Patrick Wilson: Famous Actor

Every fan of modern cinema is, of course, familiar to such a famous actor as Patrick Wilson. Viewers know the artist in many pictures. He could not go unnoticed, because he is a bright, interesting, charismatic person.Patrick Wilson

Patrick Wilson: The Beginning

So, more. Patrick was born in July 1973 in Virginia (Norfolk, USA). The actor's mother is a professional singer in the past. Today she teaches vocals. Father - John Wilson - radio reporter and presenter. Patrick has two older brothers, Paul and Mark.

Almost all the years of his childhood the young man had a chance to spend in Florida. After graduating from school, the young man went to university in Pittsburgh. After graduation (1995) received a degree in dramatic art. Studying acting, managed to get the award Willard for great services in the musical theater. The same university graduated from his future wife - Dominchik Dagmar. True, the actress married a man only in 2005. Today, the couple have two children.

After graduating, Patrick Wilson immediately went to the theater stage. He initially worked in small New York theaters. However, literally a couple of years later, the actor already flashed in productions on Broadway. The most striking works of the actor are: “Charming rhythm”, “Male striptease”, “Oklahoma!”. In 2002, the artist was awarded the "Tony" prize for his work.

Patrick Wilson Movies

Movie career

But that's not all. When did Patrick Wilson appear on television? Films with his participation pleased the viewer in 2001. And in 2003, the actor was already nominated for an Emmy and Golden Globe awards. Since when did Patrick Wilson become recognizable? Films with his participation, in principle, cannot leave anyone indifferent. But the series called “Angels in America” is fully associated with his name (2003).

In 2004, a picture called Fort Alamo appeared. In the same year, the film The Phantom of the Opera saw the light. This work was probably the most discussed in the world. In general, as already mentioned, Patrick Wilson did not go unnoticed. He was the only actor-singer with experience in musicals. Fenced on the set, he also independently. Without doublers.

A couple of years later, Patrick began working on the film "How Small Children". This time the actor was on the same set with Kate Winslett and Jackie Earl Haley. This picture was nominated for an Oscar. In the same year, the artist played two more brilliant roles - in the films “On the sharp edge” and “Lollipop”.

By the way, despite his workload, Patrick manages to play also on the Broadway stage. In 2006, he co-starred Barefoot in the Park with Roberts Tony, Pete Amanda, Clayberg Jill.Patrick Wilson Films

The influence of Tom Hanks

What else should be said about such an actor as Patrick Wilson? Films with his participation are well known. But the artist was not in a hurry to hurry. He also avoided television. After all, his creative biography began in the theater, where he fell under the influence of Hanks. Patrick was shocked by the talent of the famous Oscar-winner. In 2001, he appeared on television by chance, starring in a cameo in a film called My Sister's Wedding. In one of the central roles in the small series “Angels in America” he will appear only after three years.But the project was successful, and Patrick was even able to claim the Golden Globe, which contributed to the growth of his career on television.patrick wilson movies titles

Famous Roles

And finally. Let's name the most famous roles played by Patrick Wilson. Films, the names of which are familiar to many cinema lovers, could not help but be remembered by the viewer. The artist took part in the filming of more than 40 films, among them "Phantom of the Opera", "Lollipop", "The Guardians", "All My Sons".

The most generous fruit brought the artist collaboration with James Van. Initially, he starred in this director in the film "Astral" (2010). After a few years, the director of the “ghost story” returned. This is how the second chapter of the Astral appeared. Wilson also performed in both parts of the Saw and in the Fast and the Furious 7. I was surprised by the actor’s viewer and the mystical film “The Spell.”

All the works of Patrick Wilson are great game. He is really talented. No wonder the artist deserved the recognition of such a huge mass of fans. In a word, if you want to spend your free time pleasantly and interestingly, watch one of the films with the participation of this actor.

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