Rounding in Excel is easy!

In this article we will look at one of the office applications MS Office Excel.Excel cell

MS Office Excel is a program that is part of the Microsoft Office suite. It is used for various mathematical calculations, drawing up diagrams, creating tables, etc.

The program document is a workbook. The book consists of an unlimited number of sheets, installed by the user.

Each sheet of the program is a table consisting of 65536 rows and 256 columns. Each cell of such a table is called a cell.

The Excel cell has its own individual address, consisting of the line number and the Latin letter of the column (for example, 1A, 2B, 5C).

Main functions of the program

The function "SUM" (the amount in Excel)

Summation of numbers and numbers in Excel can be done in three ways.

  1. Using the standard addition sign - plus ("+"). Most often this method is used when adding a small number of digits or numbers, as well as inside formulas to add calculations to other functions.
  2. Using the input of the function "SUM" and choosing the arguments. Allows you to add numbers located in a single array (part of a column, rows), several non-contiguous cells, one two-dimensional array, an array of adjacent cells and a portion of non-adjacent cells. The sum in Excel using this function can be calculated any.
  3. Using the symbol of the auto-sum "Σ" and choosing the range of terms. Used to calculate the amount in the same cases as "SUM".

Amount in the excel

The formula "DISTRICT"

The result of any calculation, as well as the amount in Excel, can be rounded. Rounding in Excel is important not to be confused with the display of the value.
To perform the action of "rounding in Excel"you must select the cell containing the result of the calculation, put the equal sign ("=") before the number, select the "ROUND" function and set the required number of digits.

Concerning the display of symbols,Note that the cell displays the number of digits that it places in the user's visibility. But in this case rounding does not happen as such. When the cell size is changed, the number of digits also changes to a larger one, with an increase in the cell, and to a smaller side, as it decreases.

Rounding in Excel

As you can see, rounding in Excel is not such a difficult task.

"PROPONACH", "DLSTR"- text functions that allow you to change the length of the string or the register used, and also combine or split the lines.

"BBSCHET", "BDSUMM"- Functions for databases. Allow to count the number of records of the database, the sum of the values. These functions are similar to the sum function in Excel of the "SUM" type.

"CELL"- this function provides the user with information about the properties of the cell.

Math Functions- the Excel core. Calculations with their use are the main purpose of the program. In Excel, a huge array of mathematical functions, such as sine, cosine, arccosine, arcsine, tangent, cotangent. When using these functions, multi-digit values ​​are often obtained. So the paragraph "Rounding in Excel" of this article is useful in this case.

"MUMNOZH", "MOPRED", "MOBR"for operations with numeric arrays, matrices.

"AGGREGATE", "INTERMEDIATE"to obtain summary and intermediate values.

Logarithms, linear logarithms, decimal logarithms.

Statistical. BETAABR- makes the return of the inverse function to the integral function of beta probability density.WEBBULL- return Weibull distribution.

Also MS Office Excel hasfinancialfunctions, functionslinks and arrays, functionsdate and time, verification of assignments and properties.

Thus, this program is an indispensable assistant for people of any profession, who in one way or another are associated with numbers and numbers.

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