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a huge amount, in connection with which the capital's residents are already very spoiled. To surprise them with something, to interest and gain popularity is not an easy task, which is possible only because you really love your business. Such a person is the founder of the restaurant Christian. This institution can be considered Italian, but it does not fit into this framework. The restaurant is author's, and its founder tried to create here a world of his soul, wide and very hospitable.

The idea was fully successful, the guests appreciated the interiors and service, set high marks for the dishes served, and soon there were so many regular visitors that you could open a whole network. Indeed, the founder of the Christian restaurant can be justly proud of his other brainchild called “Bono”, but today it’s not about him.christian restaurant

general description

Bright and stylish, very similar to his master, he is in great demand among residents of the capital. Christian Restaurant is an institution for special occasions, but it’s quite unusual.The kitchen here is open, which has become quite a popular "chip", and guests can watch the wonders that are happening for them. The atmosphere is designed for a warm friendly company, although a romantic evening here will be fine.

Where is the address

Restaurant Christian K. Lorenzini opened in the hotel "Ukraine". This is a huge room, two floors with high ceilings, an open kitchen and a completely unobtrusive atmosphere. Designer interior is something to be proud of. And what is surprising is that the prices in this prestigious establishment are quite affordable, especially when compared with the second restaurant, which is located here, only thirty floors above. It turns out that an expensive and well-known chef is working in an inexpensive project. Nonsense? Not at all, it's just that the Christian restaurant has become a dream come true, not a pursuit of profit.Kutuzov Avenue Moscow

How to get there

In Moscow, Kutuzov Avenue goes through almost the entire city, so there will be no problems with the choice of transport. It is convenient to come here even by public transport, at least by private car. Near the establishment there is convenient parking for visitors, so no problems with transport will arise, despite the difficulties with the free space, which is famous for Moscow. Kutuzov Avenue, 2/1, building 1A - this is the exact address.The most convenient way from the avenue is to turn onto Ukrainsky Boulevard, and from there directly to the Ukrainka Hotel.

First impression

Very bright and strong, if not more. He was discovered by a famous culinary specialist, who worked his whole adult life in a restaurant that belonged to his father, and then decided to try himself in his own project. The Christian Restaurant (Moscow) is notable for its unusual decoration, it’s like a miniature world seen by a child. You are greeted by a bright interpretation of an old Tuscan restaurant, and in a very interesting presentation: rows of wine bottles are replaced by racks full of children's toys. Furniture is also amazing, as if taken from a toy set, although in reality it is very expensive. And on the second floor guests are greeted by a two-meter-high floor lamp.

christian restaurant moscow

At the table

Amazing continues. Even unwittingly looking at the charming lamps, you sit down on an empty seat and see plates and cutlery painted on it. Now you don’t get confused exactly in which hand to hold the knife and fork, you can safely exhale.

When the first courses are served, they will involuntarily cause a smile.Perhaps, if you are planning a formal meeting and discussion of serious problems, this will not seem very appropriate. Although defuse the situation does not hurt. Giving of dishes happens by means of unique tableware. At first glance, they resemble unskillful children's modeling. In fact, these thick-walled, ribbed and uneven plates were made by a famous potter in Portugal on an individual order. Even glasses are unusual. As if having rewound several centuries ago, you will drink from beautiful cups, on the edge of which charming flies sit.

The atmosphere of comfort and warmth

This is what the founder of the restaurant Christian wanted to see. Reviews emphasize that he was able to fully. Even the most important guest will relax the knot on his tie and feel himself in the circle of guests. The chef himself is regularly on duty near the bar. You can be a friend to ask him to cook this or that dish or ask about culinary secrets, which he gladly shares.

Christian restaurant is amazing and changeable. The menu here is also not static, every week some dishes disappear from it, while others are added.Moreover, if you know exactly what you want, then just write it on the menu board. The chef will cook this dish exclusively for you. Or maybe tomorrow it will be new, brand.christian restaurant menu

Menu features

Basically the dishes are quite simple and straightforward. Regular visitors to restaurants can say that they were expecting something more interesting. The restaurateur decided to focus not on exotic, but on a unique supply, which is worth a lot. This allows you to make the service exclusive, not boring and not too expensive. What do you say if you are served meat in a flower vase decorated with a bright red gerbera? Foie gras is served in the form of small meteorites splashing around the sauce.

No less original decorated and the names of the dishes. Reading them, every guest forgets that he is an adult, and has a lot of fun with all his heart. What do you say about “Drunken Lamb on Beans” or “Blasted Tartar”? Here such dishes are a variant of the christian reviews

Strictness and diligence

But the puns on the menu do not at all indicate a frivolous attitude to their work. Behind this is a well-thought-out technology and vast experience in cooking. This is the only way to get the perfect kitchen.that will satisfy even the most demanding visitor.

The chef cooks 70% of dishes using the vacuum technique at low temperature. That is, the meat is not fried, but comes at a minimum temperature for many hours. The result is a fantastically tender and juicy dish. Reviews recommend everyone to be here. The food is delicious, original and exquisite, the presentation is luxurious, what else is needed for a better evening.

For gourmets and supporters of healthy lifestyles

Is it possible to combine these two concepts? Yes, if a real professional is involved. Italian cuisine in the author's performance of the best chef is a masterpiece. Flavored with family, culinary secrets, the dishes are intriguing, light and almost dietary. The secret of the cook is almost complete rejection of fatty sauces and butter. This has a positive effect on taste and is well reflected in the taste. And the abundance of fruit desserts makes the meal truly magical.christian restaurant address

Sample menu

The choice here is so huge that it is impossible to list all. Come yourself and ask the waiters, they will help to make a choice. Reviews indicate that the staff here is nice and friendly.If you choose dishes that are ordered most often, you get something like this:

  • Warm vegetable salad with squid - 900 rubles.
  • Avocado cake - 500 rubles;
  • Baked artichoke - 490 p.
  • Sea bass in black salt - 1250 r.
  • Spaghetti with clams - 1450 p.


The end of the meal is holy. You can eat and ordinary porridge, but after that the soul asks for something tasty and bright. Reviews say that sweet dishes here are just fantastic, and regret that you can not start right away with dessert. Be sure to try the cheesecake, it's fantastic here. Pistachio cake almost does not lag behind him in popularity. The portions are huge, but since the dishes are delicious, it is impossible to leave.christian restaurant opening hours

On weekdays and weekends: work time

Christian Restaurant is waiting for its guests every day. On weekdays, everything starts with breakfast, so the restaurant is open from 09:00 to 00:00. On weekends, the first visitor is ready to meet here from 12:00 to 00:00. If a banquet is planned, then conditions can be negotiated separately.

The average bill is 2500 rubles. Guests can choose from European, Italian and original menu. All dishes are prepared exclusively from natural products, so that the result is the best.

Instead of conclusion

No review will not give such a vivid impression as a personal visit to the institution. Therefore, recommends visiting Christian and trying the creations of cooks. Judging by the experience of previous visitors, it does not threaten spoiled in the evening. On the contrary, everyone is satisfied with the dinner and the time spent. Visitors like everything here: a unique interior and interesting presentation of dishes, original recipes and their high taste qualities. If you want to spend the evening in an unusual and bright way, then welcome to visit chef Christian, in his author's restaurant.

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