Pirelli Cinturato P7 tires: features, photos and reviews

If you are faced with a choice of summer tires for your car, then you can definitely have some problems. This is especially true of those people who have already bought tires and were not happy with them. How to find out if you really get a quality model? There are various interest forums for this, where you can find both basic information and user opinions on a particular model. However, this search requires patience and time - today there are hundreds of tire models from dozens of manufacturers, and you will need a lot of diligence to carefully study them all, compare and come to any conclusion. Therefore, you better just trust knowledgeable people who can prove to you that this or that model is better than everyone else.

This is exactly what this article is written for - here you will find all the necessary information about Pirelli Cinturato P7 tires that really deserve your attention.You will learn both the most basic information about this model and more detailed data that will allow you to determine if this model is suitable for you. You can also get acquainted with the "squeeze" of user reviews that have already managed to try out this model - after all, the manufacturer can make every effort to sell its product, and only real users can confirm (or refute) the manufacturer's information regarding a particular product. . Well, it's time to find out everything you need about the Pirelli Cinturato P7 tires, so that you can evaluate their highest quality and decide on their purchase.

Basic information

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Before going into all the details of the Pirelli Cinturato P7 tires, you should know what they are in principle. So, this is a model of high performance, which is designed for both medium and powerful modern cars - in any conditions it will demonstrate excellent performance. What guarantees you the purchase of this rubber? Firstly, it is low rolling resistance, which allows you to drive as efficiently and comfortably as possible.Secondly, it is acoustic comfort, that is, the tires will not produce a large level of noise when in contact with the road, thus ensuring silence in the cabin and comfort as a driver. So are the passengers. Thirdly, high survivability - you will be surprised at what path you can achieve before you have to change tires. And finally, the most important thing is the ideal performance of braking and handling, which makes the use of these tires absolutely safe. As you can see, the model Pirelli Cinturato P7 is more than impressive, but this is only the introduction. In fact, you should learn more about these tires, and you are guaranteed to be surprised more than once. Ahead of you will find a study of how performance rubber on different surfaces and in different conditions, and a detailed analysis of innovative features that make this model unique. And, of course, you can read user reviews that can confirm or refute all the information that the manufacturer gives you.

What are these tires?

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It’s worth starting with the fact that the Pirelli Cinturato P7 Blue tires are positioned as rubber for long-term pleasant driving experiences. The slogan under which they are issued, and sounds: "Emotions of a long trip."But it’s much more important to know the basic characteristics of these tires so that you can see if you need to read this article further. First, this model is suitable for passenger cars, so if you own an SUV, you should consider another option. Also, if you are looking for a rubber for the winter period, this model will not suit you, as it is a summer one. And, of course, it is worth noting that it is best suited for driving on asphalt, and not over rough terrain, and its official destination is “touring”, that is, traveling long distances - the Pirelli Cintura P7 tires do the job better Total.


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Well, now it's time to look at a very important section, namely the performance of Pirelli Cinturato P7 225/50 tires - just at this size the testing was done, however, as experienced car owners already know, size rarely has a serious impact on driving efficiency and, accordingly using rubber. That is why you don’t have to pay attention to size, as it is far from the most important role. It is better to pay attention directly to the performance indicators themselves.And it is worth starting with the one that was rated lower than the rest. This does not mean that it is bad - it only means that everyone else is much better. The fact is that even the worst performance indicator of these tires was rated as “optimal”. What is this indicator? We are talking about control and clutch when sporting a ride - however, if you are not going to drive at high speeds, then this point should not concern you much. Other characteristics, such as comfort and vitality, are much more important. These indicators received the same rating - “excellent”. Now it is worth considering each of them separately. Comfort refers to the ability of tires to absorb vibrations and other effects that can be felt by the driver and passengers. As you can see, the Pirelli Cinturato P7 Blue 205/55 R16 tires do an excellent job. As for survivability, here it is meant how long the tires can live without replacement. And, as in the case of comfort, the vitality of this model is at a very high level. However, the other two performance indicators got even better, “ideal” scores. This is a wet and dry performance.i.e., braking and controlling on the road in various weather conditions. As you can understand, in any conditions, these tires cope with their task perfectly. As a result, it turns out that you will be able to ride without any problems in any weather during the summer period, and this is precisely the main task of high-quality rubber. However, what exactly makes the Pirelli Cinturato P7 Blie 205/55 tires so amazing and effective? This is what will be discussed further.

Tread design

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It's no secret that the tread pattern is one of the determining factors for the effectiveness of tires on the road. And in the case of the Pirelli Cinturato P7 Blue R16, the tread design is unique and special - it provides not only reliable grip and fluid removal during wet road conditions, but also an incredibly low noise level when driving. As you may know, some cheap tire models can produce a lot of noise, and if your cabin is not as soundproof as possible, then this may not be the most pleasant experience. Accordingly, the unique tread pattern provides you with a low noise figure while driving and at the same time a much more pleasant feeling while driving.Finally, you and your passengers will be able to truly relax and forget about the road noise of rubber. That is why you should choose the Pirelli Cinturato P7 tires - but this is not the only reason, as the manufacturer used other interesting innovations to create this model.

