Ryazhenka at home: a recipe with photos

Thick pink-golden ryazhenka is associated with the most sweet heart memories associated with childhood. But many complain: they say, the taste and texture of the purchased product is not at all the same ...

how to make ryazhenka at home recipe

So why not learn to cook this ryazhenka at home? The recipe requires some skill, but with a strong desire to cope with the task can not even very experienced hostess. Well, if your kitchen has modern appliances, a good result is surely guaranteed.

Why cook ryazhenka at home?

Everyone will probably think about this before making ryazhenka at home. The recipe is still different from the old one: the products are different now, and the majority of our contemporaries never even saw the Russian stove. In fact, the technology of heating milk in the oven is not much different from the old method, so it is quite possible to rely on authentic taste.

Another reason why you should master this simple recipe is that you can personally control the quality of the product at all stages of “production”.This is especially important if you plan to regale home-made ryazhenka kids.

By the way, the next reason for making ryazhenka at home also follows from here. Children will certainly be interested in participating in the process. It takes a lot of time, but most of it is spent on passive cooking - that is, while it’s done, you don’t have to spin at the stove. But you can really enjoy the charming aroma of milk. Little assistants will be interested to observe how the structure, color and consistency of the product are changing. And with some simple manipulations, children will certainly want to help. We can say that home cooking of ryazhenka is a good contribution to the piggy bank of childhood memories.

ryazhenka at home recipe in a slow cooker

Suitable products

It is recommended to cook ryazhenka at home from non-separated homemade milk. The higher the fat content, the thicker the finished product will turn out. If you can’t get homemade milk, pasteurized store fits. Buy the freshest and most fat.

A variety of dairy products are used as a starter: sour cream, kefir, and yogurt. Shop yogurt without additives (for example, "Activia") will also be suitable.Ready fermented milk ferments for yogurt makers, which are sold in supermarkets and pharmacies, provide excellent results. By the way, if “Ryazhenka” does not appear on the market, boldly replace it with the usual “Yogurt”, “Vitalakt” or “Kefir”.

And if you do not plan to limit one-time preparation, leave half a cup of ready ryazhenka for the next time. It works great as a starter. No additional components like sugar or soda are needed for homemade ryazhenka.

Preparing Milk in the Oven

Usually for cooking ryazhenka take at least three liters of milk. It should be brought to a boil over low heat and very carefully boiled for another 7 minutes, preventing it from escaping. With boiling milk, absolutely any recipe for ryazhenka at home begins.

In the meantime, the oven should be well warmed up. Pour the milk into the clay pot. This dish is considered the best for our tasks. The clay heats evenly and heats the product evenly. But if there is no suitable pot in the household, you can do with other crockery (for example, a glass saucepan).

Send the container of milk to the oven, after a few minutes reduce the heat to 180aboutS. That's all, in the next few hours it will be necessary to just sometimes look in the oven and stir the milk. A signal of readiness will be a decrease in volume by one and a half times.

Homemade fermentation

Baked milk is an aromatic and very tasty product. It is the basis for cooking homemade ryazhenka. Before the next stage you need to let it cool to a warm state.

Ryazhenka recipe at home with a photo

If you have a product thermometer, measure the temperature. It should not exceed 41aboutC. In the absence of the device, simply drip a few drops of milk onto the inside of the wrist. The liquid should be hot, but not burn.

Photos in the recipe of ryazhenka at home make it possible to make sure that there is nothing difficult in this matter. In the warm milk you need to enter the leaven and mix well. For example, you can add 2 tbsp. l sour cream (better homemade too).

Wrap dishes with the future Ryazhenka well and leave for a few hours. The rate of ripening depends on many factors: the temperature in the kitchen, the fat content of milk, the acidity of sour cream and others.On average, it will take from five to twelve hours.

Ryazhenka in a yogurt maker

Ryazhenka recipe at home is suitable for yogurt maker. The stage of preparation of milk is almost identical to the above.

The difference lies in the fact that in baked milk, cooled to 40 degrees, you need to enter a special leaven. It is usually produced in the form of a powder, which must be dissolved in a small amount of boiled water, following the recommendations of the manufacturer, and then poured into milk.

ryazhenka at home recipe

At this stage it is advisable to use a mixer so that the bacteria are evenly distributed throughout the liquid. It remains to install the dishes with milk in a yogurt maker. The cooking time depends on the model of your equipment (on average, it will take 6 hours).

Multivarka to help the hostess

Consider another recipe ryazhenka at home. In the slow cooker, this delicacy is even more delicate and fragrant.

Pour raw milk into the container and turn on the “Cooking” mode. Let the liquid boil with the lid open.

It is best to heat the milk on the “Preheating” mode, it will take about an hour. You can cool the milk in the multicooker bowl, under the lid.Enter the starter, stir very well and leave in the machine off for 5 hours. It is worth noting that if your multicooker is equipped with the program "Preparation of yogurt", it is perfect for ryazhenka.

Ryazhenka recipe at home in the oven

A simple cooking method in a thermos

Reduce time and get an excellent result can those in whose arsenal there is no modern kitchen equipment such as a multivark and yogurt maker.

For the recipe of ryazhenka at home the most ordinary thermos is perfect. If you pour hot baked milk into it and add ferment, and then tightly screw the lid on, then after 4 hours you will be able to remove the ready ryazhenka and put it in portions or reload it into a suitable storage container. In the thermos for a long time to keep ryazhenka can not.

Storage home ryazhenka

By the way, the issue of product safety is very important. Surely he cares about anyone who decided to master the recipes for cooking ryazhenka at home.

Like all dairy products, this delicacy can cause upset the gastrointestinal tract and serious poisoning if you do not comply with sanitary standards. Keep homemade ryazhenka need only in the fridge, and in the pot, which closes well. Shelf life should not exceed three days.

recipe for cooking ryazhenka at home

But if it happened that ryazhenka stood in the refrigerator longer, you should not throw it away. You can make dough on it, use it as a marinade for meat and fish, use it for cosmetic purposes. The main thing is that the product is not eaten raw.

Fresh ryazhenka can also not only be served in the cups in the afternoon tea, but also cook a variety of dishes based on it. She is good as a fill for okroshka and holodnik, she can fill a salad of vegetables and seafood.

Home-made ryazhenka is an important product of a healthy diet that will surely fall in love with both adults and children.

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