also influenced the life of ordinary people.It so happened that the old era, which many still yearn to long for, has gone with the ended civil war.

Rites of the Old New Year

congratulations old new yearMany years ago, on this day, Vasiliev celebrated a holiday dedicated to the start of a new cycle in nature. During the celebration, an obsevaniya ceremony was held, attracting good luck and good harvest. While the men were scattering grain on the ground, the women sang the "planters". The old New Year is not now associated by the Russians with a holiday in honor of the future harvest, but they still remind us of the grandmother's national signs. In the villages, it was customary not only to sing "seeding machines", with which women congratulated their loved ones with all the holidays, but also to arrange loud dances, walk around the guests and caroling. Now for the Slavs, the old New Year has become a quiet and family holiday.

Holiday in the family circle

On this day, everyone gathers around the New Year's table and bless loved ones for a successful and profitable year, give presents to each other and read congratulations. Old New Year is a time when all unmarried girls participate in Christmas divination and predict the name of the condemned to each other. Children, along with their parents, clean the house and prepare dinner.All these rites also came to us from their ancestors. Many years ago at this time, on Vasilyev Day, the whole big and friendly family was engaged in the general cleaning of their home. After the dwelling was cleaned, under the guidance of the head of the family, everyone cooked porridge. An important feature was that absolutely all members of the family had to stir the porridge while cooking, and only children added a pinch of salt. What kind of porridge the family will have, this will be the year. The more satisfying, rich and tastier it was cooked, the more profitable the near future would be, if the dish failed, it foreshadowed poverty. Another interesting ritual is to appease Saint Basil as the patron of pigs.

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