Central blocks and outer zone

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Another point that is worth paying attention to in the case of Pirelli Cinturato P7 205/55 R16 tires are the central blocks, as well as the special outer zone of the tire. The fact is that the central units in this case are incredibly compact, thanks to which the outer zone gets more space and, consequently, more durability and reliability. What is it done for? When you first try to make a turn on such tires, you will understand the secret. First, such a structure of the tread and the tire as a whole can significantly reduce the deformation of the tire when cornering. Although you should pay attention to the fact that with accurate and slow turns, the tires are usually not deformed - this happens during fast and sharp turns, so if this happens to you, then you should pay attention to this model.With it, you can make even the most unimaginable turns, while not worrying that your tires can be deformed. Summing up, we can say that this innovation has two big advantages: firstly, it is an improved response of the car to steering wheel movements, and secondly, it is an excellent control on bends along with increased tire resistance to deformation during sharp bends. All this takes the Pirelli Cinturato P7 205/55 tires to a whole new level.

Longitudinal grooves

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Another feature of the tires Pirelli Cinturato P7 R16, which can immediately catch the eye - it is the longitudinal grooves on the tread. There are four of them, and all four are very wide. This is done to ensure that in rainy weather, the liquid is quickly and efficiently removed from the projector pattern, thereby providing the very incredible performance on wet roads, which was mentioned earlier. What do you get as a result? An incredible level of safety when driving in rainy weather and increased control over the car in potential aquaplaning situations. Thus, Pirelli Cinturato P7 225/50 R17 tires are ideal for dry pavement.and for the wet - this means that you can easily acquire them, if there is often heavy rain in your area - they will not interfere with you.


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And, of course, it is necessary to say a few words about the material from which these tires are made. The manufacturer does not share the secret of what this model is made of, but he reports some data regarding the fact that this material guarantees you. The most important thing is a balanced distribution of pressure during the ride. This is a big plus, which should not be written off as not too significant (yes, many people do just that). Why? Everything is quite simple - correct pressure distribution over the entire surface of the tire may not be too noticeable while driving, but when some time passes and you look at the tread, you can understand what it is about. The fact is that most tire models are unevenly worn out, that is, certain rubber areas are more worn out. What does this lead to? And this leads to the fact that you have to replace tires not just earlier than you would like, but also throw out a tire, which in certain areas still looks more than usable.That is why uniform wear is exactly the factor that allows you to extend the life span of your rubber.


As for the cost of this tire model, it is quite acceptable for such high quality products. So, on average, the cost in the Russian market is about seven thousand rubles per piece, but if you put in a little more effort, you can find more lucrative offers. In some cases, it may even be less than seven thousand rubles, but such offers are extremely rare, so you either have to wait for the right moment - or accept the fact that you have to pay for a tire from seven to seven and a half thousand.

Positive reviews

Well, now you know absolutely everything about this model of summer rubber - it's time to figure out whether this information is one hundred percent true. And this can be done only with the help of reviews that are left on the Internet by motorists, who have already managed to use this model, about Pirelli Cinturato P7 tires. Reviews can be found a variety of, but immediately worth noting that most of them are positive.About 43 percent of users who left their reviews, believe that the model deserves a maximum rating of "five", 19 percent rate the model on the "four", which is a very good indicator. However, it is worthwhile to study more closely what people like in this model, and what causes negative emotions. If we talk about positive reviews, then users often note excellent handling, incredible softness, which guarantees a very pleasant driving experience, as well as high efficiency of rubber on both dry and wet road surfaces. Thus, the manufacturer's information is fully confirmed by both tests and user reviews. However, there was one very important point that should be considered separately in order to comprehensively evaluate the tires Pirelli Cinturato P7 - reviews with a negative shade. As mentioned above, there are not so many of them, but they are still there. Therefore, they can not be ignored in any way - if the model has flaws, it is better to find out about them before you make a purchase.

Negative reviews

Unfortunately, it was not without flaws - tires still have certain disadvantages.Some of them just sometimes appear in separate reviews, others appear quite often. So, one of the main drawbacks is weak protection from rough roads. Yes, the tread design perfectly copes with small pits and potholes, perfectly absorbing all the negative effects produced by hitting them. But if you have to drive on bumpy roads, the damage to the tires is very serious, so you will have to change them prematurely. Thus, if you plan to drive not on a flat road, but on bumps, you will have to do it very, very carefully. Even if you don’t damage the tire so much that you have to change it, there can be an unpleasant mark on the sidewall that you can’t call aesthetic. Also, it should be noted that in many reviews people complain that tires wear out much faster than many other similar models, but the problem here is revealed very quickly, and it is not on the best-quality roads. As in the past case, the model simply does not cope with many Russian roads, so you should keep this in mind when you buy this rubber. But at the same time, most of the reviews do not indicate deficiencies at all, which indicates the highest quality of the model.So if you need high-quality summer tires that allow you to drive in both dry and rainy weather, then we recommend attention to this particular model. The only thing you should not forget is that it is designed for smooth roads of the same high quality as this rubber itself.

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