Shaving razor for men Schick Hydro 5: reviews

Today, a wide range of different shaving accessories is presented to the attention of consumers. Very popular are the machines from the British manufacturer.WilkinsonSword - Schick Hydro 5.

schick hydro 5 power select

With their participation, the shaving process is guaranteed to be easy, high-quality and safe. Schick Hydro 5 shaving razors are described in the article.

Brand history

It is known that at first the market for shaving products was monopolized by Gillette. The products of this manufacturer has gained wide popularity in the world. As experts had expected, after some time Gillette had a worthy competitor - a British companyWilkinsonSword, which originally specialized in the production of swords, sickles and scissors. In the field of manufacturing of cutting products from this manufacturer has accumulated a very rich experience. After some time, the company's activities expanded, along with traditional products, Schick Hydro 5 shaving accessories appeared on the shelves. Thus, the birth of a new brand took place.Today, razors of this brand are considered modern and very reliable, in quality and demand are not inferior to Gillette.


Unlike the Gillette razors, the Schick Hydro 5 is more ergonomic. The manufacturer ensures the correct balancing of the weight of the device. Judging by the numerous reviews of consumers, the Schick Hydro 5 handles, compared to Gillette, are much more convenient. However, the cartridges in the machines of both manufacturers are inclined at one angle. Externally, the handles also have a similar design. In the manufacture of Schick machines manufacturer adheres to the high-tech style. Products come in a variety of colors: metallic gray, dark blue and light green.

Blades "Ultra Glide"

Blades made from high quality material - alpha diamond. The cutting products made of it remain sharp for a long time. On the edge of the blades, in order to prevent the appearance of rust, chromium soldering is applied. Thus, a three-layer coating is provided for each blade:

  • Chrome - prevents rust.
  • Alpha diamond - keeps edge sharp.
  • Teflon - provides a smooth glide.

Each razor cartridge comes with five blades and one trimmer.

schick hydro 5 premium

Moisturizing strip

Cartridges of machines are equipped with a moisturizing gel in the form of a special strip. Its task is to replenish the moisture of the skin of the face and reduce friction. If you need to use a shaving razor in hard-to-reach places, the moistening strip can be tilted back. To do this, simply perform a simple movement, which is also called a “flip”. After that, the machine can be used to shave neck areas, correct sideburns, and create a mustache and beard.

Skin Guards System

A distinctive feature of Hydro 5 from similar products of other brands is the introduction of the Skin Guards system, the principle of which is to equip the blades with a special metal insert that limits the fit of the cutting edge to the skin and prevents its irritation. By many experts, the introduction of the Skin Guards system was initially viewed as a good commercial move.

Schick Hydro 5: consumer reviews

Buyers have appreciated the soft, do not leave any irritation and scratches gliding the blades of the razor over the skin.The drawback of Skin Guards is only that the plates in it are located very tightly to the blades, as a result of which an obstacle is created to ensure that their cutting edge adheres sufficiently to the skin. As a result, according to some consumers, the use of these machines is not able to provide a fairly clean shave in one pass.


Judging by the reviews, the following advantages are inherent in the Schick Hydro 5 machines:

  • Blade cassettes can move in three dimensions.
  • Hair is not pulled out during shaving.
  • There is a uniform pressure of the blades on the skin.
  • The machine is equipped with a special button system, thanks to which the cartridge is easy to clean. In addition, the machine provides wide gaps for flushing.
  • During shaving there are no reddening of the skin and irritation. This was made possible by the presence in the machine of a special container, which contains a moisturizing gel. It consists of vitamin E, aloe vera extract and lanolin, which have a calming effect on the skin.
  • The handle of the machine is rubber-based, which prevents it from slipping out of hands.

schick hydro 5

Improved modification

The Schick Hydro 5 Power Select is a high quality razor with a vibration function. It is completed with one replaceable cartridge and a "little finger" battery, from which the device is powered.

schick hydro 5 machines

Initially, this modification was created for the Korean consumer. This explains the presence of the inscriptions on the boxes in Korean.

The razor can work in the following vibration modes:

  • Extrasensual.
  • Standard.
  • Weak.

Vibration mode is very powerful. If the machine is turned on in extra mode and left on the table, then it may fall. If necessary, the vibration can be turned off and the Power Select model can be used, like the standard Schick Hydro 5. High-quality gliding on the skin is ensured by a very mobile cartridge. Blades in the product are attached very firmly. For the machine as well as for the basic version, a head filled with gel is provided. If necessary, it can be tilted to the side. In this model, the manufacturer took into account innovative technologies. Power Select machines have high ergonomics and modern design. Judging by consumer reviews, it is very easy, convenient and safe to shave with these machines.

Schick Wilkinson Hydro 5 Groomer

This model among various men's accessories appeared in 2010. The machine is completed with five cartridges with three-layer blades, a gel moisturizing container, an indicator strip and a trimmer.

schick hydro 5 reviews

Special moisturizing pad is activated when interacting with water, which prevents irritation and scratches during shaving. This modification of the machine is very popular mainly in men with sensitive skin type. Due to its unique design, the razor is very effective when used even in the most inaccessible places. According to consumer reviews, with its help hairs are cut at the very root. Due to the very convenient design of the cartridges, their blades are not completely clogged with bristles. After using the machine, it is convenient to wash the cartridges. A feature of this modification is the presence of a special indicator strip.

If the shaving is not performed perfectly enough, this strip "reacts" to this by changing its color. The lifetime of the cassettes is influenced by the individual characteristics of the bristles and the frequency of use of this razor.

Schick Hydro 5 Premium

Judging by the consumer reviews, this modification is not much different from the basic Schick razors. In this case, the cartridges are equipped with updated cassettes and are labeled Premium.

schick wilkinson hydro 5

For the manufacture of cassettes manufacturer used a darker plastic. Packages with them are contained in a special pimply polyethylene, which prevents their damage during transportation. Cartridges are completed with five edges and the mobile container. The gel, which it contains, many consumers in its composition resembles soap. You can free the blades by moving the head with the gel aside. Anyone who took advantage of this modification did not notice much difference from the base Hydro 5. Many consumers are convinced that the Premium prefix is ​​the usual advertising move of the manufacturer.


The blades of models of Hydro 5 machines are on average designed to operate for one month. The relatively long service life and high functionality explains the great popularity of these shaving products among consumers.

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