Regression - what are simple words?

Both programmers and doctors from various fields know what regression is, and psychologists are especially well-versed in this concept. However, mathematics and esoterics can also tell what is meant by this term. The most surprising is the fact that representatives of each of the listed areas see their meaning in the word! Indeed, regression is a multifaceted and complex concept. Let's try to deal with some of its parties.

regression what is

General understanding

It’s easiest to understand what regression is, if you look at the psychological side of the issue. The term is used to designate such a protective mechanism, which allows for some time to escape from the real difficulties that disturb the person, to more simple questions. That is, in fact, regression is a simplification of the tasks being solved. Regression in relation to the development of the species will mean simplification with generations, degradation.

But in mathematics, programming and other exact sciences, the term is used in the same sense, but in relation to the field of study.If progression involves development and increase, then regression is the exact opposite of this term.

When and why?

Psychologists believe that regression is a distinctive feature of any human person, faced with a new, complex, incomprehensible task. A reaction to a new environment, mental or physical condition can trigger such an effect. You can learn what a regression is by your example if a person gets very tired or falls ill.

 regression what it is in simple terms

Theory and practice

In the regression behavior - the transition to the previous stage. Particular attention was paid to this phenomenon in the works of Freud - the famous Austrian psychoanalyst of the last century. He developed an ontogenetic theory, within which it is considered what regression is.

In accordance with psychotherapy, the term should denote the return of the individual to a time when there was a sense of satisfaction with the situation. At present, the psychoanalyst prefers to understand by regression such an ineffective defense mechanism, which is activated when a discomfortable situation arises.The greatest practical benefit would have been the search for a way out of the situation, but in reality many people are only trying to simplify the complex task, thereby driving themselves to an even more hopeless dead end.

Where is this observed?

It is best to know what regression is, psychotherapists who are forced to work with individuals suffering from neurotic disorders or infantilism. Regression is one of the forms that helps a person to cope with emotional overstrain. Experts say that it is quite different from alternative ways to deal with the problem. Substitution, generalization helps to preserve the structure of activity, but the phenomenon under consideration changes needs and motivation. All this leads to the degradation of personal qualities. The process proceeds very quickly, especially in the absence of third-party assistance.

meaning of the word regression in medicine

At the same time, there are cases when the phenomenon has brought benefits to individuals. So, within the framework of the cognitive theoretical approach, it is customary to talk about the importance of regression as a method of addressing simplified schemes that help you to know yourself, the problem, and ways to solve it.Starting from simple understanding, it is possible to achieve personal progress over time.

Contradictions and a common approach

As mentioned above, the meaning of the word “regression” by psychologists, psychotherapists has been defined since the last century. Modern methodologists, however, note that only a few experimental studies were organized, so there is no real evidence of theoretical calculations to this day, and the mechanisms through which personal regression is realized have not been studied at all. There is still to be familiar with the manifestations of this phenomenon, to formulate how important it is. Positions that are held by leading psychoanalysts of our time, in many respects contradict each other.

regression of the word

It can be said for sure that all types of regression imply a return to the past, to childhood, to the previously learned patterns of behavior. That is, in fact, a person from the current stage of development returns to the one he has already passed. In psychology, this phenomenon is referred to as a decrease in the organizational level. Primitivization is actually observed.

Regression in Oncology

This term, both for doctors working with cancer patients, and for the people themselves, who are confronted with malignant tumors, is extremely important. Most often, the possibility of regression is said if a tumor has developed in the eyelid or in the vicinity of this area of ​​the human body. The medicine knows several cases when the malignancy was established and confirmed, however, after some time there was an independent cure for the patient - regression. The meaning of the word in medicine is really important, because it gives hope to many patients.

Such a phenomenon in relation to cancer is observed, if the tumor is not touched, not disturbed. Only slowly developing neoplasms have an opportunity for self-healing. The process proceeds as follows: first there is a slow growth, then its cessation and the beginning of the reverse process. This usually happens unexpectedly and unpredictably. What is it in simple words? Regression - a situation where the tumor resolves without the slightest trace. There will not even be a hint of a malignant process on the skin or in the vicinity.In the official literature there are references to several such cases, observed by qualified doctors.

