Satin wedding dress and its features

Preparing for the wedding - an exciting and crucial moment. You can endlessly talk about the importance of one of the most important holidays in life, but you should not let emotions take precedence over objectivity and a sober assessment of the upcoming situation.

In our article we will consider such an important moment of celebration, as the choice of the wedding dress of the bride. Satin wedding dress at all times was one of the most common options. What makes it so popular, how to choose the ideal model and what points should be taken into account - read all this in our material.

satin wedding dress

Why choose an atlas?

The characteristics of this material determine its demand among designers of wedding and evening wear. The fabric contains silk, natural or artificial. The word "atlas" is of Arabic origin and literally translates as "smooth." This material has the following advantages:

  • looks solemn and expensive;
  • great on photos and videos;
  • is a good background for lace, embroidery, rhinestones, beads;
  • relatively inexpensive;
  • easy to assemble into tails, folds, flowers, while keeping its shape;
  • practical to wear;
  • suitable for wear in almost any season;
  • pleasant to the body.

These qualities make the atlas so popular for the tailoring of brides. And thanks to the reflective effect, the designer has the opportunity to choose the ideal model of the dress for any figure. For example, a tall girl with broad shoulders will suit a wedding dress with a satin skirt and a narrow bodice. A bride of short stature can choose a model of tight cut with a train. A slim newlywed will certainly suit a model with an active decor in the neckline: folds, puffs, flowers. And those who go down the aisle, being in an interesting position, can disguise the tummy with the help of flowing folds from the inflated waistline, choosing a dress in the Empire style.

satin wedding dress photo

Arguments against

It may seem that the atlas is just perfect for sewing a wedding dress. However, do not rush to the final decision. There is always the other side of the coin.

If you buy a finished satin wedding dress in the salon, pay attention to the composition. The more natural fibers, the cozier and more pleasant the material will be, however, the stronger it will crease. The artificial satin is less prone to creasing, but if your wedding is scheduled for summer, the dress will be very hot.

Brides with curvaceous volumes should avoid tight-fitting satin outfits. The peculiar brilliance that is characteristic of this material will undoubtedly draw attention to the hips and abdomen. From the fitted silhouettes should be abandoned.

Satin Dress Styles

You probably noticed that the satin wedding dresses, photos of which are presented in this article, are very unlike each other. This fabric is great for implementing a variety of ideas.

Today dresses are relevant in the following styles:

  • Greek (narrow silhouette, high waist, hem to the floor, laconic decor under the breast);
  • minimalism (fitted cut, length to the knee and above);
  • mermaid (skirt to the floor, flared from the knee, sometimes a train);
  • princess dress (slinky, ornate bodice, very full skirt);
  • boho-chic (luxurious lace and embroidery over the satin cover, handmade jewelry);
  • Spanish (open shoulders, fluffy sleeves, tiered fluffy skirt).

At the same time, many wedding brands are increasingly offering to abandon the petticoats on the rings in favor of natural silhouettes, obtained through the folds and drapes.

Satin bottom

lace top wedding dress

A fluffy skirt with an elegant shimmer slims the figure, makes it harmonious, emphasizes femininity. Lace-up satin wedding dress for girls of any height.

The A-line dress is a case that is said to be “beauty in simplicity.” Even devoid of decor, it looks elegant and solemn. Another important advantage of this option, which will appreciate the high brides, is the ability to hide shoes. Not every girl is planning to have her own wedding on a hairpin, and ballet flats, as is known, do not suit any image. With a fluffy skirt, they fit perfectly, without attracting undue attention.

The bodice can be made of any non-shiny material or decorated with sewing, applique, painting, embroidery.

Dresses with satin bodice

Of course, it is not at all necessary to sew all the dress completely from satin. Models in which the noble satin is combined with lace, tulle and guipure look much more organic.

This cut fits very well to brides with wide hips and small breasts. The atlas will visually add volume where it is needed, and the tulle laid out in folds will balance the image. And those who want to emphasize a beautiful waist, you should choose a laced corset from a noble sparkling fabric.

This is a good option for winter when the bride plans to wear a boa or short fur coat over the dress.


At what age does a girl first think about a wedding? Many since the childhood the satin wedding dress with a train associates with the princess from a favorite fairy tale. This option is the most confident and courageous.

Satin Wedding Dress with Train

But do not forget to think about the practical side of the issue. If before arriving at the restaurant you are planning a trip around the city and a photo session, make sure that the train does not become unusable. You can use the option of putting on the hand loop or beat the idea with the pages. Many children happily accept this role.Of course, a child solemnly carrying the train of the bride must understand the seriousness of the task.

Actual colors

Satin wedding dress looks great in traditional colors: white, ivory, cream, lemon, soft blue. Today pastel range and shades of chocolate generously diluted with milk are also relevant. Not losing ground and the gradient that came into fashion a couple of years ago.

Accessories and add-ons

It is believed that a satin wedding dress can make a perfect tandem with pearl jewelry. Lace, the edge of which is embroidered with beads, blends well with it.

wedding dress with satin skirt

Additional accessories will help protect you from the coolness. If your wedding is scheduled for the off-season, add a cape to the shoulders. Some fashion houses offer brides to choose a cloak with a hood instead of the usual fata. If such a bold addition is not for you, consider the option of shrag or bolero.

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