Philosopher and writer Wilber Ken: biography, creativity, books and reviews

According to the famous philosopher Wilber Ken, philosophy, however, like other sciences, needs a new presentation of it. It was this writer who was able to make many discoveries, combining psychology, sociology, philosophy, mysticism and religious studies. Thanks to his creative thinking, this man found unusual and simply more striking approaches to already established concepts.

wilber ken

Glory brought him also the writing activity, the basis of which is nevertheless constitute his philosophical judgments. The theme of the universe, which combines all manifestations of life, is reflected in his writings by Ken Wilber. “A Brief History of Everything” is one of these books. About this amazing person, "Einstein of human consciousness" will be the following material.


A little genius came to light on January 31, 1949 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States of America.Wilber Ken was born into a military family, so parents were forced to constantly move from place to place. In the first four years of schooling, the child changed four schools. The boy’s upbringing and development were influenced to a greater extent by his mother, who from the cradle instilled in him a sense of beauty.

Due to remarkable abilities that parents noticed and actively developed in a timely manner, Wilber was the best student in the school. Gifted mentally, the boy got accustomed well in the team, his classmates loved and respected him, who gave him the nickname “Brain”. However, Ken was very shy of his skills, so he tried to engage in other activities: he actively participated in cultural events, school plays and open classes, took part in competitions in various sports.

Wilber and in adulthood are constantly tearing contradictions. He did not consider himself a sociopath, on the contrary, he really liked to communicate with people. But since mental activity requires enough time to think, he had to be more and more alone with himself.

Higher education

After high school, Wilber Ken becomes a student at Duke University. Yielding to the influence of parents, he began to study medicine. But literally at once the guy is disappointed in the possibilities of this sphere. He was not destined to become a medic. At university, Oriental literature and philosophy began to enthrall him greatly. After studying for only one year, he leaves this educational institution and returns home. There he enters the University of Nebraska and studies in chemistry and biology. Having achieved some success and received a grant to write research work in the field of biochemistry, he decides to abandon his scientific work in this area. Continuing to study Eastern philosophy and Western psychology, Wilber decides to start writing a book.

ken wilber a brief history of everything

Personal life

The phrase “the artist must be hungry” is definitely not about this person. The writer did not disdain any work, grabbed at any opportunity, just to be able to provide themselves with everything necessary. Moreover, soon the philosopher had a family - he met his first wife Amy Wagner in 1972.

A completely different, much more sad situation has developed with the second spouse,which in 1983, Ken Wilber met. “Grace and Resilience” - the book with this name will soon be published by the writer. The work describes the entire life of the couple. Almost immediately after Wilber and Terry got married, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The writer is fully committed to his beloved and almost stops writing books. But cancer turns out to be stronger, and Terry dies. Soon the experience acquired in a short time begins to painstakingly describe Ken Wilber. “Grace and perseverance” should help other people faced with similar difficulties. It contains not only methods and a possible approach to treatment, but also ways to achieve harmony and unity in such a difficult situation. This book is written from two sides, two views on the situation - male and female.

Ken Wilber Grace and Resilience

Early career

Ken Wilber was quite successful in writing. Books on philosophical topics were successful for him. The first creation was completed in 1973. The young twenty-three year old writer, under the influence of Eastern and Western psychology, created the manuscript “Spectrum of Consciousness”. However, for as long as four years, no publisher agreed to publish the material. The reason for the refusal was one - the complexity of the information presented.

Still, thanks to the publishing house Quest Books, which specializes in such texts, the book was published. Thanks to this event, Wilber gained authority in the academic community. He was invited to express his thoughts and ideas at lectures and seminars. But such an activity does not attract him very much, and he plunges into writing books.

Soon the second book showed the world Ken Wilber. “No Borders” is a kind of guide that demonstrates various psychological techniques. Unlike the first, it is easier to read.

A lot of time a philosopher devotes to organizing and working on ReVision magazine. He has a transpersonal orientation. For more productive work on the publication, Wilber moves to Cambridge. During this period, he divorces his first wife.

"Sex, ecology, spirituality"

Ken Wilber tried to start working on a textbook on integral psychology. The history of everything, in his opinion, has many contradictions. He found that most theories, scientific installations, concepts and terms should be rethought. Having made such a conclusion, he became involved in his monumental monograph.“Sex, ecology, spirituality” is what Ken Wilber worked for three years. “A Brief History of Everything” is only a reflection of the basic ideas of this work. It describes the entire history of the planet, from its inception to the postmodern present.

ken wilber history of all

Thinking out loud

In 1997, Wilber Ken became interested in recording his thoughts. He laid out all the experiences and feelings on the diary pages. Two years later they were published. The title of the book “One Taste” is very symbolic. Since the writer has long been fond of Eastern philosophy, it is quite logical that Buddhism deciphers this concept as “cosmic consciousness”. Publisher Shambhala Publication, through which the world saw the diaries of the philosopher, soon decides to print the complete works of the writer.

Peak productivity

The end of the millennium was particularly fruitful for the writer. He nevertheless finished the work and published textbooks on the topic of integral psychology.

Also published a book called "Theory of Everything." It again traces an integral approach to the vital areas of society — business, politics, science, and spirituality.

Ken Wilber Books

At the same time, Wilber finishes writing the Boomeritis manuscript. This novel describes the main, in the opinion of the philosopher, the line of modern people - narcissism.The work was published in 2002.

Last works

The concept of allowing a person to look deep into, to see the real essence of objects, and not only what is visible from the outside, has generated a number of books. "Integral Spirituality" (Ken Wilber) assesses the role of religion in the life of modern man. It was published in 2006.

A year later, Ken Wilber publishes a second book on this subject. "Integral Vision" is set out in a simple to understand language. In this work, all knowledge of the spiritual and psychological potential of society is united. The inventory of several components that make up human development should become close to people, since they can see themselves from the heights of past years. There are recommendations on self-development and personal growth.

integral spirituality ken wilber

In recent years, Wilber has devoted himself to work, again, related to an integral vision concept called “The Transformation of Consciousness”. He also studies the social problems of our time. For example, the philosopher also plans to write a book on the subject of terrorism.

Developed concepts

The key position in many writings of the writer is the definition of "holon".It is the designation of an elementary, structural unit of such matter as Cosmos. Wilber wanted to get to the bottom of the truth and understand what the world consists of, which is thus the smallest and indivisible. The philosopher agreed with the opinion that each object can be viewed from several sides - it is a part of something, but at the same time a whole for other components. That is, everything around cannot be only a whole or only components of something. Therefore, in his books Wilber called objects holons.

Ken Wilber Integral Thinking

The philosopher also had his own opinion about the emergence and development of man. He believed that many scientists describe the evolution only by the science of biology. But the physical, intellectual and spiritual aspects remained almost unnoticed.

Wilber always believed that only after going through certain difficulties and having gained some experience, a person can adequately assess the situation, understand and sympathize with others. Only, feeling the pain, he is filled with life. In his opinion, all people evaluate what is happening only through the prism of acquired luggage of knowledge, emotions and feelings. And in those around us we see only a reflection of our own.His books help to understand not only himself, but also the surrounding reality.

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