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Spain is the southernmost of European countries. Its resorts are the most visited not only in Europe, but all over the world. On average, more than 40 million tourists come to Spain for a year, and among them there is a large army of Russians. By the way, to visit this country for tourist purposes, Russian citizens need to have a "C" visa, which can be obtained at the Spanish Embassy in Moscow.

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What is so attractive about this southern beauty forsuch a huge flow of tourists? Its main advantage as a tourist center is the opportunity to combine several types of tourism, namely: sightseeing, beach, active, culinary, eco and even extreme. It is not a secret for anyone that Spain has a rich historical and cultural heritage, and tourists who have a rest at its resorts can diversify their vacation by visiting nearby sights. And connoisseurs of new flavors can enjoy plenty of exotic dishes of local cuisine.

Spas of Spain

Each of the regions of Spain,where it is located (on the coast or inland), knows how to surprise its guests. Nevertheless, Mediterranean and Atlantic resorts are very popular among tourists. The golden beaches of Andalusia, Galicia, Catalonia, Canary and the Balearic Islands stretch for many thousands of kilometers and attract the attention of travelers from all over the world. And no one can accurately determine which one is the best, the most beloved, the most in demand ... Catalonia, however, is precisely the unique component of Spain that every visitor of the country dreams to visit. Costa Brava, Costa Daurada, Costa del Maresme - hotels of these resorts delight tourists with a wide variety of services, regardless of their categories. In all hotels without exception, guests are provided with a high-quality service. Rest in the budget "troika", for example, in the hotel Reymar Malgrat 3 *, is no worse than in hotels on the category above. Well, the beaches are almost everywhere the same, the same clean and equipped. Most of them were awarded "blue flags", which, of course, is an indicator of the level of tourism development in this country.reymar playa malgrat 3

3 star hotels in Spain

In Spanish hotels, regardless of the numberstars on their signboards, the service is impeccable. However, three-star hotels are more suitable for unassuming tourists, which are enough to ensure that the hotel has all the necessary conditions for a normal stay: comfortable furniture, cleanliness, air conditioning, delicious cuisine, and the proximity of the beach. Most of the day they are going to spend outside the hotel: on the beach or on excursions to numerous attractions. So why should they pay extra money for some additional services that they simply do not have time to use? From this point of view, 3 * hotels are quite comfortable with them. Here the price is democratic, and the service is at a high level. By the way, the best hotels in Spain are 3 stars in Catalonia. Three of the leaders are led by the Golden Playa Park Hotel 3 * (Salou / Costa Dorada), followed by the Olympic Palace, also at the Salou resort, and the Raymar Malgrath in Malgrat de Mar.

Spain, Costa del Maresme

Costa del Maresme

Costa del Maresme is a resort area on thenorth-east coast of Catalonia. It adjoins the Costa Brava, stretches as much as 38 kilometers, reaching the territory of Barcelona. This, of course, is the biggest advantage and the secret of the popularity of this resort. A distinctive feature of its beaches is not golden, but silvery sand. They are washed by the waters of the Balearic Sea. Infrastructure in these parts, like all Spanish spas, is more than developed. The structure of the Costa del Maresme includes the resort villages of Montgate, Santa Susanna, Malgrat de Mar, which houses the Reymar Playa Malgrat 3 *, Kallela and others. Here is also the Montgene-i-Corredor (not to be confused with Montenegro ), which is one of the main natural attractions in all of Spain. Especially in order to visit this original park with unique flora and fauna, tourists from neighboring resorts come to the Costa del Maresme. The reserve map is sold in many kiosks of the town. Without it, tourists can get lost on the numerous paths of the giant park.


In the north of the Costa del Maresme risePyrenees mountains, which protect it from bad weather. Due to this location, the climate in this region is particularly soft (in summer the temperature does not rise above 30 degrees, and in winter it does not fall below +10) and is favorable for beach rest for most of the year. And this region is famous for its wide variety of berries and fruits, for which it was nicknamed the "beach of fruit". From the orchards and strawberry plantations, the crop is harvested three times a year.

Hotels in Costa del Maresme

In the last century on the site of this modernresorts were fishing villages, but the wealthy inhabitants of Barcelona for the chic climatic and natural conditions have chosen its beaches and began to build their summer residences here, and their example was followed by hotel brands. Soon the beach began to decorate the beautiful multi-storey buildings of hotels and restaurants. Reymar Hotel Malgrat 3 * is one of the old-timers at the resort. It was built in 1969. Its 3-star hotel has been relatively recently, according to the modern classification system, but in those early years on the entire coast it was hardly possible to find a hotel that could be compared to it in terms of service level and internal device. As you already knew, this resort is one of the oldest on the entire Spanish coast, therefore hotels here are not the first "freshness", although they are regularly renovated. In view of this, this resort is considered economical, and therefore popular among young people. For example, in their reviews of the Reymar Malgrat 3 * hotel, tourists who are vacationing with families complain about the continuous noise from the show program, which lasts almost all night, while the youth thanks the administration for a fun pastime. However, this resort also has sanatorium hotels that offer tourists a wide range of medical procedures. They are located at the sources of hot mineral waters, thanks to which Malgrat de Mar and Santa Susanna are also considered balneal resorts.the best spain hotels 3 stars

