Pravdinskoe lake: description, fishing, photo

Among the water bodies of the Leningrad Region, a decentthe place is occupied by Pravdinskoye Lake, which attracts fishing opportunities for both local fishermen and visitors. It is located in the Vyborgsky district, in the center of the Karelian Isthmus. From St. Petersburg it is separated 80 km. Translated from Finnish, its name literally sounds like "a church by the lake." And indeed, once upon a time, old-timers recall, there was a religious community here.Pravdinskoe lake

Brief description of the lake

The shape of the lake is rather elongated - up to 10 km in length. The width does not exceed 1 km. The waters in the lake are flowing: to the north - the river Pchelinka takes the beginning, and to the south and east - the flowing Volochaevka and Krasnaya. From the north-west side, numerous keys are beaten at the shore. Access to the lake is more convenient here, since the coast in these places is lower. The coastline is mostly overgrown with a mixed forest, but there are also open meadow spaces on which it is possible to arrange a parking lot with tents.

Because of the narrow coastal slope of Pravdinskoe Lakeis considered not too overgrown: ubiquitous reeds, a rare reed, horsetail, rdest. The depth of the reservoir is from 7 m to 14 m. In a shallow water, the sand and pebble bottom with small boulders, at the depth - silt, the thickness of the layer reaches 1 m. The upper layer of water, thanks to high shores and shelter from the wind, warms up well. In its composition there is iron, giving a brownish hue.Pravdinskoe lake fishing


By the diversity and fullness of the reservoirFish Pravdinskoe Lake is a bit inferior to its neighbor - Lake Krasnaya. The latter is 3-4 km to the east. The main "contingent" consists of ruffs, smelt, perch, roach, podleschik, bleak, burbot, ide. Local fishermen say that from mid-August here comes the fish from the river Pchelinka.


The pike-perch lives freely in Pravdinskoye Lake. The basis of the food for them are ruffs and smolts, which reproduce well due to the organic matter brought here by the waters of the flowing rivers. Pike perch is found more often in the southern side of the reservoir, where there is sufficient depth and a complex bottom in its relief. In late April, after spawning, he becomes particularly active and voracious. In the spring it is not bad to catch it on the bottom tackle. For bait, roach and bleak are suitable. In summer, the main bite goes to the float fishing rod before dawn or in the evening, after sunset. In cloudy weather, pike-perch pecks throughout the day.

Pike and perch

From the northern side, from where the river rises. Bee and where less deeply, lives a pike. Here it has more opportunities for quiet shelters and spawning grounds. It is this part of the lake, according to fishermen, is rich in aquatic vegetation. Without this condition, even with abundant food, pike, like bream, is weakly caught. The Pravdinskoe Lake abounds in small perch, although more often larger specimens are also found - up to 300-400 g.

fishing on Pravdinskoe lake


Bream is found in the lake. For large individuals it is worth investing in a good working bait. This is a very important condition for excellent fishing. About half a kilo of bait is consumed in three hours. According to the experience of fishing on this lake, such generosity justifies itself.

Bream - a fish, so to speak, with a "character", soit is caught only in certain places. As a rule, these are deep enough parts of the reservoir. The peak of biting occurs in the morning (from 5:00 to 9:00) or evening (after 17:00).

How to fish?

From the shore fishing on Pravdinskoe lake is possible onfloat and bottom gear. In view of the weak water vegetation, the ultra light class fishing rods will also be suitable. From the boat, when it is convenient to get close to the fish place, spinners, paths and circles are used. In winter, the ice catch in the pond consists mainly of roach, perch and small underclothes. The clean shores of a picturesque lake, peace and quiet are important factors that accompany a good catch.Lake Pravda

How to get there?

If you get to the lake by car, then byVyborg highway (highway A-122) or on the highway "Scandinavia", you need to get to the village of Ogonki, after 200 m after the gas station, turn right towards the village. Pervomaiskoye, then to the village. Krasnoselskoye. Then do not miss the right turn and drive to the village. Truly. It is more convenient to approach the lake from the north-west side.

If you use the railway transport,then you can get to Roshchino or Kirillovsky. From both stations there are regular buses to Krasnoselskoe or Klimovo. From there you will have to walk for about 5 km until Pravdinskoe Lake appears on the horizon. Fishing here is notable, therefore with such inconveniences it is possible to reconcile.

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Pravdinskoe lake: description, fishing, photo Pravdinskoe lake: description, fishing, photo Pravdinskoe lake: description, fishing, photo Pravdinskoe lake: description, fishing, photo Pravdinskoe lake: description, fishing, photo Pravdinskoe lake: description, fishing, photo Pravdinskoe lake: description, fishing, photo Pravdinskoe lake: description, fishing, photo Pravdinskoe lake: description, fishing, photo Pravdinskoe lake: description, fishing, photo