Road tax and its calculation

Road tax is a gratuitous payment paid by vehicle owners on a mandatory basis. It is regional, therefore, the relevant legislative bodies determine the tax rate, the possibility of using benefits, as well as the procedure for payment and term.

Tax on horsepower

Calculate road tax is necessary for the number of horsepower of the vehicle. This indicator is indicated in most technical documents for a car. If this is true, then the transport tax will be easy to calculate. However, if the engine power is represented by kilowatts, they must be independently converted to horsepower.

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One kilowatt is 1.35962 hp In this case, it is worth rounding the resulting figure to the second decimal place. It is worth noting that you can pay tax only on the basis of special notices. This procedure is performed no earlier than November 1 of the year that follows the tax period.

What to do in case of discrepancy data?

According to the law, tax authorities are not allowed to make any changes to the information provided by the registering authority. For this reason, the owner is required to contact specialized companies in case of discrepancies in these technical specifications and registration documents. The service representative will perform the vehicle expertise. Also, this procedure can be done by the manufacturer. Then, the information received and the relevant opinion must be provided to the registration authorities. In certain situations, they make changes to the registration documents of the transport document, and then pass them on to the tax office. Based on the data obtained, the tax authorities recalculate the road tax.

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Payers category

On the basis of the Tax Code, any citizen may be the payer of this tax. In this case, a prerequisite is the presence of a registered vehicle. It must be recognized as a taxable item.Also obliged to pay tax organizations, the balance of which consist of various types of vehicles. They can be not only cars, but also buses, motor boats, motorcycles and air vehicles. Taxpayers should regularly pay the entire calculated amount. As a rule, it does not exceed one thousand rubles. In this case, confirmation of payment is not required when undergoing maintenance.

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Tax Calculation Formula

Using a special formula, you can calculate the road tax in Moscow and other localities. As noted earlier, it is charged on every horsepower if the vehicle is equipped with an engine.

Amount payable=tax rate per year×amount ls. xnumber of months of ownership per year

It should be noted that using this formula, you can calculate the amount of transport tax with maximum accuracy. But at the same time it is necessary to check how correct the data used is. The only difficulty in calculating is the search for the value of the annual tax rate. For this, the car owner needs to know the number of his region.It is listed in the registration number of the vehicle. As an option - take the first two digits of your identification number. Also, the region can be found using the map.

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To determine the tax rate per year, you can contact the tax authorities or use special services on the Internet. To do this, choose a road tax, indicate the current year and region. With their help, you can also correctly calculate the amount of tax.

What types of transport are not subject to taxation?

Legislation determines that motorized and rowing boats that have an engine with a capacity of not more than five horsepower cannot be objects of taxation. Passenger cars whose power does not exceed 100 hp also belong to this category. Also, taxes are not levied on vehicles specially equipped for use by people with disabilities. Cars received through the social security authorities cannot be taxed.

road tax in Moscow

Industrial vessels, as well as special cars used by agricultural producers, are not taxed.It is worth noting that the taxpayer can avoid paying the fee in the event that the vehicle is wanted. At the same time, it is necessary to have the relevant documentary evidence obtained from the authorized bodies.

Calculation of tax in rubles

What is a road tax, tariffs how are formed, is already known, but how to calculate correctly? The legislation establishes that in order to calculate the tax amount, it is required to apply the rules of arithmetic and carry out an account exclusively in rubles. The rules of mathematics work here: if the sum has less than 50 kopecks, they can be ignored. Otherwise, you need to round up to full ruble. This procedure has been in practice for a long time, but many taxpayers were not familiar with it. It was recently registered in the Tax Code. If everything is calculated correctly and the road tax is paid on time, there should be no problems. Moreover, administrative punishment can be avoided.

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