PR-manager - duties, job description

A PR manager is a person on whom the formation of a positive image of an enterprise depends and its further support. The position of this specialist is very important for both large and small companies, which is why it is quite in demand on the labor market. By the way, he is offered high wages.

Who is a PR manager?

pr manager

The abbreviation PR comes from the English phrase “public relations”, which translates as “public relations”. Thus, the PR-manager is the specialist who is responsible for maintaining the company's image for the public and the media.

"PR", as it is simply called, is obliged to actively interact with the external environment, to analyze and predict factors that may affect the overall image of the enterprise and its further development. This is exactly what makes it different from a manager who deals only with advertising - the latter’s functionality only includes promotion of a service or product.

PR manager: responsibilities

Since the PR manager’s job is to ensure the company’s cooperation with the media, society, all levels of government, and the public, it has a number of responsibilities that it must fulfill. The process of ensuring interaction is very complicated and multifaceted, sometimes it takes up all the free time of a specialist.

A PR specialist prepares press releases about the company and transmits them to the media for further distribution, and also responds to media inquiries about the activities of the enterprise. Its functionality also includes organizing press conferences and conducting interviews with company executives. Interaction with the authorities, population and financial circles (including investors) is also included in its functionality. Among other things, it is he who is responsible for organizing and conducting advertising campaigns. Thus, the PR-manager, whose duties are broad enough, can fully control the appearance of the company, for the benefit of which he works.

Where do PR people need?

Almost all large enterprises have PR specialists. Enterprises working with international partners form entire departments and offices that create and support the image, as well as public relations.In many ways, this is what helps enterprises to get high results.

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In addition, there are advertising agencies that have a huge range of customers, all the experts in them are divided into two large groups. The first is the creators (copywriters) who are committed to coming up with the concept of holding events. The second group (technologists) hold press conferences, public relations campaigns, exhibitions, presentations and other events.

PR-manager can also find himself in politics. Politicians will gladly hire a good PR person who can help shape the right image to help build the confidence of potential voters.

What should have a PR man?

A competent specialist in public relations should be able to do a lot. The job description of a PR-manager does not quite clearly outline the range of skills he needs. Firstly, this is an elementary knowledge of the principles of PR, management, advertising, marketing, economics and management.

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The PR manager often has to work actively with business correspondence, draw up advertising strategies, and he also needs media planning skills.Not always copywriters can come up with an interesting idea or write an unusual article, then the PR man takes over.

Of course, a PR specialist should be able to organize such events as press conferences, exhibitions, seminars and meetings. Do not forget about the need to own a standard package of office programs, also welcome knowledge of English at a free or at least at a conversational level.

How to learn to PR?

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If you are thinking about how to become a PR manager, you can immediately take the documents and go to the university to the faculty of advertising, journalism or philology. Although PR professionals argue that an interdisciplinary approach is very important in the work, since the work of a PR man is associated with a number of disciplines, including sociology, some types of psychology and even psycholinguistics.

Employers welcome the applicant to the place of a PR manager, if he owns a diploma from MSU, RSUH, MGIMO or RUDN, however, if you graduated from some other university, there is nothing wrong with that. Among other things, the availability of certificates of international level, as well as documents showing that the applicant has received additional training in short-term courses on PR, are welcome.

Self improvement

how to become a good pr manager

The advertising manager should always think about how to become a good PR manager. Experts say that it is necessary to constantly improve their own skills, otherwise achieve high results will not work. The most important thing here is the ability to learn how to communicate with completely different people, regardless of their social status.

Diplomacy, the ability to competently express your thoughts and the desire to work a lot - these are the qualities that a good public relations specialist should have. However, even the presence of these qualities does not guarantee success. Each manager is an individual, but if he believes in himself and his strength, and is also willing to work hard, he will find himself in the profession.

What should a PR specialist be able to do?

In addition to knowing the basics of PR, advertising, economics, management and marketing, a PR manager should be able to process correspondence, form strategies and conduct campaigns aimed at improving the image of the enterprise. He can also use skills in writing articles, press releases and other promotional materials.

It is important that the public relations specialist have experience of participating inseminars, press conferences and other meetings, because now the organization of such events will fall on his shoulders. The standard is the requirement concerning the possession of standard office programs, and recently large offices are trying to take the PR people who speak foreign languages ​​at least at a conversational level.

Work in the capital

The city to which the aspiring provincial PR manager often seeks - Moscow - is far from always ready to take outsiders. That is why experienced specialists in public relations recommend first to gain experience in your region, and only then go to another city.

pr manager Moscow

In the capital, PR managers are in great demand; their average salary ranges from 70 to 100 thousand rubles a month. It is quite easy to find a place, but the requirements are serious. Also in Moscow you can find a large number of advanced training courses, where anyone can learn to be a PR manager.

How to make a resume?

The most important indicator that will tell an employer what a PR manager is is a resume, and in this case it plays a crucial role."If it is clear from the resume that the applicant cannot advertise himself and his own skills, how will he do advertising for my company?" - This is exactly how business owners who are looking for a PR manager argue.

The applicant for the position of public relations manager must necessarily indicate in the resume information about education and work experience. Some employers pay special attention to work experience, however, if there is not too much of it - you should not despair, it is quite possible that during an interview with your immediate supervisor you will manifest yourself quite clearly.

Portrait of a modern PR manager

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The leaders of large organizations see a universal image of a PR specialist as a person under 30 years old who has a humanitarian education. Such a professional should be very sociable, able to influence, demonstrate his broad horizons and pick up absolutely any conversation. It does not matter where exactly he will turn out, he must be able to become his own in any company.

With all this, the manager of advertising and PR must constantly generate ideas or make a new product from the existing ones.In addition, he should be able to interact with the media, which is quite a specific activity. Journalists - the main way to transfer data about the company, which employs a specialist in public relations.

Career growth specialist

What are the prospects for the future PR manager? As soon as he gains sufficient experience in the field of public relations, he becomes eligible for a salary increase of approximately one and a half to two times. As a rule, this happens within two to three years, when a specialist already has a base of contacts with journalists, he knows how to develop a PR strategy and has many connections.

If the PR manager is able to become a real star in the professional field, they will pay huge amounts of money for his work. Most often, the masters of advertising are representatives of the fair sex, men in public relations not more than 30% of the total number of specialists. Almost all PR-managers are not older than 30 years.

The most important indicator of the success of a PR specialist is a portfolio in which you can find materials on all the projects he has completed.With the help of various mechanisms, a potential employer can check whether a candidate for PR managers has managed to bring a project to the market, has managed to increase brand awareness and form a positive opinion of clients about a service or product.

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