Serials with Priluchnym in the title role: List

Recently, Pavel Priluchny was not calledotherwise as "the star of" Major ". So it was led after the release on the Russian screens of two seasons of the series about Igor Sokolovsky. Most of the publications in tandem with critics argue that Paul is the most demanded actor of the "new wave". Yes, yes, by the age of 29 he had already played in ten full-length and about twenty serials. Despite the fact that the actor himself prefers to work in full-lengths, it is the series with Priluchnym in the title role that made him so popular.

Biographical information

We get acquainted more closely: Pavel Priluchny is a Russian actor of theater and cinema. The audience learned about it almost ten years ago - in 2007, when he made his debut in the comedy series "School No. 1", playing a desperate bully. Even then, both the filmmakers and critics began to closely watch him, because it was clear that the boy was very gifted.

The future actor was born in November 1987, he grew up in Berdsk. When the boy grew up a little, his parents occupied all his leisure with sections: he combined choreography, vocal and boxing.

Favorite business and related injuries

The first two he attended with great reluctance, butboxing loved. At the age of 14 he even became a candidate for the master of sports in boxing. But due to the fact that Pasha often received concussions, he decided to withdraw from the sport. At about the same time, his father leaves the life.

serials with an award in the lead role

The choreography remained in his life until the 16-year-oldage. In addition to Pasha, there were two other children in the family, and it was difficult for a woman to pay expensive lessons. Priluchniy leaves to study in Novosibirsk at the theater school. After graduation, he joined the troupe of the theater "Globe", where he worked for two years, playing the leading roles.

Moscow! How much in this sound ...

After a while, the young actor decided to conquer the capital. Arriving there, he immediately got into a fight when he was deceived when renting a house.

The problem with housing was solved immediately, whenPavel became a student of the Moscow Art Theater (the course of Konstantin Raikin). Now he had a room in the hostel. After a couple of courses, he abandoned his studies because of the novel with the American actress. They even intended to marry, but after a long separation and romance more in letters, the girl stopped responding to all the messages.

Having overcome this gap, Pribluny gathered his thoughts and finished his studies, albeit already in GITIS.

After graduation, Paul worked only in theaters, and, famous - named after Bulgakov, Pushkin's name, the theater on Malaya Bronnaya.

Step by step into the world of cinema

Pavel Priluchny proved himself so well on the stage that they were interested in film directors who began to offer him roles in the cinema.

At first, these were just episodes. "Ways", "Club", "Web" - that'ssoap operas with Pavel Priluchny. In the main role it has not yet been filmed. But everything was ahead. Although the young actor appeared on the screen for a few minutes, it gave a definite result in the development of his career.

starring episode

Known to a huge number of viewersPriluchny was after performing the role of Doc in the movie "On the Game." He did not even have to figure out how to reincarnate, because he was once fascinated by Control. Paul's tip was a tattoo on his neck. Prichluchny believed that it was not so much an attribute of the character as appealed to his image.

And then the proposals about the filming fell like a horn of plenty.

Oh, these rich sons!

Indeed, the rather interesting proposedseries (starring Pavel Priluchny). A list of them - or a list (well, it is more convenient for anyone to name it) can be seen below.

You can start with "Bad Blood". The main heroine Masha comes to Moscow to get higher education. But by chance, she is violently raped, beaten and simply thrown out, thinking that she was dead. But the girl survives, remaining pregnant.

Masha comes to her native city and continues to live quietly there. It is at home that she learns that her baby is the heir of a large corporation. The role of Priluchnogo is Ruslan Kostomarov, the father of crumbs.

serials with a starring pavilion

Serials with Pavel Priluchny in the lead roleare always interesting. Another such work of the young actor is the multi-part mystical thriller "Closed School". There is almost everything: love and fear, friendship and betrayal, new encounters and secrets of the past.

In the manor, which has been for many decades, andwhich is located in the forest, there is a boarding school for children of wealthy parents. Students, like their teachers and staff, live right there. At first glance, everything is very simple: the guys are learning, the teachers are teaching them. But it turns out that not everything is as it seems.

In school, under it and in the forest is hidden countlessthe number of terrible mysteries that changed the lives and destinies of a huge number of different people. The guys are trying to understand everything that is happening here. The series with Priluchnym in the title role was released in 2011 and is still among the best domestic paintings of recent years. Pavel Priluchny played Maxim Morozov, the son of the main sponsor of the school and part-time one of the members of the Nazi organization.

From darkness to light

"Dark world: balance "- a series with Pavel Priluchny in the title role. An ordinary student Dasha receives as a gift an amulet, which was able to give the girl the ability to see Shadows from a different world. But they easily steal strength, fueled by the energy of people.

Now Dasha is invited to work in the Magicservice to help send Shadows back. And she is helped in this by student Misha and handsome-major Sam. Serial with Priluchnym in the title role shows him in a somewhat unusual for him hypostasis, because Sam played it.