How to get to Malgrat de Mar (Costa del Maresme)

As already mentioned above, this resort areais located close to Barcelona, ​​so if you bought a tour to the hotel Reymar Playa Malgrat 3 *, then it's more convenient to fly to the capital of Catalonia. From Moscow and other cities of the Russian Federation, regular, and in the summer, charter flights of several airlines (Aeroflot, Iberia, S7, etc.). And from Barcelona to all the resorts of Catalonia, the train departs. The ticket price is 2.7 euros. However, many tour packages include a transfer, and upon arrival at Barcelona airport tourists are greeted by employees of this travel agency and transported to the hotel by car.

Reymar Malgrat 3 * (Spain / Costa del Maresme): description

This comfortable hotel is 80 km from the hotel.the airport of Barcelona and 500 meters from the center of Malgrat. It is located on the second beach line, only 50 meters from the sandy beach, which leads the underground passage. The hotel is designed for youth recreation, it is always noisy and fun. The hotel has a courtyard with a recreation area, swimming pool, bar, etc. The hotel also has a games room with devices for both children and adults, a gym, a tennis court, etc. In the evenings, guests are entertained by animators. In short, in this hotel no one will be bored. However, lovers of secluded and quiet rest, of course, will not like it here. Live music sounds till late at night, sing songs, spain 3 stars

Number of rooms

Hotel Reymar Malgrat is oneThe seven-story building with balconies, which was built in 1969. The last time the building was renovated in 2005. Thanks to this the hotel has acquired a more modern look and was able to provide tourists with a higher quality service. The hotel has only 224 standard rooms, of which 192 are double rooms (20 sq. Meters), intended for a maximum of 4 people, 28 single rooms (10 sq. Meters) and 4 rooms adapted for people with disabilities.


The hotel offers guests a "breakfast, half board (dinner and breakfast) and full board (three meals a day), breakfasts are quite tolerable (eggs, jams, pastries, etc.), but the dinner is worth all the praise: seafood, 2-3 meat dishes , a few original salads, fruit, but for alcoholic beverages you will need to pay separately, however, if you wish, you can eat outside the hotel.On the waterfront where the hotel "Reimar" is located, there are many taverns and restaurants of local and international cuisines, and in 15 minutes walk there is a supermarket where you can buy something - what kind of non-perishable foods.spain hotels 3

Services and facilities in the rooms

Daily cleaning is carried out at the hotel.convenient for tourists time (mainly during breakfast). At the same time there is a change of towels, linen changed once a week. The room has a balcony, a bathroom with a shower, heating, air conditioning, direct dial telephone, TV with satellite channels, modern comfortable furniture, etc. You can take a hairdryer from the receptionist, leaving 10 euro as collateral.

Infrastructure and service

The hotel has a 24-hour front desk and tourists arriving at the hotel at night or in the morning can be sure that they will be immediately settled in the rooms.reymar malgrat 3 spain

In the "Reimar Malgrat" is quite a large swimming pool,which is located in the inner courtyard. Around it are sunbeds, which tourists can use for free. But the gym, billiards and tennis court are paid. The complex has a restaurant and a bar, which is located on the terrace. There is also a currency exchange office, car rental, parking, tour desk, safe at the reception (charge). You can use the Internet in public places for free, but if you pay a certain amount, you can connect from your own number.


Every evening at the hotel are bright andincendiary shows. It can be performances of Spanish dancers and singers, musicians performing national melodies, acrobats and magicians, etc. After this, a disco begins that lasts until late. For young tourists, animation and dances are held at an earlier time.reymar hotel malgrat 3


Holidaymakers in the hotel Reymar Malgrat 3 * enjoya municipal beach, which is a stone's throw from the hotel. This is a very clean and well-equipped beach, just for the inventory (umbrellas, stools and mattresses) you have to pay every time, and not that small a sum. However, this is Spain. Hotels 3 * here almost do not have their own beaches, so many tourists prefer to sunbathe by the pool, sitting comfortably on the sun loungers, and to the sea to go only for bathing.


While staying at the Reymar Hotel, tourists can eitherindependently go on excursions or go to the tour desk and ask questions about organizing trips to the sights of the travel company. The first thing to visit while living on the Malgarth coast is, of course, Barcelona - a city that is famous all over the world for the architectural masterpieces of the great Gaudi, an outstanding modern architect.Costa del Maresme hotelsIn addition to the original buildings, in the capital of Cataloniayou can visit the aquarium, the area of ​​Singing Fountains, the house museum of Salvador Dali, etc. In addition, in the travel agency you will be offered to visit the Spanish village, an ancient castle with a theatrical knight tournament, and for fans of culinary and ecotourism a trip to the Catalan outback will be organized - in the villages of Besalu and Rupit. Here, tourists can taste simple village food: homemade cheese, dairy products, dishes from vegetables and fruits, collected with their own hands, etc.

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