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Women - the personification of the delightful English aristocracy. They harmoniously combine the aromas of flowers, fruits and herbs, creating the thinnest veil and enveloping their possessor with elegant luxury. All incredibly resistant and stubby, sound expensive and noble, advantageously emphasizing the delicate beauty of the woman who wears them.

Burberry my burberry

In their reviews of women's perfumes from My Burberry, customers call the fragrance truly English: discreet and natural. Top notes contain sweet peas and bergamot, heart notes sparkle with quince, geranium flowers and freesia, and the base contains roses and patchouli. The rose, as a rule, domineering and majestic, seems ordinary here, everyday. Its light, as if translucent, elusive smell combines with the scent of moist, bitter-fresh garden flowers. Beautiful and unusual perfume at first invigorates with freshness, and then envelops in a delicate floral veil. Perfumes sound expensive, have excellent durability, have a medium plume, best of all reveal on the skin in the autumn-spring off-season. Suitable for all occasions: for dating, and for office everyday.

Perfume My Burberry Black

My Burberry Black women's perfume is a deeper, sweeter and more sensual version of the original fragrance. Top notes are opened with fragrant jasmine flowers, middle chords are played with candied rose petals and peach nectar, and patchouli and precious amber form the basis of the perfumery ensemble. Thick juicy aroma is perfect for wearing in the evening.

Burberry Weekend for Women

Burberry Weekend Women

The charismatic and sophisticated perfume for women Burberry Weekend is a luxurious modern classic. The perfume opens with intoxicating notes of juicy mandarin, miniature sage flowers and rezedy, in the heart of roses and hyacinths, the captivating chords of nectarine and violet root are loud. The composition is based on warm, woody shades of cedar, sandalwood and musk. Spirits have excellent stamina and medium train that unobtrusively and easily follow their mistress. The best time to “put on” the Weekend is spring and autumn, as well as cool summer days. Affectionate, enveloping scent, more floral than fruity, but sweet, juicy, tasty note clearly makes itself felt.

Burberry Burberry for Women

Burberry Burberry for women

Luxurious, sweet and sensual women's perfume Burberry Burberry from head to toe envelop their mistress with a velvety fluttering train.A charming, attractive aroma opens with black currant, pear, apple and peach, smoothly transformed into warm sandalwood and jasmine flowers, and then demonstrates a noble base: musk, cedar and vanilla. This persistent, plume scent is best revealed in the cold, cloudy days of autumn and winter, it sounds incredibly gentle in the rain. The elegant composition belongs to the category of floral and fruit, delights with its true English aristocracy, sophistication and quiet luxury.

Burberry London for Women

Burberry London for Women

"London" - bright, joyful and exciting women's perfume from Burberry. The label on the bottle is made not of traditional paper, but of a piece of checkered fabric, which gives the perfume traditional English flavor. Feminine and cozy top notes are shimmering with roses, clementine and honey, middle chords are played with peony, jasmine and gardenia flowers, and the ensemble is based on patchouli, sandalwood and subtle musk. Aroma is ideal for autumn gloomy, rainy days, best of all revealed on the skin during the day. Cool sweet jasmine plays a major role, but after a while gives way to restrained roses. Fans call "London" a true English classic.

Burberry The Beat For Women

Burberry The Beat For Women

Women's perfume Burberry The Beat is a feminine, sexy and energetic fragrance, full of unexpected contrasts and charming surprises. Top notes are revealed with bitter bergamot and cardamom, pink pepper and tangerines, flowers of bluebell, iris and Ceylon tea are lurking in the heart, and cedar, vetiver and white musk are successfully based on the composition. Youth and positive, but soft, slightly powdered smell is suitable for any season, but they need to be used with great care. To conquer others and make them fall in love with The Beat, there will be enough a single droplet applied to the wrists, and more can choke.

Burberry body

Body - the largest perfume project of the British fashion house. Several years and millions of British pounds were spent on its development, but as a result, the world saw a delightful aroma that became a real icon, a standard of the impeccable taste of the perfume world. The most sensual and feminine, refined and delicate smell sounds expensive and easy, suitable for women of different ages. Top notes combined peaches, freesia and green absinthe, irises and roses intertwined in the heart, and musk was found in the base,Ambergris, vanilla, sandalwood and the mysterious "Kashmeran" molecule, which has the smell of wool fabric - the visiting card of the fashion house "Barberi". This cozy, perfectly balanced fragrance plays on the skin with beautiful exquisite tints. A charming train follows its hostess at some distance, allowing others to fully enjoy this masterpiece from Barbery. Light, cream and thin, it is ideal for cool days, as well as most of the other spirits of this fashion house.

Burberry women's perfume for sale in "Letual" and other large stores. They are characterized by persistent, complex aromas in order to more fully demonstrate the multi-faceted female personality, in which sensuality and restraint are organically intertwined. These perfumes with a true British character cannot be confused with anything else, they are distinctive and delightfully beautiful.

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