Painting Vasnetsov "Alenushka". The history of the painting, description

Vasnetsov's Alyonushka painting is the work that most of our compatriots know today. Writing on it is included in the compulsory school curriculum. The story of the picture Vasnetsov "Alyonushka", perhaps, wrote in his time and you. However, we still recall the plot of this canvas.

Vasnetsov's Alyonushka picture in brief can be described as follows. Tired of the useless search for her brother, the heroine sits on a big stone in a lonely pose by a gloomy pond. Head bowed to the knees. Do not leave Alenushka disturbing thoughts about his brother. She longs - did not keep track of him. It seems that the surrounding nature around shares these feelings ... Vasnetsov's picture "Alyonushka" will be described in more detail in this article.

How it all began?

The idea of ​​this work was inspired by the author in the same way from a Russian fairy tale entitled “About Sister Alyonushka and Her Brother Ivanushka”.The prototype for this picture served as a real girl. The artist met her when in the summer of 1880 he was in the Akhtyrka manor. Vasnetsov saw in a random girl, in his own words, a sea of ​​solitude, longing and purely Russian sorrow. The first sketch was made from it. Vasnetsov decided almost immediately the concept of his future work. Despite the fact that the plot was uncomplicated, Vasnetsov’s Alyonushka picture has an interesting story. Self artist is presented below.

history of the creation of the picture Alyonushka Vasnetsov

Stages of work on the picture

In 1880, Viktor Mikhailovich began work on this canvas. The story of the creation of the painting "Alyonushka" by Vasnetsov is as follows. Preserved until our time, several studies made by the author in this period, which preceded the creation of the work of interest to us. These are "Osoka", "Alenushkin Pond", "Pond in Akhtyrka". Also, Viktor Vasnetsov made several full-scale sketches in colors, which depict a girl sitting on a stone.

Vasnetsov Viktor Mikhailovich Alenushka Painting

The artist admitted that he peered when creating the image of the main character on the canvas in the features of the daughter of Savva Mamontov, a famous patron of arts from Moscow. This girl was called Vera Mamontov.In the winter of 1881, the work was finished, after which it was sent to the exhibition of the artists of the Wanderers Vasnetsov Viktor Mikhailovich, which was held in Moscow. The painting "Alyonushka", however, was not very popular at first. She acquired it later.

Vasnetsov artist painting Alyonushka

What was the name of the picture "Alyonushka" Vasnetsov originally?

The canvas was given a slightly different name - "Fool Alenushka." The word "fool", according to some sources, was called at that time holy fools or orphans. Vasnetsov did not immediately mention that his work has a fabulous plot.

Picture of Viktor Vasnetsov Alenushka

How was the picture refined?

The history of Vasnetsov's painting "Alenushka" includes several modifications. It is known that the artist has repeatedly corrected it, changing some details. X-rays of this work were taken by specialists. It was possible to establish, as a result, that the shoulder, neck, and face of the girl were reworked, as well as the overall color scheme of the painting. In the first version, it seems that Alyonushka has caused a lot of criticism from colleagues and acquaintances of the artist. A portrait of Vasnetsov by Kuindzhi is presented below.

the story of the picture Vasnetsov Alenushka

Where is the "Alenushka" (artist Vasnetsov)?

The painting "Alyonushka" is currently on display at the Tretyakov Gallery. But Tretyakov during the first exhibition at which this work was presented, did not deign it, despite Vasnetsov’s efforts, attention. For five hundred rubles, this picture was bought by Mamontov.

Overall mood of the canvas

Today one of the most famous works by Vasnetsov, written based on a folk tale, is this one. A reproduction of Vasnetsov's Alyonushka painting is shown below.

picture Vasnetsov Alenushka

A young girl sitting on a rock on a rock is attracted by natural beauty and simplicity. In the sad eyes of the heroine you can read deep feelings. This is a sadness, but at the same time a dream about that happy time that will come sometime, girlish dreams and, of course, longing for a lost younger brother. Masterfully the artist managed to convey the general mood in the picture, sadly peaceful, reinforced by images of nature - clouds floating slowly overhead, motionless trees.

