Red currant - recipes useful delicacies

What can combine in itself a savory sweet-sour taste, pleasant appearance and a pantry of trace elements and vitamins? Of course, red currant. Recipes for cooking with her are extremely simple. The process will take a minimum of time, but take a lot of currant recipes

The benefits of red radiant berries

The first thing that comes to mind when remembering a currant is its wonderful ability to protect the body and fight colds. This is not surprising, because red currant, the recipes for the preparation and preservation of which will be presented below, contains an amazing amount of vitamin C, as well as useful antioxidants. In fact, this berry is a mini-drug that can help the body to resist viruses and maintain it in excellent condition. But the most remarkable thing about it is that currants are a great dessert for those who monitor their body weight and the good condition of the digestive system.Dietary fiber will help to regulate the work of the intestines, and a low calorie content makes it possible to consume this fruit in almost unlimited quantities.

Red currant recipes

currant jam recipeDue to its special sweet-sour taste, red currant is perfect for both preparing desserts and creating sauces, for example, to meat. They make stuffing for pies or muffins out of it, cook delicious compotes and jams, pamper relatives with delicate jelly, ice cream and fruit drinks. For second courses red currant, like no other berry, is suitable for creating sauces. However, it is also actively used as one of the ingredients of the side dish, and in some national cuisines - for the preparation of salads and, of course, sauerkraut.

Red currant - recipes sweet mood

But nevertheless, desserts and drinks are considered to be the traditional dishes with this berry, especially the various varieties of jelly, fruit drinks, jam and ice cream. In fact, the cooks in them try to emphasize that play of sweet and sour tastes that was laid by nature. So...

Currant Jam

The recipe for its simplest cooking involvesthat it is necessary to take in equal proportions red berry and sugar, carefully grind them and spread them out in containers, sending them to a cold place. The beauty of this jam is that it retains all the beneficial properties and has the taste of a freshly picked berry, slightly sprinkled with powdered sugar. By slightly changing the recipe, more precisely, adding a bag of vanilla sugar to the proportions indicated, you can make jam in a hot way. To do this, the berries are poured with sugar and left to highlight the juice for a long time, for example, at night. It should be boiled on high heat until foam appears, then switch to the weakest mode so that the juice turns into a very thick syrup. At the end of cooking add vanilla and put the jam in jars.currant juice drink

Healthy drink

The currant juice from the currants will appeal to those who love refreshing drinks, as well as to moms whose kids have already crossed the eight-month milestone. For its preparation will require 150 grams of red currants and sugar per liter of water. The very process of cooking is as follows: water is brought to a boil, and the currants are thoroughly washed and rid of twigs.Next, the berries are placed in a colander, dipped for two minutes in boiling water, then kneaded with a wooden pestle through a sieve. Add sugar, stir and leave to cool. These are just the simplest recipes, but their implementation will bring a lot of pleasure.

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