The game with Maria Pirogova clearly showed how two talented actors can create such a wonderful creative duo.

an episode with a starring pavilion

Serials with Priluchnym in the lead role were replenishedanother story, when in 2014 the screenshots came out with the picture "Major". Character actor - a representative of modern youth Igor Sokolovsky. By education he is a lawyer, but not going to work in his specialty: he likes to live a life too much, filling it only with pleasures.

At one party, he clashed with a policemanand in a fight with him knocked out a pistol from his hand. Senior Sokolovsky decides that it's time for re-education of his son, so he sends Igor to work in the police station, depriving him of all credit cards.

Such people as Igor do not like in the police, evendespise. After a while, the guy realizes that he is beginning to change and to revise his life views. It is here that Igor becomes a real man.

Playing, saving lives

"Quest" - another series with Pavel Priluchny inleading role. The name symbolizes not just a game, but a game for survival. The heroes of this story were not familiar with each other until the day when they drank an unknown poison in one of the clubs. Those who have survived after this can be saved if they pass the quest to the very end. Each of the guys has only 48 hours, after which they will either be given an antidote or their lives will end. The antidote is only with the person who thought it all up.

In the course of the assignment, in which there are manyincomprehensible moments, young people constantly fall into dangerous situations. They will have to solve complex riddles, take part in the chases, find secret burials.

To take possession of the legacy of the Companion of Peter I -Jacob Bruce - they will have to undergo the most real tests, and some heroes will not survive. For the successfully completed task, the quest participants will receive a small dose of antidote, which will give them a chance to prolong life a little.

serials with the starring list

At the very end of the path, the surviving children will be in Bruce's manor, where they will understand who invented it, and why they were chosen.

Serials with Priluchnym in the title role, a list(with a small description of the work) which canread in this article, give a characterization to a young man as one of the most talented actors of the beginning of this century. After all, he knows how to play versatile characters. And play so that you can not even for a moment doubt that the screen is just an actor, not a real person with his weaknesses and victories.

The role of the Prize in this series is Dan,a professional composer and musician. From the side it seems that he is a brave, confident and even cool guy. But it is not so. Denis does not trust people, has got used to be a lone wolf and to remain in any business on the second roles. To survive in this game, he will have to learn to go with people to contact, listen to them.

Another hypostasis

Very soon on the Russian screens will be anotherthe series (in the title role of Priluchny), in which the hero of this article will be quite different, not the way that viewers used to see him. Here he is not macho, as usual, but an invalid. Pavel spent most of the shooting process in a wheelchair (as was necessary under the scenario). He even trained, realizing that it was not easy at all, and fell many times. The actor learned that there are also dances in wheelchairs. One such performance he prepared in the process of filming.

The series with Priluchnym in the title role was not yet so piercing and even neat in every word and movement of the actor.

dominant TV series

And the plot is quite simple. Priluchny plays his hero - the usual boy Misha. He, like many at his age, dreams that he will have the most luxurious girl, a chic machine and a doroguschaya life. But the thing is that he does not even have the simplest work. Once, having heard that in any large company there should be a 2% quota for people with disabilities, Misha decides for herself that she should get this job. Having bought a fictitious certificate of disability, he goes for an interview. So he gets the job of his dream.

Now he has a lot of things: a good apartment, a decent salary, an opportunity for career growth. And with it, he must everywhere appear only on the chair. Having registered in a club for the disabled, he instantly becomes a favorite of local visitors. And even liked a pretty girl Marina, who since childhood can not walk. She also made an impression on the guy. Now he is torn between it, work and real life. How can he confess his feelings to Marina and how to tell her that he is not disabled?

"I have never been a doctor yet"

In 2017, the series with Priluchnym in the title rolereplenish another interesting project - "Vityain law". Very soon the premiere of a new ten-part film will take place. This time Paul's character will be a nurse named Vitya, who works in a plastic surgery clinic. He is very modest and trouble-free, not willing to offend anyone or hurt even a word. She obeys everyone, even her mother and friends.

series starring pavel

One day in this clinic comeslocal Mafiosi named Therapist. He hides from the police and wants to get a new look. But during the operation something goes wrong, and the Mafia dies. Vitya for some reason decides that this is his fault in what happened, so I'm sure that the "colleagues" of the Therapist will now hunt him.

The proceeds come from his friend Artyom, whosuggests that Vita himself now become a Therapist. It seems that this is the best way out, because no one knows what kind of face the Mafia had to get. An ordinary guy is embroiled in an adventure, thanks to which everything in his life changes diametrically.

So, in this article the bestserials with Priluchnym in the title role. The list can be continued with some works, but it is also clear that the actor can easily reincarnate and play any hero. His fans can only revise the work that has already been published and wait for new ones.

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