The role of canvas fragments

The master in his work perfectly displays the relationship that exists between the simple Russian man and nature. It seems that she is saddened the same way as the girlpictured in the picture. Not a single fragment of the canvas distracts the viewer from the main plot. He, on the contrary, emphasizes and strengthens it. The picture of Victor Vasnetsov "Alenushka" is fully focused on the image of the girl. Every detail of this canvas suggests sad thoughts.

What was the merit of Vasnetsov?

History of Vasnetsov Alenushka

Many fairy tales handed down from generation to generation were written by Russian writers and the Russian people. The merit of Vasnetsov is that he created by means of painting persuasive images that are imbued with the Russian spirit.

The artist, working on the plot of his picture, decided to put the young defenseless girl in a place that was truly dead. Apparently, Vasnetsov thus sought to cause in the hearts of the audience a steady pinching. Successfully used the artist fairy story. Picture V.M. Vasnetsov "Alenushka" is not accidentally based on it. Although Vasnetsov does not literally follow the plot - in the fairy tale on which the picture was painted, there is no description of a barefoot girl who is longing for the forest pool. Victor Mikhailovich in his work sought to reveal the emotional nature and meaning of the folklore image.This plot serves to reveal the fully complex and ambiguous Russian character.

Image of Alyonushka

A child with a difficult fate gives the appearance of the girl represented in the picture. She has red, untidy hair, a plump, scarlet mouth and dark eyes. In the guise of this girl is really completely absent fantastic and fabulous. In the composition the only detail underlines the fabulousness of the plot - a group of swallows sitting above Alyonushka. It is known that these birds have long been a symbol of hope. The artist used such an unusual trick in order to balance the image of the main character, full of anguish, and to bring into the story the hope that the tale will end happily.

It seems that Alyonushka finds solace by the pond. It seems to dissolve in the colors of the picture, becoming part of the landscape. The heroine's humility, her wounded legs attract and fascinate. This is a pure girlish image. Very adult sadness for this girl. In her eyes, sadness borders on despair.

From all sides surrounded her forest and does not want to release from captivity. Right in the pond Alyonushka's tears fall.What did the artist want to say? Most likely, this is a warning about the danger that may occur or has already happened with Ivanushka. Alyonushka thinks that Baba Yaga could turn her brother into a kid. Every detail of this painting provides a rich ground for reflection ...

Landscape paintings by Vasnetsov

The surrounding nature is especially important in the picture. Basically, it is natural, also created in Abramtsevo. Reeds, stone, birch trunks, fall autumn leaves as if animated by the author. As if echoing the sad complaints of the heroine nature. Thin branches of osninki bent over the girl, the leaves of water grass drooped in the same rhythm with her figure. An alarming secret is full of the dark expanse of the pool, the forest became alert at dusk. Swallows touchingly cleaned over Alyonushka’s head on the branch, as if confessing how to help her. This landscape is real, but at the same time filled with soft sincerity and mysterious wariness. Vasnetsov here anticipates the "mood landscape" by MV Nesterova and I.I. Levitan.

The atmosphere of silence and sadness

Description of the picture of Viktor Vasnetsov "Alyonushka" would be incomplete if we did not note the general atmosphere of the canvas.The artist masterfully filled the landscape with silence and sadness. Vasnetsov perfectly succeeded in his work in depicting the still water of a pond, spruce and sedge. Calm and silence are present in everything - even the pond only slightly reflects the main character. Young trees tremble slightly, the sky frowns slightly. With a gentle blush on the girl's face, the dark green hues of the surrounding landscape contrast, and the autumn sadness with bright colors written out by the artist on an old sundress of Alyonushka. According to the legends of the Russian people, at the end of the day, nature revives and acquires an amazing ability to experience in sync with a person. Such a magical talent to exist in resonance with her was inherent in Vasnetsov himself. Therefore, the feelings of Alyonushka in the picture are so consistent with the state of the forest surrounding her. A spectator peering into the canvas gets the feeling that the fairy tale will continue in a moment ... This is the description of Vasnetsov's painting “Alyonushka” based on the general impression of the picture.

Alyonushka today

The artist was prompted to create this masterpiece by a lyrical image of a Russian girl from a nation with a sad look.This work is distinguished by simplicity and sincerity. Today she is very famous. In 2013, the Google search engine on the main page in honor of Vasnetsov's anniversary (165 years old) changed its usual logo to doodle, which is based on the plot of Alyonushka. In the background, the bushes were transformed so that the name of the company was made up of them.

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