Official position

What is it - regression in simple words - can be found out by referring to the works of Sachs and Lish. It was they who particularly thoroughly considered the phenomenon in relation to cancer patients. As it was possible to find out in the course of an experimental study, a healthy organism has the capabilities and resources that enable it to activate the reverse growth of a neoplasm. This is not only characteristic of the early stages. In medical practice, Lisha was such a case, when a relapse, triggered by a weak excision, stopped in development, and then independently developed back.

regression factors

As can be seen from the published works, the regression method for cancer patients can work completely unpredictable. If some part of the tumor was not removed during surgery, the transformed cells may spontaneously die. This was observed in patients in whom cancer manifested itself as a visible area, and only at the stage of the appearance of a cancer complex in tissue structures.

How it works?

Many researchers, drawing attention to this unique phenomenon, offered to explain it from the point of view of Pavlov’s teachings, which considered the importance of the brain, in particular, the cortex of this organ as the center regulating the entire living organism. As follows from the currently known information, this can be a regression factor due to the possibility of using neural mechanisms to provide different parts of the body with protection. The brain also has a compensatory function.

As can be seen from oncology, important regression parameters have yet to be discovered in order to find mechanisms that activate the natural defense process. It is already known that the influence of the nervous system provokes necrosis of diseased tissues, the appearance of ulcers, scars. An alternative is to encapsulate cells that potentially have no more growth potential. In this state, they eventually die. How it is possible to stimulate this mechanism is still unknown.

Values ​​are many!

But not only in psychology, regression is also considered in esoteric teachings. This is characteristic first of all for those devoted to immersion in past lives.How to tell the experts of this direction, by the term is commonly understood transvisualization.

To some extent, this phenomenon is similar to lucid dreaming, while at the same time it has specific differences. A person, passing into such a state, completely retains control of his own consciousness, but can get out of it without much effort. Immersion for such a condition is relatively weak. On the one hand, there are no sensations, details inherent in the classic high-grade sleep, at the same time, a person gets a general idea. You can compare it with a peek through the crack. Many believe that the degree of perception is determined by the number, quality of training.

significance of regression

It is possible to undergo regression both independently, alone, and in a group of interested people gathered in one place and for one purpose. In large cities, they regularly organize such events for those who wish. Special sounds are used. The division into levels is accepted, each of which is adjusted to a specific situation at the discretion of the most responsible and experienced member of the group or coach.

What it is?

Trying to explain the essence of the regression, some compare it with the information flow in which the opportunity to turn on their consciousness appears. At the same time, it is unclear where this stream originates from. Some believe that out of imagination, others are convinced of it in connection with past lives. Someone is ready to defend the view that all information comes from parallel worlds, while others are convinced that it is only in memory.

One theory says that our world is just a simulation. This approach makes it most likely the correctness of the idea of ​​reincarnation, and also gives a good explanation for the structure of the universe. In fact, rational entities can seem to wander between worlds, and regression helps to get involved in this process, realize it, become an element of the information flow, within which all movements occur.

Regression and parenting

This phenomenon is familiar not only to doctors, famous scientists, esotericists and people seeking spiritual practices, enlightenment and knowledge of the world. The simplest parents who are actively raising young children also often experience regression. This term is used to designate such behavior of a child when a child who has already learned something suddenly seems to be going back a step.For example, a child who was recently able to use a pot by himself suddenly suddenly pees in his pants.

regression types

Psychologists explain this as follows: there are no developmental abnormalities, the child may well use the toilet as his parents teach him. The fact is that when a child learns something new, at the same time he is afraid of his independence. In an effort to return to the warmth and safety of parental care, he is trying to reject new knowledge and skill. Over time, if the parents behave correctly, the kid realizes that there is nothing terrible and dangerous in the use of new skills, and applies them in practice. Therefore, parents who are faced with such a problem should be as attentive as possible to their child, support it and prove their love and care.

Summing up

No wonder philologists are proud of the wealth of the Russian language. Indeed, one can come across such unique terms whose meaning is extremely rich and diverse. The considered example of regression is a good proof of the postulate on the diversity and significance of the Russian language. The word itself came to us from Latin, but it was applied to different areas of life and in modern times it is widely used both by specialists in various fields and by the inhabitants.The meaning of "reverse movement" has been preserved, while the scope has expanded.

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