Parapets - what is it? The height of the parapet. Parapet: photo

Most building elements are difficult to imagineWithout such components as parapets. What is this - a functional element or simply a means of decoration? First and foremost, however, an important detail that allows you to protect the roof, fences, walls, foundation, window openings from outside with various mechanical damages and the negative impact of environmental factors. What is the meaning of the word parapet? It's the wall of a small wall or a fence along something.

A little more ...

This element is a solid wall,for the manufacture of which metal is used most often, for example, galvanized steel. First, it is resistant to corrosion. Secondly, it is reliable in operation, therefore the parapet will last much longer. Thirdly, the modern parapet (the photo confirms this) can be of a very different shape and function. It is important to choose a design that will not change the appearance of the building and can become its important element.

parapets what is it

What kinds?

The design of any building and structure will beincomplete if the parapets are not properly equipped. That this is an important functional part of any design, we have already understood. Now let's see what kinds of parapets exist:

  1. Flat parapet is a flat surface on which droplets are diluted in the sides.
  2. A flat construction, the crucible of which is rectangular. It is more reliable in fixing to the surface.
  3. The simplest parapet has two slopes and is used to protect walls of fences from the effects of atmospheric precipitation.
  4. The parapet-horse is distinguished by the presence of a lower fastening, which is covered with a visor from above.
  5. A complex construction is the presence of two droppers, while the water will flow in two directions. For today it is the most durable parapets.

parapet height

What is this additional means of substantiallyimproves the appearance of a house or structure, immediately visible from photographs. At the same time it is used both for decorating a roof or a staircase, and for arranging a terrace or a balcony.

Solutions for the roof, foundation and fence

Parapets for the foundation arespan bars, due to which the base will be protected from moisture. In this design there is a major part, bends and droppers. They are made of galvanized steel, which means that the service life will be high. The parapet is created in such a way that attention is not accentuated on it, but the design was reliably protected.

Parapet roof is a continuousThe bar that serves to protect the roof. As a rule, the most vulnerable place of any house is the joint of the roof and the facade, and it is thanks to the parapet that it is possible to protect it from the negative effects of atmospheric phenomena. In the standard version, the roofing parapet consists of the main part, the bends that are located at an angle to the main strip, and the side droppers through which water is drained.

parapet photo

Why do I need a fence?

Most often the parapets are mounted on the roofingsystem, as well as along the edges of terraces and balconies as a fence. If the roof is flat or sloping, then the parapets are installed only if their height reaches 10 meters: this will protect the person from falling, for example, during work. In addition to directly protective function, the parapet is also needed to give the building an attractive appearance. In this case, the shape and execution of this element should be chosen in accordance with the style and architectural decision taken to decorate the house. Parapets are subject to the following requirements:

  1. Height for operated roofs should be not less than 1.2 m.
  2. If the flat roof is not operated, you can do without the parapet and replace it, for example, with a decorative metal fence.
  3. The parapet assembly (that is, the place of its junction with the roof) should be reliably waterproofed and strengthened.
  4. Parapet roof with a height of 45 cm must be equipped with a protective apron, which is usually fixed with a metal nut.


Mounting Features

In its essence, the installation of the parapet does not representnothing difficult, but it is better to entrust this work to professionals. It is on the quality of the installation that the quality of the waterproofing of the structure depends. If you do not take into account the fact that the various parapets have their own peculiarities of installation, that this fence must be reliable and qualitative, then the walls and ceiling on the balcony, for example, will get wet, which means that certain operational difficulties will arise that will lead to the need for repair.

What about the balcony?

On the balcony the parapet is necessary not only for the purposessecurity. For example, you decided to put in this room double-glazed windows, and earlier there were simple frames. Most likely, in this case the parapet of the balcony will have to be increased so that the installation of plastic structures is of high quality, and the window is sealed and tight. Most often this area on the balcony is made of concrete, metal or wooden beams, and by their technical characteristics, these materials are similar to each other.

balcony parapet

When arranging a balcony, one should start fromquality and safety of construction, and not from its decorative properties. Thus, the height of the parapet should be about 80-120 cm - this is the most optimal size for the equipment of the barrier. In addition, it is important to consider what the load will be on the parapet and the balcony as a whole. To build a new parapet, you can use a universal material, such as a foam block. First, it's light. Secondly, resistant to burning. Thirdly, it is not afraid of moisture, especially if you additionally wrap it with a pergamon. The laying can be done using glue, so that the masonry seams will not freeze.

If a small balcony is made out, then,To increase the usable space, it is possible to make glazing with removal, while the whole construction will be carried out beyond the limits of the parapet. Thanks to this decision, you can visually make the space of the balcony more, besides, it will look much more attractive.

Fence: how to arrange?

A beautiful fence is an opportunity to createa harmonious architectural ensemble in its suburban area. To protect your fence from the effects of moisture and general atmospheric precipitation, parapets are necessary. That this is a very important component of the enclosing structure is also understandable, because as a result of the accumulation of moisture and its further freezing into frosts, the pores of concrete will expand or narrow. And this means that over time the fence will go through the fence.

roof parapet

That's why most homeownersprefer to set out ebb, or caps on the fence. With their help, you can cover the horizontal surface of the fence along its entire perimeter and at the same time give the structure an attractive appearance. It is important that the parapet is selected correctly - in accordance with the size of the fence. Firstly, this will allow evenly distributing the load. And secondly, it will be possible to make the joint as high as possible.

Features of the parapet for the fence

In the standard version, the parapet consists of a shelf(that is, the main part) and droppers. It is fixed by means of bends, which are located at right angles to the shelf. It should be remembered that if the fence is faced with a stone, first it is necessary to fix the parapet elements. Otherwise, in the first winter, the entire lining will simply disappear. It is best to choose steel parapets for a fence, but aluminum, copper, polyester and other variations are also suitable. For example, a parapet with a thickness of at least 0.5 mm will serve for about ten years, if it is also protected with a special bar.

meaning of the word parapet

What does the law say?

According to the federal law No. 122-FZ, inindustrial buildings the height of the parapet can be less than 0,6 m, but it will need to be supplemented with a grid guard. On the roofs of residential buildings in operation, fences and vent lines must be installed. In public buildings, the height of parapets of staircases, terraces, roofing, balconies should be at least 0.9 m. At the same time, the fence must be continuous and equipped with handrails. Regardless of what the height of the building is, the fence must necessarily make up flat roofs, outdoor galleries, outdoor outdoor staircases, staircases, playgrounds, balconies and loggias.

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Parapets - what is it The height of the parapet. Parapet: photo Parapets - what is it The height of the parapet. Parapet: photo Parapets - what is it The height of the parapet. Parapet: photo Parapets - what is it The height of the parapet. Parapet: photo Parapets - what is it The height of the parapet. Parapet: photo Parapets - what is it The height of the parapet. Parapet: photo Parapets - what is it The height of the parapet. Parapet: photo Parapets - what is it The height of the parapet. Parapet: photo Parapets - what is it The height of the parapet. Parapet: photo Parapets - what is it The height of the parapet. Parapet: photo