Panerai Swiss Watches: Overview, Features, Views and Reviews

When it comes to status symbol, is it? of course, a swiss watch. In the watch industry market, they confidently hold positions due to high-quality manual assembly and immaculately working watch movement. It’s prestigious to own a Swiss watch. They are bought not to determine the time, but as an accessory of a person who allowed himself to purchase an extremely expensive thing that emphasizes well-being and financial viability.

The question arises: how did such a watch brand, about which few knew before the 90s. last century, suddenly got an army of fans, and in 2002 received permission to mark the watch as a Swiss, became popular? Such cases occur in history. Currently, collectors consider this brand as a good investment in Panerai watches.

Let's turn to historical facts and learn about the origin of the company and the main events that led to the creation of these iconic hours.

watch panerai luminor marina

It all started in Florence

In 1860, Giovanni Panerai opened a watch workshop on the Ponte Alley of Grazie in Florence and became the official dealer of several important Swiss brands: Rolex, Vacheron Constantin and Patek Philippe. Trading Swiss watches makes a profit, and the watchmaking shop turns into the first watch school in the city. Here begins the story of Officine Panerai. The store later moved to Piazza San Giovanni, changing its name to Orologeria Svizzera in the early twentieth century.

To meet the military needs of the Royal Italian Navy, which for a number of years has already supplied precision instruments, Officine Panerai creates Radiomir, a powder that includes radium and gives glow to the dials of sighting devices. High visibility of the substance and excellent underwater adhesive properties immediately make radium paste a key element in production. The Radiomir patent will be the first of many filed to familiarize yourself with the Panerai innovation history. Experience in micromechanics in the manufacture of these high-precision devices allowed Orologeria Svizzera to try themselves in the manufacture of watches.

watch luminor panerai Price

Watch for the Royal Navy

On the eve of World War II, Officine Panerai creates a pattern currently known as Radiomir.The clarity of the watch was enhanced by the special design of the so-called dial sandwich with two overlapping plates. The 47-mm pillow-shaped case with a large screw lid was made similar to Rolex using Staybrite stainless steel (steel with the best corrosion resistance at the time). Wire tips were welded to the body, a waterproof strap long enough to wear a watch over a diving suit was used.

After testing this sample, the requirements for the clock were specified due to the fact that they must be under water for a long time in emergency conditions. Therefore, their resistance to extreme stress must also be guaranteed. Amplifiers to meet these needs were made of the same steel block as the chassis, for better underwater resistance.

Some of today's models named Radiomir 1940 have a body with ribs that are more pronounced on the sides, a general change in individual parts and a cylindrical tubular, rather than a conical, winding head. The ideas were embodied in the model Radiomir 1940 Special Edition, presented at the International Salon de la Haute Horlogerie. Model photo below.

watch panerai

Deliveries of this batch of watches for the Italian Navy continued, but in limited quantities and under military secret, which makes it very difficult to estimate the exact production volumes of that time.

Successful marketing move

The first serious success of "Giovanni Panerai" brought the Panerai Luminor Submersible watch after the release of the action movie "Daylight", in which Sylvester Stallone played.

According to legend, he saw the clock in the shop window, without hesitation, bought them. Stallone never parted with the clock even on the set, playing brutal Keith Latour. After completing the filming, Stallone buys 200 chronometers from Giovanni Panerai and, with an engraved own signature, gives Luminor Panerai watches to his colleagues. The price of this gesture is not known for certain. But live advertising worked. Watch "Giovanni Panerai" caught on in Hollywood.

First auction

watch luminor panerai Price

However, no matter how much the clock on the hands of Hollywood stars flashed, respect for accessories was brought in by the Antiquorum auction held in 2005 in New York. It was here that 17 lots of the Grimoldi watches were sold, which illustrated the development of watches in the company’s industry. At the auction were presented Rolex Panerai, released in the fortieth war years, watches from the series commissioned by Stallone. There were the only watches in the world made for special forces of Egypt.This is an option for wearing on the right hand.

Experts celebrate

Watch experts say that Panera produces watches in limited editions. Therefore, they are rare and at international auctions are highly appreciated. So, at an auction in Geneva in 2014, the Panerai Original watch was sold at a record rate. The price in Swiss francs was 425,000.

Watches are popular, and not vintage, but modern chronometers. It is in these “Italians” that collectors recommend investing money. There will be no losses on sales of Panerai Luminor in the secondary market. And in three years on the mini-collections it will be possible to earn good money.

Luminor Marina Model

In 1993, Officine Panerai presents a collection of three series of limited edition watches for the public: Luminor, Luminor Marina and Mare Nostrum, which immediately become popular for many collectors. The presentation of the collection took place in September 1993 on the cruiser of the Italian Navy "Durand de la Penne" with a ceremony attended by the Duke Amedeo D'Aosta.

Today, Panerai unexpectedly many new models. Luminor Marina 1950 Carbotech 3 Days Automatic PAM 661 stands out for its avant-garde use of carbon for the body with the original texture in the style of wood.

watch panerai marina

The Panerai Luminor Marina and Submersible watches are aesthetically different in shape, case size, lack of a rotating rim (on the Marina), but there is much in common with Submersible. From them, the Panerai Marina watches inherited round hour markers, which are usually found mainly in dive models, dial and small blue second hand. Panerai Luminor Marina watches are assembled from two hundred parts. This is fully developed and manufactured by Panerai Manufacture in Neuchâtel (Switzerland). Basic caliber P.9000.

Engineers and designers "Panerai" constantly improve the clockwork, filling the huge case of chronometers. Gradually, the classic 47 mm turned into 44 mm, but do not thinner, fearing to lose the sympathy of owners of large wrists..

Reviews of brand watches

The opinion of everyone who buys and wears brand watches states that the Luminor Panerai is truly masculine and brutal. And there is no desire to part with them either at work or on vacation. For example,Swiss watch Panerai wears, without removing, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Oliver Platt and Clive Owens love this watch for their unusual, very beautiful watch panerai

Women are also in love with Panerai. Stana Katic, for example, wears a rare limited edition Panerai G-Series 45MM, which was made in 2004 and was limited to only 1,500 copies.This model is distinguished by the presence of the Black Seal inscription above the 6 o'clock marker.

Watches on the hands of movie stars, television anchors, and well-known politicians emphasize their status as people in their work. Basically, Panerai is worn by anyone who can afford to buy this luxury.

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