Pocket Wi-Fi access to the network anywhere!

In the modern world, a stable Internet connection is a strong sign of a developed region. Access to a wireless network from a phone from any place works only in the largest cities of the world. Pocket Wi-Fi can solve this problem. This modern technology has a number of undeniable advantages. Nevertheless, it is not without significant drawbacks.

World without wires

Only 15 years ago, no one could imagine that the Internet is wireless. We had to use the connection via the phone and be content with insignificant speeds. Even the pages in the browser opened for a long time. Sometimes you had to wait 10 minutes. On the mobile Internet, even nothing to say, it simply was not. The first mobile phones with the ability to connect to the Global Network did it so slowly that the picture could be downloaded for hours. Then no one could have thought that one day a pocket wi-fi would appear that would make the Internet accessible anywhere, anytime.

"Know your name" router

We have become accustomed to wireless networks.You always quickly get used to good things, and life without wires is convenient and practical. First, the mobile Internet came fast enough. Network 2G, and then 3G generations. From phones it became possible to listen to music, use social networks and even view pictures. Then a Wi-Fi appeared and literally turned the world upside down.

Inconvenient routers

Anyone who has experienced self-configuration of the router knows that this device does not have the most convenient form. Yes, if you compare it with the computer's system unit, the router will be small. However, carrying it in your pocket will not work. The problem is not only in size, but also in principle. Large stationary routers require direct connection from the cable, which limits the possibilities of transportation.

Mobility and simplicity

Pocket Wi-Fi - a device similar to a stationary router, but implying the use of a SIM card. What are its advantages? Of course, the main advantage is the miniature size. It fits even in your pocket. Some models can be quite large, but this is because there is no built-in SIM card slot.The advantages of such a device are that you can connect any external modem using USB to it, and if necessary, an Internet cable. However, such devices are quite expensive.

The easiest portable Wi-Fi router from a famous brand

Pocket Wi-Fi is most often associated with devices from a mobile operator. This is the most affordable option on the market. However, you should not flatter yourself. For availability and simplicity will have to pay a number of restrictions. First of all, such routers simply do not provide acceptable speeds. You can sit on social networks, but not watch the video. Secondly, the internal software involves the use of only SIM cards of one operator. It is possible to insert another, but the router will not work.

Types of miniature routers

It is customary to distinguish several types of such devices:

  • High-speed routers. They are quite expensive, but within the major cities provide the fastest and most convenient Internet. Most often work at speeds similar to LTE. The problem is only one - if it is a router from the operator, then the speed will also depend on the selected tariff. If the SIM card supports only 3G network, then you should not rely on LTE.
  • Powerful routers.Many will find that power is similar to speed. This is not true. This type of router can not boast of speed. However, an external antenna can be connected to them, thereby amplifying the signal. They work in the countryside and even in the forests. The exception is the taiga forest. Even if the mobile network does not catch, due to the connected external antenna, you can access the Internet. The only drawback of such routers is, strangely enough, the antenna. Everything depends on it.
  • Budget routers. A striking example is the pocket Wi-Fi of MTS or any other operator. It is impossible to connect the antenna, it has no USB ports and boasts a restriction on SIM cards. Contrary to expectations, shows decent speed. Practically does not work outside of large cities and is extremely poorly functioning with simultaneous connection of several devices.
High-speed portable Wi-Fi router

How to choose the right model?

Before buying a pocket Wi-Fi router, you need to decide on your own needs. It is necessary to clearly understand why a router is needed. If you need an Internet access point for several devices in the city, then the simplest router from the operator will do.However, if the very fact of accessing the Internet from several devices in any conditions is important, the best option would be to choose a powerful router and buy a high-quality external antenna.

Having defined the needs, you can proceed to the selection. It is not recommended to buy so-called know-hows, devices of unknown manufacturers. The first thing you really should pay attention to is the manufacturer. Then you need to think about whether you need a port for an Internet cable or you can restrict USB. The last thing to look at is the material. However, it is also important, because the router is a pocket, therefore, it must be stronger.

How to use?

How to connect a pocket Wi-Fi? Very simple! If this is a device from the operator, then insert a SIM card into it, turn on the router and, after activating the search for wireless networks in the phone, connect to the desired one. The default name is the model number.

Cheap portable Wi-Fi router Smart

If this is a powerful router with an antenna or high-speed, then you first need to insert the SIM card into a separate modem, then via USB connect it to the device itself. If necessary, connect an external antenna.Turn on the router, find the network from the phone, and you're done!

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