Potato nose - potential for success

Most beautiful nose

It is known that the most beautiful is the so-called lion's nose with beautifully rounded wings, straight back and rounded tip. It does not have excessive contraction (the nostrils are not visible), does not have an inclination in one direction or another, and is in harmony with the other facial features. This form is most often found in those who at a mature age (40-50 years) has achieved much, has a passionate, courageous nature, occupies a high position in society. Men with such an expressive part of the face are often large heads.potato nose

Wide nose characteristics

What awaits those who have a nose with potatoes? I must say that these people, too, everything is more or less well. First, such a nose is rather wide and has a good bone basis, and a wide back of the nose indicates a successful life, fame and recognition. Secondly, the tip in the form of the notorious root-crop means that a person is kind, sincere, prone to compassion and even self-sacrifice.Especially these traits are expressed in those who have a calm, thoughtful look. However, if there is a split on the tip, then this indicates a suspicious, suspicious character; it is difficult to communicate and conduct any affairs with such a person.

Known and successful

Of the famous Russian artists who have a nose with potatoes, you can mention the actress Natalia Krachkovskaya and singer Natalia Koroleva. Fame and success of both do not hold. It is also interesting that people with such a nose perfectly combine external simplicity with a very practical mindset. They are decisive, hardworking, have an everyday grasp and are confident in themselves so much that they do not consider their nose as a potato to be a disadvantage and do not perform plastic surgeries.potato nose

Possible effect of rhinoplasty

The situation is somewhat different in bohemian circles in the west. There a wide, rounded nose is considered too simple. Therefore, Michael Jackson, Victoria Beckham and other famous people made themselves rhinoplasty to give the body a more elegant look. By the way, the pop king eventually got a nose, in form indicating that a person is prone to a bohemian life, wasting finances uncontrollably and free from moral principles in the sexual sphere.Those who are naturally given the nose-potato, act wisely, without interfering with what is given by nature (and destined for fate).


Modern means and methods of makeup allow ladies to adjust what they are not comfortable with in appearance. In the case of the nose of the above form, everything is quite simple - it needs to be visually narrowed and made more elegant. To do this, girls with a broad face (this type of face prevails in those who have a nose with potatoes) are not recommended to wear long straight bangs. You also need to put a lighter tone on the back of the nose and cosmetics on the tone is darker on the sides of the nose and nostrils.potato nose makeup

"Successful" men's noses

And what about the representatives of the strong half of humanity who have a nose with potatoes? Makeup, as you understand, is often not very appropriate here. You should look at such famous characters as Konstantin Raikin or Kostya Tszyu, whose irrepressible energy, strength, vitality and assertiveness, perhaps, is due to the massive wide nose.

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