Rice porridge in water: how to cook properly?

Most people believe that rice porridge on the water is not a very tasty dish. This is partly true. After all, the croup cooked in this way is not very nourishing and nutritious. However, to make such a dish very tasty is still possible. But for this you have to follow all prescription requirements. After all, the only way you will get tasty and nutritious rice porridge on the water.

rice porridge on the water

Product preparation

For cooking simple rice porridge, there are many subtleties that allow you to make an aesthetically pleasing and high-quality dish. To begin with, the rump should be sorted out correctly. To do this, unsuitable grains are discarded, and the rest is washed to obtain pure water. By the way, such a procedure is necessary not only to clean the product from dust and dirt, but also to remove excess starch and fat from its surface.

Proper washing of rice cereal is carried out in two stages. First, the product is washed in warm water, removing excess starch, and then in hot, washing away the fat.At this point, the preparation of cereals for rice porridge ends, and we can safely proceed to its immediate preparation.

Crumbly rice porridge on water: the recipe is simple and easy

There is no one way how to make delicious rice porridge at home. If you like a crumbly dish, then we suggest using this recipe. To implement it, we need:

  • round rice (you can use Chinese) - 1 cup;
  • drinking water - 2 glasses;
  • table salt - ½ dessert spoon;
  • high-quality butter - to use to taste and desire.

rice porridge on the water recipe

Cooking process

Before cooking rice porridge on the water, the grits should be carefully processed. How to implement this process, we described at the very beginning of the article.

After the rice has been prepared, pour water into a deep bowl or saucepan, add some salt and put it on the stove. After the liquid begins to boil strongly, spread rice cereal to it. To make such a dish more high-calorie, a small piece of butter is also added to the dishes (you can use a little vegetable).

Reduce heat to low.Crumbly rice porridge in water should be cooked on medium heat for about 30 minutes. At the same time, it should be stirred occasionally.

After the cereal swells, the pan of porridge is removed from the stove and left aside for another half hour.

There is another way to prepare such a dish. As in the first recipe, rice cereal is put into already boiling salted liquid, boiled until ready, and then thrown into a sieve, washed with cold water and scalded with boiling water. In conclusion, add a little butter to the dish, close tightly and leave to last for about half an hour.

how to cook rice porridge on water

Also, crumbly rice porridge on water can be prepared in another way. The cereal is boiled until swelling, and then rearranged to a water bath and boiled for another 30 minutes. During this time, the rice is completely cooked, and you get a very satisfying and nutritious porridge.

Making liquid porridge from rice

Now you have a general idea of ​​how to cook rice porridge on water. If you do not like a crumbly rice dish, then we suggest making it a liquid version. The technology of preparation of such porridge is based on long cooking of cereals in a large volume of water.To implement the presented recipe, you must prepare the following ingredients:

  • round rice - 1 cup;
  • water at room temperature - 4 cups;
  • high-quality butter to taste;
  • medium-sized salt, granulated sugar - to apply to taste.

Cooking method

How to cook rice porridge on water? In the first place should be carefully processed cereals. It is sorted and washed several times. After that, the product is placed in boiling slightly sweetened and salted water. Turning the heat down to a minimum, the product is boiled for 30 to 40 minutes, stirring regularly.

Such heat treatment will lead to a violation of the integrity of the grains, with the result that starch will be actively released into the water, which, in fact, will make rice porridge as viscous as possible.

rice porridge on water in a slow cooker

Bring to breakfast

Having studied the presented recipe and having implemented it at home, you should no longer be interested in the question of how to cook rice porridge on water. It should be noted that this dish is very pleasant in texture. After the cereal is completely cooked, the porridge is filled with butter and immediately served to the table.

According to experts, this breakfast is especially useful for people suffering from various diseases of the digestive tract. However, it is not recommended to fill them with rice porridge. Moreover, it is desirable to grind the grits themselves after heat treatment or boil already ground grains.

Making rice porridge with pumpkin in the oven

Rice porridge on the water, the recipe of which involves the use of pumpkin, is not only very tasty, but also useful for the body. Such a dish is well saturated and lowers cholesterol.

So, before you cook rice porridge on water, you need to prepare:

  • round rice - 1 cup;
  • drinking water - approximately 800 ml;
  • fresh or frozen pumpkin - about 250 g;
  • granulated sugar - 1 dessert spoon;
  • salt - pinch;
  • high-quality butter - apply as desired.

how to cook rice porridge on water

How to cook?

Calorie rice porridge, cooked in water, is not very high. 100 g of this dish contains about 79 energy units. But if you add sugar, salt, butter, and other components to the finished meal, its calorie content immediately increases.Therefore, if you are on a strict diet, then use these ingredients is undesirable.

To prepare delicious rice porridge, the cereal is washed well and shaken off in a sieve. Also wash the pumpkin separately and cut it into small cubes.

After preparing the main components in a clay pot lay out a piece of butter, on top of which is placed half a gourd and half rice. Having taken the ingredients with a spoon, the remaining vegetable and cereal are again added to the bowl. Top products sprinkled with sugar and salt, and then pour water.

Covering the pot with a lid, it is sent to the oven. At a temperature of 180 degrees, the dish is prepared for 60 minutes. After that, the porridge is taken out and served to the table right in the pot.

Sweet rice porridge on water in a slow cooker

If rice porridge is intended for children, then it is recommended to do it together with sugar, raisins and cinnamon. This combination of ingredients is sure to appeal to kids, and they will gladly eat a dish at breakfast or lunch.

So how is rice porridge cooked on water in a slow cooker? To make such a dish, you need:

  • round rice - 1 cup;
  • drinking water - approximately 800 ml;
  • dark raisins - about 150 g;

how to cook rice porridge on water

  • granulated sugar - 1 dessert spoon;
  • crushed cinnamon - ½ dessert spoon (use according to taste);
  • salt - pinch;
  • butter - apply as desired.

Cooking Children's Breakfast

Rice porridge on the water is prepared no more difficult than a similar dish made on the stove or in the oven. In a bowl, multivarki is poured in drinking water and brought to a boil in baking mode. After the liquid begins to seethe, round rice and sugar are added to it. In this composition, the ingredients are thoroughly mixed, covered with a lid and cooked in porridge mode for 25 minutes. After this time, chopped cinnamon, raisins (pre-processed) and butter are added to the dish.

Again, mix all the components, cover them and leave in heating mode for 20-35 minutes. During this time, all grains of rice should be completely boiled soft, making the porridge more viscous and thick.

calorie rice porridge on water

After the dish is ready, it is laid out on a plate and served for breakfast along with a sandwich with butter and cheese. Rice porridge with raisins, made according to the above recipe, turns out very tasty, and most importantly - healthy and nutritious.

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