Ryan Kwanten: Biography and Filmography

Actor and producer Ryan Quantan was born in 1976, in the family of a military sailor - a Dutchman by birth. He celebrates his birthday on November 28th.

Biography of Ryan Kwanten

As a child, Ryan attended a Catholic school and was fond of sports: swimming, tennis, skiing, and even boxing. Also, the young man was not indifferent to the triathlon, golf and surfing.

Ryan Quantan is not the only child of his parents. He has two brothers - Mitchell and Lloyd, the first devoted his life to music, and the second is engaged in medicine.

Ryan Quantan. Movies at the beginning of a career

Film actor career began for Ryan from the TV series.

In 1997, the young actor was invited to the main part of the local television series “Home and On the Road”. In parallel, he starred in other serials: "Water rats", a film titled "Wizard: The Land of the Great Dragon." And in 2002, the actor left the shooting in Australia (his hero from the series just arranged his life: got married and became a happy father!) And went to the United States.

ryan is quantumIn America, Ryan Quantan quickly found a job: he was casting for one of the roles in the youthful melodrama "Eternal Summer", where his partner was Lori Laughlin.

When the filming of "Eternal Summer" was left behind, it was the turn of the new roles and new films: "Flick", "Dead Silence", "Law and Order ..." and others.

Ryan Kwanten: Filmography

ryan quantum filmsFrom 2008 to 2013, Ryan starred in a mystical dramatic television series with elements of black humor “True Blood”. The series has received several awards, among them - "Emmy" and "Golden Globe".

In 2010, Ryan got a role in the Australian crime thriller directed by Patrick Hughes “Red Hill”. The main character of the film is a policeman who left a noisy city for the sake of a quiet family life in the province. But the rainbow plans of the young peace officer and his pregnant wife could not be realized ...

In the same year, the premiere of the animated sci-fi thriller “Night Guardian Legends”, to which Ryan Kvanten “gave” his voice to one of the heroes.

“Griff the Invisible” - the story of the representative of the so-called “office plankton” - the loser Griff. Every night, Griff puts on the attire of a defender of justice, and then the troublemakers who stand in his way will not be envied ...

ryan quantum filmographyIn the comedy horror film “Knights of the Kingdom of Krutizna” it tells of a young man who was abandoned by a girl. Wanting to unwind, he accepts the offer of friends and is going to participate in the role-playing game invented by them. Without thinking, the young man joins their company.

Turning off their mobile phones and dressing up in costumes of medieval knights, elves and other creatures, companions go to the forest of New Jersey to feel like inhabitants of dungeons, in the depths of which mystical dragons hide ...

Among the latest works of Ryan Kvanten - adventure fighter "Crazy Wound." Filming took place in Colombia, and the premiere was held in the summer of 2015.

“Crazy Wound” is a story of two guys who have feelings for each other, much stronger than male friendship.

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