One-wheeled motorcycles: overview, features, types and reviews

The modern vehicle market is replete with the most incredible specimens. Only a few decades ago, one-wheeled motorcycles, gyro-scooters, segways, runbikes, constructions and the like seemed like a wonder. Today, the popularity of compact and easy-to-manage funds is constantly growing. Looking at some models of modern transport, one hesitates to think that the future has already come ...

one-wheeled motorcycles

Our article will tell about some models of one-wheeled motorcycles. Of course, it is simply impossible to list the entire existing experiment, therefore we will dwell on the most significant options.

A word about the pioneers

If you think that one-wheeled motorcycles are a product of the XXI century, it means that you have not heard anything about those who stood at the very foundations. At the beginning of the last century, the world froze in surprise, looking at the incredible shots of Goventoza de Udine, in which he was depicted sitting inside a huge monowheel.

1931 one-wheeled motorcycle

The one-wheeled motorcycle in 1931 looked even more incredible than today.But the invention struck not only by its appearance: the monowheel could reach speeds of up to 150 km / h. Wheel diameter has reached 14 feet.


True, the allegations that Signore de Udine was the first are controversial. The archives of one of the French libraries contain a photo of a lady sitting inside a similar vehicle, dated 1927.

The most amazing thing is that the design of the wheels is identical. Perhaps this is the same instance, and not two different ones. Whether the fact of plagiarism was present, whether the developers were familiar, or whether two people almost simultaneously invented the same thing - unfortunately, the story is silent about all this.

 one-wheeled motorcycle trailer

Legendary Ryno

In our time, those who know how to do one-wheeled motorcycles, more at times. Our small review should start with a reference to the unequivocal production leader - the Reno brand (not to be confused with Renault).

The developer is Chris Hofman. It is noteworthy that before making a one-wheeled motorcycle, he did not even think about such a possibility. Inspired by the inventor of his own daughter. It was she who asked her father to make transport for her, which she herself drew.

how to make a one-wheeled motorcycle

Creative thinking immediately began to work. The design talent was also useful. Soon, a small family hobby transformed into a serious business. Today, one-wheeled Ryno is considered the best in the world. Hofman is not going to stop there, so the company's lineup is updated quite often.

Gorgeous Uno

The history of this one-wheeled motorcycle is unusual in that its creator was the eighteen-year-old youth Ben Gulak. At the heart of the development is a twin wheel consisting of two parts on the same axis.

The vertical position of the "Uno" is provided with a gyroscope. Each of the wheels has a connection with an electric motor and independent suspension.

what is the name of a one-wheeled motorcycle

Ben Gulak's unicycle motorcycles offer superb handling. The pilot regulates the movement of the body: for braking you need to lean back a little, and to continue the path, you need to move forward. The developer, who even created parts for his brainchild himself, sought to make management so simple that even a child could manage Uno. One of the design features is the rear footboard.When driving, the pilot puts his feet on it, and it also serves as a stop for the motorcycle in the parking lot.

The novelty, which has not only good performance, but also great design, quickly gathered an army of fans. Not only is this one-wheeled bike now available, but also its two-wheeled “brother” with a folding fork.

Compact Solowheel

The new creation of the company Inventist was presented at the world exhibition of toys in New York. But this transport can not be called a toy. The charger comes with the Solowheel one-wheeled motorcycle, and the price of a novelty is relatively small - about 14,700 rubles. (250 dollars).

one-wheeled do-it-yourself motorcycle trailer

He has no controls and seats. The pilot has to keep his balance, standing on the steps and balancing. The novelty can travel at a speed of 20 km / h, and if necessary, the steps can be folded and carry a transport by the handle, like a suitcase.

One-wheeled trailer

It is unlikely that it would occur to anyone to cling a trailer to a one-wheeled vehicle. But for two-wheeled vehicles such an addition can be very useful.

Fortunately, manufacturers understand this very well and produce a lot of options.Do you think that a motorcycle with a one-wheeled trailer can fit only in the outback to perform economic tasks? But no, some models look incredibly stylish. Such a trailer can even be attached to a luxurious Honda Gold Ving or any other luxury model to go on a trip or on a bike show.

one-wheeled motorcycle trailer

You can make a one-wheeled motorcycle trailer with your own hands. To do this, you need some set of tools (Bulgarian, welding machine), spare parts and certain skills. It is possible to assemble the trailer frame from aluminum pipes, and sheet metal is suitable for the body. It is advisable to install a shock absorber on the trailer wheel.

According to the rules, such an addition to motorcycles should be equipped with parking lights; the license plate of the motorcycle must be attached to the rear of the trailer so that it can be seen. Transportation of passengers on such facilities is strictly prohibited.

Folk Kulibins sometimes make products that are not inferior to their branded products. To make the trailer look neat, the welds and edges of metal parts need to be sanded. A neat paint will give the trailer a decent look.The system of fastenings for the load, everyone is satisfied based on their needs and preferences.

one-wheeled do-it-yourself motorcycle trailer

Is there a future for unicycle transport?

Of course, this is not all of the currently existing one-wheeled motorcycles. In addition to the impressive number of mass-produced models, a lot of concepts have also been developed that are not yet manufactured.

By the way, did you know how one-wheeled motorcycles are called? The most commonly used names such as "monobike", "monowheel". Some experts believe that such transport is generally wrong to refer to the category of motorcycles. Perhaps with the development of technology and the emergence of an even greater number of options, it will be possible to talk about a new type of vehicle.

All currently existing options run on environmentally friendly electric motors. This makes monobikes even more attractive, because humanity is finally seriously concerned about the preservation of the environment. Equally important are such indicators as efficiency, maneuverability, compactness.

Well, let's hope that this convenient transport will occupy its niche and in the future will become more accessible for a wide range of buyers.

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